Are You a Sigma Female? Let’s Find Out!

Are You a Sigma Female? Let’s Find Out!

Photo by Ruben Ramirez

So you’re wondering if you’re a sigma female?

Let’s go over the character traits of a sigma female so you can figure out whether you recognize yourself in them.

What Is a Sigma Personality?

A sigma female exhibits alpha qualities, but is more in tune with her emotions and will seek independence over leadership. You can think of a sigma female as an introverted alpha.

Here are the sigma female traits you might have:

1. She Is Self-Reliant

One of the KEY character traits of a sigma female is her self-reliance.

She has learned through a lot of hardship, that if she wants to achieve her life goals, she needs to make it happen herself.

So whether it’s about her career, her relationships or any other ambition, she is quick to take matters in her own hands.

She doesn’t need other people’s reassurance or approval to get started on things.

2. Her Guarded Nature Can Make Her Mysterious

Although not intentional, and certainly not for an affect, sigma females can be rather mysterious.

In many cases this is because she is guarded and careful about people she lets into her life.

Experience has taught her that people need to EARN her trust, and that certainly counts for love partners in her life as well.

3. She’s a Straight Shooter

Since she’s ambitious and eager to reach her goals, a sigma female won’t waste time with gossip and fruitless power games.

She will tell it like it is, and also make her intentions clear without feeling abashed.

And although she doesn’t expect herself from others, she won’t be shy about expressing what she wants.

If you are this type of female personality, you will have a little patience for beating around the bush and wasting time.

4. She Answers the Call to Adventure

Adventure is spelt in capital letters for a sigma, female. She doesn’t do boring.

When there is a call to adventure, she answers it, because the uncharted and yet-to-be-explored is far more exciting to her than the predictable routines of daily life.

When sigma females pick a partner, they will expect them to keep up with their adventurous spirit!

5. Loyalty Matters a Great Deal to Her

Sigma females are loyal to their friends and partners, and expect the same in return.

They set a high standard for themselves and value honest, caring and reliable people.

She doesn’t fall into the trap of caring for someone who doesn’t care about her.

And if someone crosses her, they are bound to feel the consequences of their trespass.

6. She Doesn’t Focus on Trends, She Creates Them

One thing that sigma females don’t do particularly well is follow.

Rather than obsess over trends they seek to create and capitalize on them.

She understands that social norms and hierarchies are fleeting constructs which she tries to operate outside of.

7. Others Value Her Friendship

When it comes to her friends, she understands the worth and value of their relationship.

Because, although sigma females may not fall into the classic alpha characteristics of leadership, they do know how to create strong ties of friendship.

8. She Doesn’t Worry About What People Think of Her

A sigma female does not place much weight on people’s opinions of her.

But she listens to trusted people in her life to get their opinions and feedback, since she considers them to have genuine value.

And although she is capable of taking feedback on board, she also knows how to stop overthinking and gets back on her feet quickly.

9. She’s Willing to Take Risks

Another typical characteristic of a sigma female is that she understands that there are no rewards without taking some risks.

This is a character trait that often separates her from her peers who prefer walking the beaten path and placing their bets safely.

She blazes her own trail instead and is therefore often left working alone towards her goals.

Not by choice, put out of necessity.

10. Others Can Feel Intimidated by Her

Sigma females are sometimes so focused on their own lives and ambition that they don’t realize how intimidating they can be to others.

They might be a little too transparent at times and forget to have a filter.

When this happens, it is mostly a coincidence and NOT a conscious effort by her to unsettle someone.

This can also make it challenging for her to find a partner on her level that can keep up with her pace and standards.

11. She Can Adapt to Situations Quickly

When life throws her a curveball, she is quick on her feet and adapts to the situation accordingly.

Whether that is a role that is suddenly expected of her in a social setting or an aspect of her career taking an unexpected turn.

A sigma female will rarely be caught off guard.

12. She Sets Hard Boundaries

People are generally polite, but there are moments when they are quite the opposite and need to be put back in their place.

A sigma female understands this very well and is practiced at setting CLEAR BOUNDARIES when someone crosses a line.

This also applies to how much she invests in a relationship because she knows that endlessly giving doesn’t end well.

She’s not afraid of conflict or being disliked and places more value on people respecting her than liking her.

How Do I Know If I’m a Sigma Female?

If 8 or more of the 12 sigma personality traits listed above fit for you, then you’re a sigma female.

And to summarize the most important points again:

A sigma female is an independent, loyal, straight-shooter, who is often ambitiously driven and operates outside of the standard social hierarchy. She takes risks, can be intimidating and sets hard boundaries when she needs to.

Do you recognize yourself in this description? Or have others described you this way?

If yes, you’re a sigma female.

And if you’re wondering whether it’s good to be a sigma, the answer is there is no good or bad here. It’s a matter of preference.

There are multiple female personality types, some traits of which you’ll identify with and others not so much.

The real question is who do you WANT to be?

And based on that, you can chart your own course in life to become that wonderful version of yourself.

Do Sigmas Have Friends?

Sigmas absolutely have friends.

But sigmas are more introverted in the sense that they don’t care to participate in the power games and gossip that comes with social groups.

Therefore they might also prioritize the pursuit of their goals over their community. This can lead to periods of isolation as they move between social circles.

Due to their loyalty, they will however maintain the friendships that mean a lot to them.

What Are the Six Female Personalities?

These are the six female personalities in order of their theoretical social hierarchy:

  1. Alpha ↔️ 2. Sigma
  2. Beta
  3. Delta
  4. Gamma
  5. Omega

The Sigma sits on the same level as the Alpha, except that a sigma chooses to operate outside of social hierarchy by their own choice.

What’s important to keep in mind is that these social hierarchies are concepts to help you better understand social constructs you live in.

They are not a hard science.

(The term ‘alpha’ found its way into mainstream culture, through the idea of an ‘alpha’ wolf. A term that has long been rejected by David Mech himself, who studies wolves and originally introduced the idea.)

Having said that, all female personality types have strengths and weaknesses, so although there is a perceived hierarchy, one is not better than the other.

They are simply different with their own unique characteristics.

With that said, here are short descriptions of the six female personalities:

1. Alpha – The Leader

An alpha female is someone who leads a group and emanates strong will and confidence.

When you’re an alpha, you are often intimidating to others by how direct you can be with your opinions and domineering nature.

You’ll likely also feel exhausted with the endless responsibilities and decisions you have to make for your ‘pack’.

