From Fights & Breakups to a Fulfilling Marriage

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Hi there! We’re Karolina and Gabriel. The creators of blog dedicated to helping YOU find the love and support in your relationship!

Our work has been featured in major publications such as Mashable, Bustle and UpJourney and we are the authors of the Rebuild Your Relationship course

So why are we eager to help you out in your love life?

Because the knowledge we want to share with you completely changed our lives – that’s why!

Let’s take a quick trip down the memory lane and show you how this whole thing started.

How We Met

Some 11 years ago (in November 2011) Gabriel and I happened to bump into each other at a birthday party of a mutual friend of ours in Vienna. 

Gabriel had just moved back to Austria after finishing his studies in England (he’s Austrian). I’m Polish but I was finishing my studies in Vienna at the time.

We immediately hit it off, exchanged phone numbers, and arranged to meet for a coffee in a couple of days. 

Fast forward a couple more social events and dates later, and we were officially together!

In the beginning, our relationship was like a dream come true. 

I felt like Gabriel really got me and that we were absolutely perfect for one another. We could never have enough of each other and every moment spent together was pure fun.

Our relationship felt extremely special and I was thrilled that I had finally found the one!

Our Honeymoon Phase Didn’t Last

Even though things have started off so perfectly, sooner rather than later, we ran into our first troubles.

Already 6 months into our relationship we started having our first serious arguments. 

We started disagreeing about things, seemed to have different priorities in life and could no longer just get along effortlessly.

To make matters worse, our spark started fading!

Things got so bad at some point, that after 8 months of being together, we broke up.

I was absolutely devastated…

I couldn’t believe that that was supposed to be it!

Luckily, Gabriel couldn’t stand being apart either, so about a month after our first breakup we got back together again.

The Vicious Cycle of Love and Heartbreak

Yeah, that’s right. 

This ISN’T the part where everything magically falls into place and we live happily ever after. Not just yet…

In fact, this was the MOST hurtful and damaging phase of our relationship. 

After we got back together the first time, things temporarily got back to how they were in the very beginning. 

Once again, we were thrilled to have each other in our lives. We were texting constantly and couldn’t wait to see each other every time.

But our second honeymoon phase didn’t last very long either…

Soon all our old problems came back! 

We started disagreeing about things again and kept on arguing about them.

It just didn’t seem like we were perfect for one another anymore. I became afraid that maybe we were just too different.

So we broke up again….

…and a month later, we got back together.

It didn’t stop there!

All in all, we broke up THREE TIMES before we managed to stop this hurtful cycle of short lived honeymoon phases followed by the inevitable heartbreak.

We finally figured it out!

All the time throughout our vicious cycle of hurtful breakups both of us were TIRELESSLY trying to figure out this situation.

We read countless books, tested out different methods and approaches.

Until one day we finally figured out something that worked. 

One sunny winter afternoon we were sitting on Gabriel’s bed and having the same argument, we would always have… 

When suddenly I UNDERSTOOD what he was actually needing from me!

I managed to make him feel heard and understood and that CHANGED EVERYTHING.

And it was only a matter of a short time until we could use the same approach, to get him to make me feel heard and understood too!

We finally got through to each other!

This was a HUGE DEAL and from that point onwards, our relationship turned around!

Learning this lesson was a big deal and is why we help others reverse their hurtful breakups too.

The spark was back for good this time!

All thanks to this new understanding, it felt like the fog was finally lifting!

I could now clearly see WHY our relationship initially struggled and what I needed to do so that we could finally be happy together.

I learned WHAT makes men tick and WHY they can be so difficult.

I now knew how to approach Gabriel to get what I needed from him. 

We started doing exciting and romantic things again!

He was getting me flowers for no reason, leaving me cute notes when he went to work and planned little surprises for me.

He was eager to show me his love and appreciation again!

We were no longer growing apart anymore, we started growing CLOSER instead.

Our relationship became FUN again! 

We were spending less time arguing and more time enjoying each other’s company.

We went on multiple awesome road trips and decided to move in together.

There is so much more enjoyment in our lives today, but the truth is that the learning process never stopped for us.

We keep on discovering new aspects of each other and our relationship every day. 

Because that’s the reality of how relationships work. 

They are very layered and beautifully complex, since there are so many feelings and thoughts going through each of us all the time.

And through this journey, we built a strong connection and solid trust. 

Eventually the idea of living without each other just felt impossible. 

So, we finally got married!

Karolina and Gabriel Married SimplyTogether

Karolina and Gabriel getting married SimplyTogether

How we came to create this blog

We’ve been together for 10 years now, but our chemistry is stronger than ever.

So much so, people are often shocked when they find out we’re not a fresh couple. 

My friends started coming to me for advice and wanted to know what my ‘secret sauce’ was. 

Seeing so many women all struggling with the exact same problems I once had, made me want to help…

That’s why we decided to start this blog.

We want to use this website as a platform to share our experiences and what we’ve learned to help women in similar situations with their relationship struggles.

It started off as a little side hustle.

When we launched our website, Gabriel was working full time as a user-experience designer, while I worked as an architect. 

In march 2020 the lockdown happened and both of us suddenly found ourselves with more free time at our hands.

We decided to use it to help our readers with our first course: Rebuild Your Relationship.

We put together all the most important lessons and tools so that we could teach women how they too could turn their relationships around!

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But for some of you that wasn’t enough, so we launched one-on-one Coaching. 

SimplyTogether Coaching Calls

We continue to help our clients succeed in many areas of their life with our coaching. And incase you’ve gone through a breakup and are trying to get your ex back, you can read how our clients successfully reunited with their love in the link below:

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We hope you enjoyed our story. In case you want to share your thoughts or have any questions, you can contact us here. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Karolina and Gabriel