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Are you feeling worried or anxious? Maybe even a little panicked that your man is losing interest in you?

The other day he may have been a little inattentive, dismissive or snappy with you. Or when you want to snuggle or have sex, he’s just always “Not in the mood right now…”

He seems to prefer spending more time with others -or his phone- and avoids prolonged eye-contact, and might even straight up disappear without a word and leave you alone.

It’s normal for the honeymoon phase to fade, but there are degrees at which relationships deteriorate. And since you’re here, it’s likely feeling critical…

Now, however he is communicating his disinterest, I’m here to help you with that.

First by clarifying whether he is actually losing interest with the help of 10 signs for you to look out for.

And secondly, we’ll get into what you can do to COUNTER-STEER him not taking notice of you.

Hi, I’m Gabriel and I run this blog with my wife Karolina. In this post, I’ll be evaluating your situation and answering your questions, while giving you direction from a man’s perspective.

So let’s take a deep breath…. Relax on the exhale, and do this together.

10 Signs He Is Losing Interest In You

There are many indicators that you’ll need to look out for, some more subtle, others rather blatant.

Look out for the following signs and see how many fit for you. The more do, the clearer the unfortunate answer that you are losing him.

But don’t worry, even if you’re on the unlucky side of things, we’ll cover what you can do to remedy your situation and draw him back in -right after we cover these signs!

1. Is he emotionally withdrawing since more than a week?

One of the first things a man will do when he’s losing interest is emotionally withdraw from you.

Where you once felt an air of warmth, charm and love emanating from him, you now feel quite the opposite.

He seems… distant, reserved and has gone silent -in an almost UNKIND manner.

When your man has been this way for more than a week and continues to be, then you have your first sign that he is losing interest.

2. Does he avoid physical touch?

Physical touch is a large part of what distinguishes platonic relationships from romantic ones.

And I’m sure you appreciate and crave closeness just like anybody else. You and your partner will have your familiar ways of touching, being affectionate, and loving towards one another.

So when he suddenly starts avoiding physical touch, it’s likely something you notice pretty QUICKLY.

When you seek a reassuring touch, he might avoid it, move your hands off of himself or even walk away from you without a word.

If a man is AVOIDING your physical touch in this way, consider it another sign that he is losing interest.

3. Is he avoiding eye contact with you?

Did you know that the human face has 42 individual muscles? This is what allows us to express so much complex emotion with our partner without even exchanging a word.

And it’s when your eyes meet that you read each other’s facial expressions to determine what the other side is feeling and thinking… It plays a large role in how we connect.

Avoiding eye contact is a means of not connecting, of NOT LETTING someone read you, because they don’t want to let you in.

So if he is not meeting your gaze or avoiding eye contact, it is a sign that he is distancing himself and becoming less attentive.

4. Does he have an excuse ready every time you want to be intimate?

Intimacy, arguably, plays the biggest part in what makes a romantic relationship -romantic!

It is a beautiful means of deeply connecting, exploring and getting to know each other in new and exciting ways every time.

One that you don’t just share with anybody, because it carries a lot of meaning.

So if he has an excuse ready every time you desire intimacy:

  • “I’m tired…”
  • “I want to go workout”
  • “I’m meeting friends”
  • “I can’t, I’m busy with work”

And if it’s been a few weeks since you had sex, or he avoids sex altogether (and it’s not caused by understandable physical complications that got in the way)…

…then it is an indication he is losing interest in you and a cause for concern.

5. Have you suggested activities together, that he keeps declining?

When you feel something is off in your relationship, your reaction may be to fix it by reconnecting with an activity together.

Sports, games, museum visits, whatever shared interests you previously had will likely have come to mind.

But when you propose activities that you know for a fact he likes, and he repeatedly refuses them, then something is definitely off…

6. Is he distant during sex?

Although couples often develop routines for their time between the sheets and their sex might look like the same thing over and over again, it can actually FEEL very different each time.