2. Sigma – The Rogue Alpha

The difference between alpha and sigma female is that as a sigma you’ll have strong alpha qualities while being more in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings.

You choose independence over leadership and pursue your own goals relentlessly.

Some perceive the sigma as ranking higher than alphas because of their autonomy and freedom.

3. Beta – The Right-Hand Woman

A beta female is often the right-hand woman to their alpha, she is loyal and trusting.

If you identify with this type you’re likely to be more introverted and quiet, but will be vocal to back a person you believe in.

But when your kindness and loyalty are trifled with or put into question, the person doing so is guaranteed to regret it.

4. Delta – The Planner

A delta female tends to be shy and needs her time to warm up to people.

But once people have won your trust, you’ll form incredibly deep and strong relationships for the long-run.

You’ll also be incredibly kind and patient and will honestly speak your opinion.

Being well organized and planning ahead comes as easy as breathing to you.

5. Gamma – The All-Rounder

A gamma female is someone who excels in all aspects equally. But this is admittedly at the expense of not feeling like she truly masters one thing.

Nonetheless, as a gamma you’ll lead a very balanced life and pursue your goals with a solid planning framework.

You’ll likely be family-focused and engaged with your community.

6. Omega – The Scholar

An omega female personality is knowledgeable and educated.

If you identify with her, you’ll often find yourself buried neck deep in books or pouring over piles of data trying to decipher the patterns.

You’ll be very logical and thoughtful in your approach to life, always seeking to understand the underlying principles that govern things.

Trying to stop obsessive thoughts might be something that preoccupies you at times.

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for and now know whether you can identify with the sigma female personality or not.

Either way, I’m sure you’re an incredible person who brings a lot to the people in your life.

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If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you.



17 Subtle Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

17 Subtle Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

Photo by Melissa Mjoen

How do you tell if a guy is slowly falling for you?

Dating can be extremely confusing at times. Men are rarely transparent about their feelings.

What’s more, they can do and say really sweet things only to then back out of it and pull away!

This inevitably leaves you wondering “Is he really catching feelings for me or am I just imagining it?”

In this blog post, I will list all the most important signs that he is slowly falling for you in chronological order.

I’ll start off with how to recognize when he is starting to develop feelings, all the way to how to know when he is falling deeply in love with you.

This way, you can know for sure where his heart is truly at in all stages of dating and a relationship.

1. He Initiates Contact

One of the earliest signs that a guy is catching feelings for you is when he initiates contact with you on a regular basis.

This means that he writes to you first, at least as much as you do.

He might do it over text, dms, snap chat or by calling you. The platform doesn’t matter here, it’s all about him regularly taking the initiative and making the first move.

A guy who initiates contact with you clearly enjoys interacting with you and will most likely want to take things further soon, because he is catching feelings for you.

2. He Asks You Personal Questions

A guy who is slowly falling for you will make an effort to get to know you better.

He will ask you personal questions about your passions, hobbies, plans for the future, likes, dislikes etc.

And he’ll do it because he longs to understand you and feel closer to you.

He will also want to make sure you guys are a good match and could be happy together.

It’s a definite sign he is catching feelings that you can look out for even in the early dating stages.

3. He Arranges to See you

On top of initiating contact and making an effort to get to know you, another early sign that he is slowly falling for you is him arranging to see you.

He might do it by asking you out or by finding reasons for you guys to hang out together.

And if you’re in a long distance relationship, he will either come visit you, suggest that you visit each other in turns or plan for you guys to meet halfway.

If he keeps on arranging to spend time with you, he clearly deeply enjoys it and is definitely catching feelings for you.

4. He Tries to Impress You

Men like to impress everybody around them. However, when a guy is trying EXTRA HARD to make an impression on you, consider it one of these weird things guys do when they’re catching feelings for someone.

He might do it by showing off his knowledge, his gadgets, taking you out to a fancy place, getting expensive tickets etc.

Think about it, someone who is trying this hard to make you consider him a good catch is definitely slowly falling for you!

5. He Is Eager to Help You Out

Men like to feel needed and like they’re good providers. Some guys will express their feelings for you through being helpful with pragmatics.

They will offer to carry things for you, fix your computer or other things at your house, help you study, pick a phone for you, take care of your car etc.

(This is particularly true when you’re dating someone with avoidant attachment. They have a much easier time communicating things with actions rather than words.)

When a guy you’re seeing is very eager to help you out in whichever way he can, consider it a definite sign he is catching feelings for you and is trying to make sure that you fall for him too.

6. He Texts You Every Day, or Every Other Day

A guy who texts you every day, or every other day, is definitely slowly falling for you.

Maybe he likes to make sure that you keep on waking up to a good morning text from him, he is sharing funny memes with you, or he simply inquires how your day is going.

Someone who gives you this much attention is clearly thinking of you a lot.

It’s a sign that he is catching feelings for you and can’t have enough of you.

7. He Is Happy to Find Out When You Have Something in Common

This is a subtle, easy to miss sign.

Did the guy you’re seeing get excited when he discovered that you two have something in common?

For example: that you like the same band, share a hobby, have the same views on a topic etc.

Maybe it puzzled you and made you wonder: “Why would this little things make him so happy?”

He is excited about having something in common with you because it makes you two a good match.

It’s a sign he is invested and wants things to work out between the two of you.

Because he is definitely falling for you harder and harder.

8. He Plans Elaborate Dates

When a guy makes a lot of effort to really sweep you off your feet, it’s a definite sign he is trying really hard to get you to fall in love with him.

He’ll plan elaborate or creative dates with a long itinerary of things to do and places to visit.

Like going to a museum, concert, or theater followed by dinner at a special restaurant and drinks.

Know that it actually takes a lot of research and hours to make that kind of plan, get the tickets and make all the necessary reservations.

Someone who puts this much effort to make sure you have a good time, is definitely catching deep feelings and falling for you.

9. He Spends More and More Time with You

Another undeniable sign that he is slowly falling for you is when a guy keeps on arranging to spend more and more time with you.

You might start off by seeing each other for a date, but that date might turn into a conversation that lasts hours. And afterwards, he still might want to see you on the next day!

Someone, who is wanting to spend increasingly more and more time with you, is doing it because he simply cannot have enough of you.

He is most certainly catching stronger and stronger feelings for you.

10. He Is Affectionate

When a guy you’re with enjoys affection, snuggling, kissing, massaging, etc., it’s because he likes feeling close to you.

