So you guys broke up and you don’t know whether you should give up or still try to get your ex back. Not every breakup has to be final.

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As heartbreaking as breakups are, remember they are almost never final. Your ex most likely isn’t over you yet. But if you want to get over them, you can heal too.

Breakups are always tough. But going through a breakup that feels like a bad mistake is one of the worst feelings in the world.

The idea of separating from a person you care so much about can feel so deeply wrong!

Especially when you never had a connection like this before and things had been seemingly going well. And suddenly your ex said they wanted to break up.

You can get your ex to want you back

– 50% of couples who break up, end up getting back together

– deep down, you know your ex isn’t over you yet

– but they’re stubborn, defensive or distant for what feels like no good reason  

– your ex might not come back to you on their own

– you will have to do something to win them over

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Your situation is a difficult one to be in. Especially if you’re clear that you want to be with your ex again, but everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked so far.

And some of you will likely feel unsure whether you even believe it’s worth trying to fight for them anymore.

But regardless of where you stand, you can take our QUIZ as a free help to get you started on your journey towards more clarity and healing your pain.