Because where your partner is at emotionally and mentally translates all the way down to his fingertips and across into your body…

This goes the other way around too, of course.

Where you guys are coming from in your lovemaking can make it feel like cloud nine or crappy.

And when he’s distant or absent during sex, you will FEEL and notice that!

So if you’ve experienced him being increasingly unavailable, and it feels like he’s barely noticing you during sex, then it’s a definite sign he is losing interest.

7. Does he avoid you at events or parties?

Social engagements with your partner are fun, right? — Or are they?

There are few things more humiliating than going to an event with him, whereupon arriving, he immediately ducks out and avoids you like the plague throughout the evening.

Especially if you see him laughing and enjoying himself with others -or worse, with other women.

Unless you’ve had a big fight just before the party that left you both fuming and ignoring each other, there is no reason for him to be acting this way, unless of course he is no longer partial towards you…

8. Is he paying more attention to other women than to you?

It’s perfectly common for either of you to sneak a guilty glance at an attractive passer by every once in a while.

But if he’s making a habit of it, is talking to other women, and giving them more attention than he does to you, that’s a definite RED-ALERT!

(Whether these interactions are in person or online.)

You are his partner and as such, deserve to have priority and exclusivity when it comes to his attention.

So if you feel like second place, like he doesn’t love you anymore, and he’s endlessly taking more time for other women than he does for you, take it as a definite sign that he is losing interest.

9. Does he seem to be on autopilot with you?

We can all get overwhelmed with our demanding lives and the people in it at times…

So we zone out, put on cruise control and meander through our day just to make it home for some shut-eye. During these times we’re inattentive, easily distracted and unfocused.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this inattentive side of him too, and that’s perfectly okay from TIME TO TIME:

  • “Sorry, did you say something?”
  • “Yeah, honey of course… — what?”
  • “Sure, sure, whatever you say”

But if him not listening, being unresponsive or not being present with you is STANDARD procedure, where he’s constantly on autopilot and drifts off, then that’s another sign for you.

10. Is he taking more liberties with bad behavior?

We all have our limits, and it can be especially difficult to keep your cool in long-term relationships. Since you’ve known each other for such a long time and are familiar with the others’ tendencies and patterns…

But if you find that he’s showing and expressing his frustration without restraint, and is on bad behavior, it’s something to keep an eye on.

Because when partners lose interest in their relationship, they take even more liberties to act out of line and risk sabotaging things further!

So if this fits for you, consider it a final sign.


How many signs fit for you? Remember, the more fit, the likelier it is that he is unfortunately losing interest.

Especially if you’re at 6 signs or more.

But I want you to check in with yourself as well, though. Do you FEEL like he’s losing interest? What does your gut tell you?

It’s also helpful to listen to your own instincts to give you a clearer answer.

Now, if your answer is ‘Yes, I believe he is losing interest’.

Then the obvious next question would be…

How do I make him interested again?

First, let me say that you’re in a good position here.

Good in that you’ve noticed something was off early enough to act and PREVENT things from escalating further!

Many of our coaching clients make the unfortunate mistake of missing the signs that he’s losing interest and only retrospectively recognizing them once their partner has already become an ex-partner.

And it’s much harder to reverse a breakup, than it is to pre-empt a breakup.

Which is exactly why we created Rebuild Your Relationship.

In this course, we’ll help you identify what is making him lose interest and distance himself. Including the how to dissolve the issues that have been piling up in your relationship.

And finally, you’ll learn our step-by-step guide to win back your man’s heart and secure your relationship for good.

Click here to check out Rebuild Your Relationship.

Now, there are many ways back to a man’s heart. And you do not have to cover all bases to succeed at winning him over again.

Don’t strive for perfection, but rather find an approach that fits your character and style.

You can pick out the approaches that work best for you in my post: Make Him Want You With These 7 Sneaky Ways.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found the answers you were looking for.

What are the signs you noticed that indicated that he was losing interest? Let me know in the comments section.

See you on my next post,


Gabriel Brenner