He pulls you close and holds your hand. He tucks your hair behind your ear before kissing you and enjoys receiving affection from you too.

It’s a definite sign that he’s emotionally invested, that he is slowly falling for you and craving more and more closeness.

11. He Wants You to Stay Over

A guy who wants you to stay over after being intimate clearly has a hard time parting with you.

Yes, men can have sex without developing feelings, but when he is insisting that you stay over afterwards, that’s a sign it’s been more to him than just that.

He clearly enjoyed the closeness of intimacy and doesn’t want it to end. So he’ll try to convince you to stay as long as you can.

A guy who does this is most certainly catching feelings and falling for you.

12. He Has a Hard Time Letting You Go, in General

Have you guys ever tried saying goodbye after a date, only to have it turn into another conversation? Or him pulling you close and starting to passionately kiss you?

Maybe he suddenly remembered a good excuse as to why you shouldn’t part ways just yet.

Like that he needs something from you or has something he wants to give you.

And if you’re in a long distance relationship, it might feel like he is intentionally stalling, almost wanting one of you to miss your flight or train.

When a guy has a hard time letting go of you, it’s a definite sign he is slowly falling for you and catching strong feelings.

13. He Lets You Wear and Keep His Clothes

Another common sign that a guy is slowly falling for you is when he lets you wear and keep his clothes.

Plenty of girls love wearing oversized hoodies, they’re just so comfy and warm. Or wearing your boyfriend’s t-shirts.

It’s almost as though you’re having him hug you all day or all night long.

When a guy lets you wear and even keep some of his clothes, it’s because he is enjoying being able to provide you with this kind of comfort.

He’s willing to share things with you because he trusts you. It creates a kind of bond between the two of you.

Maybe this is a bit of a weird one, but it’s a definite subtle sign that he is slowly falling for you and that things are getting serious.

14. He Makes Room for Your Things at His Place

Just like with letting you wear and keep his clothes, making room for you at his place is a sign of trust.

Even if it’s only one dedicated drawer or cupboard, he is actively creating space for you in his life. And that’s a big deal!

He is most definitely slowly falling in love with you, for him to be willing to take this step.

15. He Brings up Vulnerable Topics

Being vulnerable and opening up to someone also takes trust. Talking about your past, things that hurt you, your own fears and doubts can be risky.

After all, you have to be certain that the other person will not judge you or misuse this information.

(This is why it actually takes time to overcome trust issues in a new relationship).

When a guy actually opens up to you and is willing to discuss vulnerable topics, it’s a big deal.

He is letting you in emotionally because he is catching feelings! It’s a definite sign that he is falling in love with you.

16. He Talks about His Plans for the Future

When a guy you’re dating starts discussing his plans for the future with you, consider it an important event.

Even if he is not directly including you in them, or making his plans around you.

Regardless of what his plans are, him bringing up this topic in itself is proof that he is thinking about making things work with you in the long term.

Maybe he is checking how compatible you are. Or trying to find common ground, so that you can both have a life that you want and enjoy.

He clearly wants you to play a part in his future, this is why he is bringing it up.

Take it as a sign that he is slowly falling for you and that your relationship is becoming more and more serious.

17. He Is Considerate and Caring

Last but not least, another definite sign that a man is falling deeply for you is when he is considerate and caring towards you.

He might go out of his way to make sure that you’re comfortable and happy, by checking in with you, doing things for you, reassuring you, etc.

A man who does these kinds of things is a great catch!

Also, him doing it is a definite sign he is emotionally invested and is falling in love with you.

How Long Does It Take for a Guy to Fall For You?

How long it takes for a guy to catch feelings and for those feelings to then turn into something more mature and serious entirely depends on his character.

Some men are easy going and ready to connect, while others are more distrustful and will need a longer time to get there.

That being said, we are all not THAT different…

A guy can develop a crush on a girl the first time he sees her or interacts with her.

But in order to actually start catching feelings, he needs to get to know her first.

It’s reasonable to expect that within the first two or three months of you guys interacting on a semiregular basis, he will start slowly falling for you.

When it comes to falling in love, it’s an even longer journey.

Research has found that on average, it takes about three months of being together for a guy to say “I love you” to his partner.

However, if you’ve been talking with a guy for longer than two or three months, and he is just continuously friend zoning you, consider it a warning sign.

Talking stage cannot last forever. At this point he is likely just being polite or stringing you along…

When this is the case, there is no point waiting for him to catch feelings any longer, because it will likely never happen.

How Does a Man Act When He’s Falling in Love?

“We are all fools in love.”

This is a quote by Jane Austen from her most popular book: “Pride and Prejudice”. It’s a very keen and valid description of how men act when they’re falling for you.

Catching feelings for someone is exhilarating, but also scary and vulnerable.

This is why a man can act in most contradictory ways in the early stages of a relationship.

He can sweep you off your feet with the craziest of romantic gestures, only to ask for space a few days or a week later.

Or insist that you stay over and keep you at his place for a few days, only to suddenly become less communicative and more distant.

These kinds of inconsistencies are particularly common when he is fighting his feelings for you.

This is why you need to learn to keep your cool and read between the lines. Don’t expect him to know exactly what he wants and have everything figured out.

Men like to pretend that they know what they’re doing, and this is where a lot of confusion then comes from…

…because they can be just as scared, doubtful and insecure as us women are.

If you want to know for sure if he truly cares about you, check out: 9 Signs of True Love from a Man

And if you need help navigating your confusing love life, I can help you with that in a coaching call.

Here, I’ll listen to your story and help you identify why things might not be working out the way you want them to be.

I’ll also give you tips on how to come across as high value and confident, so that you can get the guy you like to fall in love and commit to you.

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Thank you for reading! If you have any questions about any of the signs, leave me a comment down below, and I’ll get back to you.


18 Men Explain What Chemistry Feels Like for a Man

18 Men Explain What Chemistry Feels Like for a Man

Photo by Jonathan Borba

So you’re wondering what chemistry feels like for a man.

Whether you’re a woman who’s curious to know, or a guy who needs to understand his feelings for someone, I’ll help you get to the bottom of it.

And what better way to know what chemistry feels like for men, than hearing it FROM MEN themselves?

On the Subreddit AskMen (sources: 2,3,4) people were wondering the same as you were and asked the following questions about chemistry for men:

“What Does Chemistry Mean to You?”

And here’s what men answered:

1. You Feel Comfortable Being Vulnerable

“Chemistry is that feeling you get when you’re with your closest friend. You can be your true self, they can be their true self, and even in that vulnerable state, both parties are completely comfortable. If you can find a significant other that you connect with in that way, and they’re physically attractive, do whatever you can to hold on to them. Finding someone like that is rare.”

2. Chemistry Is a Dance

“Chemistry is about having a natural flow where the conversation just comes easily with someone. Chemistry is about connecting on a bunch of the little things and sharing the same quirks. Chemistry is a dance partner who can read your signals and either can follow your most complicated leads or can lead you to dance turns you didn’t even know existed.”

3. I Can Be Playful With Her

“I’ve met women where we’ll get along well, we each know where the other stands without having to explicitly say it, and the relationship just works. She can playfully give me crap and vice versa, but at the end of the day it’s all part of our flirting game. We enjoy getting a rise out of each other almost any way possible.”

4. Chemistry Is a Bond That Isn’t Easy to Break

“Chemistry with another person can come in a variety of ways. From sexual to romantic, chemistry occurs when two people just mesh well. They create a bond with each other that’s not easy to break. They work well with each other. You have good chemistry with someone when it takes very little effort to have a great night with each other and things just fall into place, almost as if they were meant to be.”

5. It Feels Like Comfort

“Have you ever had that warm feeling inside of you whenever you’re around your significant other? It feels like comfort. Or ever have that sensation where you hear a car pulling up, or someone climbing the stairs leading to your apartment, or hearing someone coming up to the door to your place, and you just know it’s your significant other? Yeah, that.”

The next question somebody asked was:

“How Do You Know When You and a Girl Have Chemistry?”

Some of the men’s answers were rather romantic:

6. You Feel Magnetically Drawn Together

“It feels like static electricity, the air is just alive and there is this tension that you can feel like magnetism drawing you to them.”

7. Conversation Flows Effortlessly

“I think it really depends on each person, but chemistry is one of those things that’s so hard to exactly define. It’s just a feeling you get where conversation flows continuously without effort, you have physical attraction towards each other, and communication on all levels seem to be on par.”

8. You Want to Hold Her Tight and Never Let Go

“Oh man, it’s so incredible. It’s like the two of us are one unit and whenever we’re not together we wish we were. Not in the “I should see here later.” sense, but in the “I want to hold her tight and never let go.” And the best part is that I know she feels the same way about me.”

9. Good Chemistry Is Not Just Sexual

“I found out I’m more attracted to their personality, and when that happens, I’m really attracted to them in other ways, especially in bed. Good chemistry is not just sexual, but it’s also when it’s easy to love them, and vice versa.”

“What Does Having ‘Chemistry’ With Someone Mean to You?”

Here’s what the guys had to say:

10. It’s When You Just Click

“I think it’s a combination of compatibility and attraction. When you’re naturally on the same page in both areas, and you just click. It’s such an intangible thing, though, it’s so hard to explain. It’s there, or it isn’t, and when it is, you just know.”

11. Chemistry Means Feeling Comfortable Around Someone

“It means I’m comfortable around them. It means my adrenaline rises around them. Conversation is easy, more importantly, I’m comfortable being in silence around them”

12. Being Able to Laugh Together

“Having the same sense of humor and enjoying the same types of conversations. My girlfriend and I have laughed at so many unfunny things together. My best friends and I always feel like we can have deep philosophical conversations that generally just aren’t sustained when attempted with other people.”

13. It’s More Than Sex

“Chemistry is when you wanna sleep with someone, and you also want to hang out with them when you’re not sleeping with them.”

14. Your Social Interactions Are Mutual

“It means the social interactions with that person are persistently mutual and intended; you are both provided the social interactions that are expected from each other. It is inherently recognizable from both people, as well as from others who know each person’s social cues well.”

15. They Show You Genuine Interest

“They say your name. They are nice to you. They speak with a friendly tone. They want to hear your opinion. If they see you in public, they will say hi and maybe spark up a conversation. They are never “busy” when you have something to talk to them about. They listen intently.”

The final question was:

“What Does It Feel Like to Have Undeniable Chemistry and Sexual Tension With Someone?”

And the men concluded with…

16. I Get Butterflies in My Stomach

“It does not happen that often, unfortunately. But when I meet someone with whom I immediately click, I get excited, like these butterfly in my stomach feeling (but it’s not necessarily love or sexual tension). This feeling emerges when our conversation gains a certain dynamic and feels enriching and exciting.”

17. You Will Never Forget Them

“I’ve experienced this ‘undeniable chemistry’ thing a few times. In one of said instances, I fell for her in a way that hasn’t been matched since – even with my marriage of 15yrs. With the others, it was either distance or age that got in the way .. but holy hell, these girls were amazing and will forever hold a special place in my cold-ass heart.”

And a final answer that brings it all to the point was:

“You know you have chemistry when you’re not questioning whether or not you have chemistry”

So you’ll definitely know it when you feel it. 😉

Now, there was a final additional question directly from you guys that I’d like to answer myself, which is…

What Causes Chemistry Between a Man and a Woman?

You can think of chemistry between a man and a woman as a reflection of compatibility.

Which means, the more compatible you are, the MORE INTENSE your chemistry will be.

And these are the most crucial areas of compatibility:

Physical Attraction

This is commonly the first area, since we SEE people first. It is also the most obvious one and means that the more physically attracted you are to each other, the more intense the chemistry.

Intellectual Attraction

This will be more important to some than others, but a lot of people love and appreciate an intellectual mind. Because they want to be with a person they can talk to for hours on whose company they can enjoy.

Emotional Attraction

You may have had the experience of initially finding someone incredibly attractive, but when they start to speak, their emotional immaturity becomes apparent, and it’s an instant turn-off for you. So emotional attraction also plays a big role in chemistry.

Complimentary Characters

As the old adage goes: opposites attract. Though it’s not a hard rule, it does help create tension and excitement! And complimentary characters mean that both woman and man will bring something to the table that the other deeply craves and is drawn to.

Shared Values & Desires

Finally, chemistry between two people can be made (or killed) depending on how compatible their values and desires are. This means having the same priorities and expectations from life, because if you don’t, it’s hard to work towards a common goal.

So what causes chemistry between a man and a woman is the degree of compatibility they share in the five areas mentioned above.

The more compatible, the brighter the flame of chemistry and attraction.

Whether you’re new or old here, I appreciate you reading and hope you found the answers from men about chemistry insightful.

If you have any further questions about chemistry in a relationship, you should check out our one-on-one coaching calls.

SimplyTogether Coaching CallsHere you can share your entire story, and we’ll go into the details to make sense of the chemistry you share with that special someone.

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You’ll likely also find my wife’s posts helpful to your situation:



Should I Call Him or Not? The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Should I Call Him or Not? The Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

If you’re sitting around, thinking to yourself, “Should I call him or not?” chances are a guy you like intentionally left things open or vague between the two of you.

Maybe you’ve just started dating, and you’re tired of waiting. So you’re eager to make the first move, but you’re not sure if you should.

Or perhaps you and him have some history already, he might even be your ex, and you’re torn: on one hand, you don’t want to be the one who is always chasing him.

But at the same time, you also don’t want to wait forever or let it go without knowing for sure where he truly stands.

Regardless of how long you two have known each other and what the circumstances are exactly, there are times when you absolutely should call him first and others when it’s better for you to back off and wait.

In this post, I’ll help you recognize the best course of action for your particular case. But before going into these details, let’s first answer a few burning questions so many women have.

Should I Call Him or Text Him

I’m going to give you guys a few pointers here so that you can understand what the difference is between calling a man and texting him and when to do which.

Generally speaking, calling is more direct than texting.

It’s more of a power move. Because of this, it can be intimidating to some guys.

This is why a lot of people text first and only start calling each other, later on in the dating phase.

But again, some men don’t have patience for beating around the bush and will appreciate you calling over texting, even early on.

It’s also easier to communicate complicated things via phone call than it is over text.

By talking to each other, you can explain things right away and avoid misunderstandings.

However, some people have an easier time expressing vulnerable things over text than on the phone.

Texting gives you time to think things through and carefully formulate what you’re trying to say.

Point being, there are really no hard rules when it comes to this.

It entirely depends on your preferences. If you’re someone who is more comfortable calling than texting, that’s perfectly ok.

The same way, if you’re more on the shy side, and you have a really hard time picking up your phone, you don’t need to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

You can also stick with just texting.

Taking your partner or crush into consideration can also be helpful to make up your mind. What do you think he would prefer?

Either way, it doesn’t matter so much how you reach him, what’s more important is knowing when to do it.

Should You Ever Call a Guy First

A lot of our female coaching clients struggle making the first move when it comes to dating. They worry it’ll make the guy perceive them as desperate or controlling.

This fear of theirs is not entirely wrong. Some men can get intimidated or defensive when they feel like they’re not in charge.

Others will really appreciate your effort, though!

We live in the 21st century now, it’s perfectly ok for the woman to make the move, when she feels like it.

So yes, you can or even should call him first.

There is really nothing wrong with you doing it! Many guys will feel flattered or relieved when you take the pressure off of them.

And if a man ends up judging you for it, then maybe he’s just too insecure and not a good match anyway.

This is the general rule when it comes to the early stages of dating. Things look a little bit different when you’ve been going out for a while.

Should I Call Him if I Miss Him

If you miss a guy you’re dating or even together with, then you most likely haven’t seen or heard from him in a while. Maybe it’s only been a few days, and you don’t know why he is silent all of a sudden.

Or perhaps it’s been a week or more, and he still hasn’t called you.

(Some men keep on pulling away from women they care about.)

So you’re starting to seriously miss him and are wondering if you should just give him a ring and check in.

When two people are seeing each other, it’s important that the amount of effort both of them are putting into making things work is more or less equal.

As long as this is the case, the guy you’re dating has been initiating as much or even more than you, then you should absolutely call him if you miss him!

Guys need this kind of encouragement in order to stay interested and keep pursuing you.

For all you know, he might be intentionally waiting and leaving room for you to call or text him first.

However, if you’ve been the only one who is making this relationship work, then it’s a completely different situation.

Being stuck always initiating, likely makes you worry that, if you didn’t do it, you might never hear from this guy again. So in a way, you might feel like you have to call him or text him first, if you want to keep him in your life.

The thing is, he could just be someone who likes you but doesn’t want a relationship with you. This is why he isn’t putting in any effort.

Or he needs a little push, to realize that he actually cares and wants to keep this going.

The only way you can find out where he truly stands is by waiting it out.

If you’re the only one who has been initiating so far, then you shouldn’t call him when you miss him.

You need to leave room for him to show you if he cares or not.

Should I Call Him After He Ghosted Me

Ghosting unfortunately is extremely common nowadays.

The problem with being treated this way, is that when a guy does it, he leaves you hanging. You never know what really happened and why he disappeared so suddenly.

Men have many reasons for ghosting women. None of them are pretty or justified.

You might feel like calling him just for the sake of getting some answers.

Why did he stop calling or texting? Did anything happen? Is it something you did?

The thing is, if he wanted to give you closure, he wouldn’t have ghosted you.

Ghosters intentionally leave things vague, to give themselves room to potentially come back later on.

This is why you shouldn’t call a guy after he ghosted you.

Even if he picks up, he isn’t going to give you any answers. You’ll only feel more rejected and confused afterwards.

He likely wasn’t transparent with you and was pretending to be someone he’s not. He might even be a player.

Either way, ghosters are not serious relationship material. He is just wasting your time, and you deserve better!

Should I Call Him After a Fight

Another common situation when you might be wondering: “Should I call him if he hasn’t called me?” is after you guys had a fight. Unfortunately, arguments are a part of any healthy relationship.

It’s normal for people to disagree and get emotional over things.

However, when dust settles, all that’s left is often a strong need for reconciliation and making things right.

If you’re coming from a place of trying to make peace with him, then you should absolutely call him after a fight.

You don’t need to wait, you can try to fix this now. There are things you can say to him after an argument that’ll help you diffuse his anger and get him to open up to you again.

But if you’re calling him only to try to make him see things your way, then it’s better you don’t do it.

It would only escalate the fight further. Give him and yourself space to cool off some more instead.

You can just call a friend and complain about him to them…

Should I Call Him After a Breakup

Breakups are rarely a definite end of a relationship. Feelings people have for each other, can’t just vanish because you decide so.

It takes months or even years to let go of someone you once loved.

This is why couples break up but stay in touch and try to work things out.

If you want to call your ex after a breakup to clarify things, get an explanation or apologize for something you did, you should absolutely go for it!

Except, if your ex explicitly asked you for space.

When this is the case, you need to respect his boundaries and avoid contacting him for a while. (You can text him after no contact, to check in and see if he is ready to talk, though.)

Another reason why you shouldn’t call your ex after a breakup is to try to tell him how much you love him and convince him to change his mind.

You cannot convince someone to feel differently than they do, trying to do so will only break your heart further.

There are other things you can do to get him to want you back.

How Often Should I Call Him

Regardless, if you’re dating, together or broken up, you should call him as often as he calls you. And if he doesn’t call but keeps on texting, that’s ok too.

As long as the amount of effort both of you are putting in is balanced, all is well, and you really don’t need to worry too much.

However, if you’ve been calling him, and he hasn’t been returning the gesture, it might be time to put your guard up a little.

Maybe you’ve become too attached too early on, so you have a hard time stopping yourself from chasing him and are letting him take you for granted.

If this is the case, you need to slow down and make room for him to show you if he cares or not.

It can be really hard to know for sure what’s going on when he isn’t calling you enough.

Some guys need you to make the effort and get them to come back to you.

Others prefer when you back off. That’s what makes them want you more.

If you’re needing more guidance on what to do in your particular case, I can help you out in a coaching call.

I’ll listen to your story and help you figure out how you need to approach him, to get him to call you more and make more effort in general.

I’ll help you overcome whatever stands in a way of you having the relationship you want and deserve!

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And if you’re wondering why he hasn’t called you yet, my husband’s post can give you some answers:

Do Emotionally Unavailable Men Miss You

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions, leave me a comment, and I’ll get back to you!


17 Weird Signs Telling You They’re Your Soulmate

17 Weird Signs Telling You They’re Your Soulmate

Photo by Tammy Mosley

Some weird soulmate signs are that they are not quite what you were expecting, as well as how they make you feel incredibly vulnerable.

But there’s a lot more to it when trying to determine all the unusual soulmate signs, and that’s what I’m here to help you with today.

What Are Some Soulmate Signs

There are those classic soulmate moments…

And then there are the weird ones.

The ones that leave you wondering whether there’s something strange at play here.

With a lot of them, they will seem odd at first, but as you get to know your soulmate, they make sense in retrospect and can feel normal and familiar very quickly.

Here are the weird soulmate signs to look out for:

1. Things Can Be Awkward at First

When you initially meet your soulmate, things might not be quite as you expected.

Instead of the seamless romance and instant chemistry, you might have a rather awkward situation.

You’re clearly drawn to each other, but one of you might be mumbling incoherently while the other can barely get a word out.

Things become increasingly awkward and peculiar, so you both decide better not risk saying too much.

Which brings us to…

2. You’re Not Sure if You Like Each Other

So not only are things weird and awkward at first, you’re also not sure how you feel about each other.

Yet there seems to be something that pulls you together, counteracting all the strangeness.

There is generally a period of evaluating each other carefully.

You might even wonder if you’ve just found your platonic soulmate.

Overtime, you and your soulmate become fonder of each other, though, as your understanding and appreciation of each other deepens.

3. Your Soulmate Is Not What You Were Expecting

At some point in your life, you might have had a very clear picture of what your soulmate looked like and who they were going to be as a person.

But another weird soulmate sign is exactly that, they might even be everything BUT what you expected.
And yet somehow you still feel inexplicably DRAWN and attracted to them.

4. You Have Opposing Tastes on Some Things

You may also have opposing tastes on things you are rather clear about.

  • You love chocolate ice cream, they despise it
  • They swear on modern art, and you’d rather go to a cemetery
  • You devour death metal, while they sing along to the top charts

It will all seem rather weird and maybe not what you thought it’d be.

But it doesn’t seem to matter because you feel that your differences are actually something that adds excitement to your life in a way that connects you more!

And sometimes…

5. Things Don’t Magically Fall Into Place

Another weird soulmate sign is that the way things unfold between the two of you is not quite like in the movies

You don’t just magically click and have everything fall into place.

No, a weird sign with soulmates can be that you actually have to figure out what you mean to each other and how you will fit in the other’s life.

It may not be what you thought it would be, but for some reason, this journey with your soulmate feels more personal and intimate.

So much so, it could be BETTER than what you previously dreamed of.

6. They Look Different Than You Imagined

Much like how they may not be what you were expecting in regard to their character, the same might be true of their appearance.

Whether it’s the way they wear their hair, their style, or the color of their eyes – it might catch you off guard.

But that DOESN’T mean you don’t like it.
On the contrary, you will likely instantly find them attractive and want to get to know them more.

7. You Trust Each Other Without Reason

Another odd soulmate sign is that you will feel inherent trust towards them, while hardly knowing them.

With other people, you might normally need to overcome trust issues and they would require serious social media background checks to verify that they aren’t a weirdo.

But with your soulmate things are… different.

You may not be able to put your finger on it, but something about their behavior and mannerisms tells you can trust them and that they deeply trust you too.

8. They Make You Feel Incredibly Vulnerable

Despite all the things you do not share, a weird soulmate sign is that they will be able to make you feel incredibly vulnerable…

Often without even trying.

It’s like they can pierce your soul and render you defenseless, seeing past any façades or deflections you might throw up…and right into the core of your being.

It’s vulnerable, but you feel seen.

9. They Make You Realize How Invisible You Previously Felt

Sometimes you go through life being so busy and getting caught up with things, that you entirely forget yourself.

But with your soulmate, you will have the peculiar (and sometimes shocking) experience of waking up to the fact that you were far more invisible and hidden than you realized.

But they will help you reconnect with those precious parts of yourself, which will make you shine brighter in your day-to-day life.

10. Things Can Feel Eerily Calm With Them

What may have previously started as awkward silences, is now extensive periods of mutual calm.

Peaceful silence, that stretches like a serene lake between the two of you.

You may not say a word to each other for many hours and yet, you are connected.

People may think it’s weird, but you know that you can have this silence, because your trust and understanding of each other runs so deep.

11. Being Separate Feels Plain Wrong

Once you’re over the weird soulmate signs, being apart will feel unnatural.

It will be strange and feel like something you need to RECTIFY as soon as possible.

But thanks to modern technology, you’re only an instant message or video call away and can look forward to reconnecting soon again!

12. Being Mad at Them for Longer Than Five Minutes Is Hard

They are way too good at charming you and making you laugh, which means trying to stay mad at them is fighting back a smile while attempting to keep a mean face.

Whatever it is that they did to make you upset is often quickly forgotten and replaced with laughter and hugs.

You get along too well to be mad at each other for too long.

13. You Make Up After a Fight in the Weirdest of Ways

Some couples have the classic fights and of bickering and endless back-and-forth power struggles.

But with your soulmate things can once again be different…

When you guys fight, you will make up afterwards by

  • Having a conversation with nothing but your eyes
  • Having kinky make up sex
  • Immediately going on a spontaneous date, as though nothing occurred
  • Cuddle your way out of the problem
  • And countless other ways…

You will have your own unique ways of reconciling, where making up might quickly escalate to making out.

14. It’s Feels Like Profound Love and Friendship

Even though you may have had relationships before, this one feels special.

It’s like you’re experiencing some of the signs of true love from a man.

What’s weird is not only do you share a profound love for each other, you also feel like best friends towards one another.

And this is what makes your soulmate bond so special; it’s the best of both worlds.

15. Things Are Easy-Going Between You Two

The rhythm and flow that you share just seems to work most of the time.

You’re both incredibly easy-going with each other and seem to have a form of unspoken understanding.

It’s like a weird secret language you share, that neither of you had to even learn.

This makes life with your soulmate feel like a breeze, and an absolute pleasure.

16. You Talk About the Weirdest Things

When you talk to your soulmate, the conversations you have can unravel and lead to the strangest of places.

The topics of discussion are ones you have never had before.

It’s like being with each other opens both of your minds to new ideas and concepts you didn’t even know existed.

This is another sign which shows how you mutually benefit from one another in unexpected ways.

17. You Feel Happy for Seemingly No Reason

Emphasis on seemingly no reason.

Because an outsider might miss all the aforementioned weird soulmate signs that you two share.

As well as some of the habits that super happy couples, you must have.

But since you have the one-and-only front row seat to this experience, you know there are plenty of reasons for you to feel happy and content.

After all… you have found your soulmate.

Soulmate Questions and Answers

Here are some additional questions you guys have asked, that I’ll happily go over to further clarify unusual soulmate signs.

How does a soulmate connection feel?

A soulmate connection feels like a bond that runs so deep and intimately, you may want to run away in fear of being loved so much.

Yes, being loved is often scarier than being alone, especially when it’s with your soulmate.

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

When you meet your soulmate, you will notice that something is unusual about them.

Your connection will be different to that of others, and you will both feel the mutual pull towards each other…no matter how hard you resist it.

What is a false soulmate?

A false soulmate is someone you believed to be your soulmate, but turns out to be just another person in your life.

You will likely feel very disappointed in this person and maybe even hurt by them.

Do soulmates ever cheat?

Unfortunately, yes, soulmates do sometimes cheat.

Even when people find the most precious thing in the world, sometimes they may sabotage it instead of appreciating and nurturing it.

What are the weird soulmate signs that you have experienced? Let me know in the common section

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out: 7 Very Real Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You in 2022.



11 Signs He Likes You but Is Hiding It

11 Signs He Likes You but Is Hiding It

Photo by Tim Mossholder

How can you know if a guy likes you but is hiding it?

For you to feel this way, he must have been giving you all sorts of subtle signs lately!

Maybe it all left you wondering: “Does he really have feelings for me or am I just imagining it? Maybe he is just being friendly…”

My husband and I met at a party and he asked me out for a coffee shortly afterwards. But our conversation was so easy going and neutral, I was also unsure if he was really interested or wanted to just be friends.

Guys can be really sneaky and vague when it comes to showing their interest.

Also, sometimes they’re just shy or afraid of rejection and need encouragement in order to keep pursuing you.

This is why it’s so important that you can tell when a man secretly likes you.

In this blog post I will list all the most important signs to look out for, so that you can know for sure if he has feelings for you but is hiding it.

But before jumping into this, I first want to explain why men act this way.

Can a Guy Like You but Not Show It?

Yes, a guy can absolutely like you but not show it!

What’s more, it’s actually extremely common for relationships to develop this way, when you start off by meeting in person.

When you get to know him, you might feel an instant spark of attraction, but more often than not neither of you will know for sure if it’s mutual or not.

Especially if you meet up in a neutral setting like at school, at work, at a volunteering event, dance class etc.

These aren’t places people specifically go to to find a date.

When a guy is unsure if you feel the same way he does, he’ll often hide his feelings to protect himself from painful rejection.

Another possibility is that he already likes you as a friend and is afraid that by making the move, he’ll ruin what you currently have and lose you for good.

Guys who like you but are hiding it generally need more encouragement, for them to dare to show you how they truly feel.

This is why it’s so crucial that you can read their covert messages correctly.

11 Signs He Likes You but Is Hiding It

These signs will help you know for sure if a man secretly likes you.

When it comes to these kinds of situations, men can really be very vague and subtle.

This is why us women often overthink and overanalyze all the strange things guys say and do.

But there is no point in breaking your head over this too much.

You can trust your gut on this one!

I’ll start off this list with some general signs applicable to all situations, but I’ll also list typical things to watch out for at school or at work, as well as over text and on social media.

Let’s get to it!

1. You Keep On Catching Him Looking at You

This is an all time classic.

You feel somebody’s gaze, so you lift your eyes only to catch him staring at you.

This happens over and over again.

It can be at a work meeting, social events, in class or at a party.

Wherever it just so happens that you two are in close proximity to one another.

Maybe upon discovering this, you tend to smile at him, to make the situation a bit less awkward.

And he smiles back but says nothing.

If you keep on catching a guy looking at you, that’s a definite sign he’s interested in you but is hiding it.

Maybe he is playing it cool, waiting to see what you’ll do.

Or he just doesn’t dare to make a move.

The only thing you can know for sure, is that he definitely likes you!

2. You Keep On Bumping Into Him

Has the guy in question been magically popping up at all the same places that you’ve been at lately?

Maybe you just keep on bumping into him at parties, events or even at the grocery store or during your lunch break.

So you’re inevitably asking yourself: “What are the odds?!” and “What does it mean!?”

Coincidence does happen, but it generally happens ONCE.

If the two of you KEEP on accidentally meeting each other at random places, you can safely assume it’s intentional.

He’s been most likely making sure he’s at the right place and time to maximize the odds of “bumping into you” because he likes you but is hiding it.

He is playing it cool, pretending that it’s a coincidence, while secretly scheming to make sure he gets to see you.

Maybe it’s your soulmate who’s thinking of you.

3. He Is Eager to Help You Out

This is another classic sign that a guy likes you but is hiding it:

He just can’t stop himself from offering to help you out every chance he gets.

He is eager to help you carry things and wants to fix things at your place. Maybe he tells you where to get your car checked.

Or, if you two are at school together, he offers to help you out with assignments, or study with you.

Men do this because they want you to need them.

Being useful to you is their way of securing a debt of gratitude of sorts. So that you value them but also so that you don’t move on.

It’s a definite indicator that he has feelings for you but is hiding it.

Think about it, why else would he be making so much effort!?

4. He Finds Excuses to Talk to You

This is a similar scenario, just that instead of offering you help, he might be asking things from you.

At school he might inquire about an upcoming test:

“Do you know, what’s going to be on it?” (even though you both went to the test prep lesson).

At work the same sign might look slightly different.

A guy who likes you but is hiding it might ask you about an upcoming meeting, despite him surely getting the email memo. Or he’ll ask you about the schedule for the next deadline (even if it’s in the shared calendar).

Point being, he’ll look for plausible reasons to start a conversation with you.

It’s a sure sign that he enjoys talking to you because he likes you but is hiding it.

Don’t let him drag this out though, the talking stage shouldn’t last forever.

If this is where you guys are at right now, it’s time to help him make a move!

5. He Appears Out of Nowhere When You Start Talking To Other Guys

This is a typical sign to look out for at parties and other social events.

The guy you suspect of having feelings for you might seem perfectly preoccupied talking to somebody else.

But then you start socializing with another man and…

…boom! He suddenly appears out of nowhere and seems very eager to join your conversation!

When a guy does this, know that he is trying to guard you.

He is fending off all potential competition because he wants you all to himself.

This kind of display of jealousy is a definite sign he likes you but is hiding it.

Maybe he is even fighting his feelings for you, but it’s just a battle he cannot win.

6. He Keeps on Texting You

This is another classic and yet so many of our coaching clients get even this one wrong!

When a guy keeps on texting you, it’s a definite sign that he secretly likes you more than he would “just a friend”.

He is just hiding his true feelings from you and playing it cool, so that he can keep things as they are.

Maybe he is afraid that making a romantic move could ruin what you guys already have.

Or he is an avoidant and needs to take things extra slow…

Either way, don’t let him fool you. You don’t text with a friend on a daily basis!

At least not for more than a few days. Let alone a few weeks or even MONTHS!

If you’ve been texting regularly for more than two weeks, you clearly mean more to him than just a friend.

It might be time to encourage him with a flirty text, to get him to think about you and admit that you’re more than just a friend to him.

7. He’s Ready to Go Out of His Way to Make You Happy or See You

Another classic confusing male behavior: making a lot of effort just to make you happy and then playing it down as though it was nothing!

One of my clients just shared a story about this the other day.

Her guy drove out for an HOUR just to get her a birthday present. But then he insisted it didn’t mean anything and that they were just good friends.

When a guy puts in this amount of effort to make you happy or even just to see you, it’s a definite sign he has feelings for you but isn’t willing to show it.

He might also not be willing to openly admit it.

Maybe he likes you, but he is an avoidant and that’s why he is playing things down.

He might struggle with opening up and trusting. But he clearly cares a lot, to be willing to go to these kinds of lengths for you!

Keep in mind, you can get an avoidant to chase you.

8. He Remembers Things About You

When a guy remembers things about you, like when your birthday is, your favorite foods, your music preferences or other interests, take it as a definite sign that he secretly likes you a lot.

You clearly must have made quite an impression on him and he probably longs to get to know you even better.

Maybe he even keeps on asking you personal questions or wants to participate in your hobbies.

If this is the case, this could not only mean that he has feelings for you that he is not showing, it’s even a sign of true love from a man!

9. He Keeps on Teasing You or Challenging You

Another way you can know if a guy has feelings for you but is hiding it, is if he keeps on teasing you or challenging you in some way shape or form.

Maybe he keeps on competing with you and always needs to end up being on top and in control.

Or he keeps on making snarky comments that leave you puzzled and confused.

Does he end conversations saying things like: “Is that really so?”, “That’s what you think.” etc.?

Or answers your texts with a single question mark or the raised eyebrow emoji 🤨?

When a guy is acting this way, know that he is playing power games with you.

He is doing it to stay in control of you and of his own feelings for you.

It’s a definite sign that he likes you but is hiding it.

Best way to get him to show his true colors is by playing his game.

You too can answer with a “?” or the raised eyebrow emoji. Another great way to do this is by not texting him first.

10. He Instantly Views Your Stories or Likes Your Posts

This one is pretty self explanatory. When a guy instantly reacts to all your posts and stories, it means ke is keeping his eyes peeled for all your online activity.

He is checking what you’re up to and if you’re dating anyone else.

At the same time, he is also taking an active interest in what you’re doing and expressing his support.

By interacting with you like this, he is keeping tabs on you and showing you that he cares.

It’s a definite sign that he likes you but doesn’t dare to openly say it or show it.

11. He’s Asks You Out “As a Friend”

If you two not only keep on texting but you also meet up every now and then…

That’s a definite sign he likes you a lot, craves your company but he is hiding it and playing it cool.

Maybe he keeps on emphasizing that “you’re just friends” and your heart sinks every time he says it.

You have to read between the lines here!

He is most likely so afraid of spoiling what you guys share by revealing his true feelings for you, he keeps on pretending they don’t exist just to make sure he doesn’t risk losing you.

I know this doesn’t make much sense.

But emotions don’t need to follow logic.

Don’t get me wrong, platonic soulmates do exist. But they’re very rare.

It’s much more likely he is keeping both of you in the friendzone out of fear of losing you.

He is hiding his true feelings because he is so afraid you won’t reciprocate them.

How to Get Him to Admit That He Likes You

Now that you know how to recognize the signs he likes you but is hiding it, you can know for sure how he truly feels about you.

This will make getting him to openly admit it much easier!

All it will take is: either you encourage him by being more openly flirty and playful.

Or calling him out by challenging him a bit.

You’ve probably both been stuck in the friend zone for long enough now.

It’s time to do something about this. Flirting and teasing him are your best bets here.

If after reading all this you feel ready to take things to the next level, check out my other post: How to Get Him to Ask You Out

But if you are still stuck overthinking all his signals and need more help figuring out where he truly stands, I can help you out in a coaching call.

Here I’ll carefully listen to your story and explain his mixed messages to you.

I’ll also give you tips on what to say and do to get him to openly admit that he likes you, so that he finally makes a move.

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Thank you for reading. In case you have any questions, leave me a comment down below and I’ll get back to you!