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As a man, I will tell you that the answer to the question “How do you make a man want you?” is surprisingly simple:

To make a man want you, you have to make him FEEL GOOD.

In other words, men like to be around what makes them feel better about themselves.

So the question becomes:

WHAT are the things you can do that would make him feel good?

Here are the efforts you can make that will ultimately make him WANT YOU as a result of that.

1. Why Putting an Effort Into Your Appearance Will Get His Attention

Before men talk to you, they SEE you.

And men are visual. They want to feel visually attracted to a potential partner.

When you put an effort into your appearance, it tells him that:

  • You respect yourself
  • You appreciate the importance of presentation
  • You have your unique style/look
  • You take care of yourself physically

He’s likely not going to be aware that it may have taken you an hour to do your hair and match a great outfit.

But all of your subtle efforts ADD UP and they communicate VOLUMES about your sense of self-worth and value.

He’ll want to be around you because it will make him feel good and if the moment feels right to you, get him ask you out at this point already.

2. How Getting His World Will Make Him Interested in Yours

This may come as a surprise, but we men LOVE to talk about ourselves. 😜

Blowing our own horns about how we’ve got it all figured out and are going to change the world for the better.

Now when I say ‘Get his world’, I’m not saying you should pamper his ego.

What I’m saying is, men love to feel acknowledged and received by women.

So it’s a great way to make a guy want you!

Next time you’re at a party or social event and he’s expressing his opinion on matters…

Him: “I think that if governments banned single-use plastics, there could be a huge decrease in negative environmental impact!

You: “So you’re saying the government should take more action and restrict single-use plastics. That, that would really change a lot for the better.

Him: “Exactly!

Men LOVE it when a woman gets and acknowledges their point of view.

And get this, he’ll credit YOU for making him feel good.

If you’re not sure where to start with getting to know him, use a couple of these interesting questions that will make him even more curious about you.

3. Complimenting Him Will Make Him Remember You

Much like women, men enjoy compliments as well.

It’s, of course, important to not lay it on too thick, as that might seem disingenuous.

But since you’re reading this article, and want him to want you…

There are clearly things you already like about the guy, so it won’t be difficult to find something to compliment him about.

Whether it’s his sense of fashion, his interests or his taste in music, etc.

Pick something and let him know you appreciate that about him.

Nice blazer, it really goes well with your tie.” or “That song you put on earlier, was awesome, what was it?

Your genuine compliment will validate him and make him feel good about himself.

Once again, he’ll associate the feeling and moment with YOU.

Also, if you happen to be in the early stages of getting to know him, a casual compliment can be a great ice-breaker.

4. How Enjoying Your Own Life Will Make Him Want to Be Part of It

You know that feeling when you see a guy doing something super interesting (say he’s kite surfing) and being fascinated and curious about his life?

Well, guys are the same about women!

When he sees you enjoying your days and living your awesome life, it’ll make him CURIOUS.

  • He’ll wonder about how you spend your time
  • He’ll be curious about your interests
  • It might even FRUSTRATE him that he’s not in on your life yet!

From a guy’s perspective, I’ll tell you: women who pursued their own goals and lived awesome lives had a HUGE magnetic pull on me.

It’s almost irresistible to men.

Because they WANT IN on the action of your life and to share the good feelings with you.

And while we’re on the topic of men wanting to be a part of your life, do always keep an eye out for the warning signs of a potential player.

5. Men Love to Be Teased and Flirted With

When the moment feels right, you can signal your interest through teases and flirts.

Being playful is FUN for men!

And it lets him feel and know that you’re interested in him, which makes him feel DESIRED (good).

He’ll like that feeling and your attention.

An important benefit to note here is that when you’ve applied all the above-mentioned strategies and are THEN flirting with him…

It separates you from the pack and puts you ahead of potential competition.

Because you’re not some potential fling at that point or someone he’ll think of potentially ghosting.

No, by now you’re a PERSON of INTEREST to him, because you have demonstrated interest in HIM and have built an emotional CONNECTION.

This will make you different and special to him.

6. When You’re Relaxed, You’ll Sooth Him

Another key ingredient in how to make a man want you is to relax.

Because men will feed off your energy.

To illustrate this: if you’re in a highly stressful state and are spending time with a guy you like, the way you make eye contact, smile, say things and laugh will communicate your underlying stress…

…The guy you want to want you, will then start feeling stressed too.

And as we mentioned, men like being around women that make them feel good.

So if you stay in a stressful or negative state too long and don’t ease out of it, he’ll likely distance himself and be less interested because he won’t want to feel those feelings.

To be clear, it’s not about perfection.

But pick the time you spend with him when you’re feeling relaxed, your chill vibe and confidence; will totally sooth him and make him want you more.

7. Make a Man Want You Bad through Intimacy

If you’re still wondering, ‘But how do I make him want me?’ there’s another tool in your arsenal that you can use:


We covered flirting earlier, and if you two are hitting it off, and you’re really into this guy and want to feel even closer to him, you absolutely can.

(With all necessary precautions of course)

Because being intimate is how we bond and get to know each other on a deeper level as human beings…

And it’s certainly a sure way to make him want you bad.


These are the 7 sneaky things you can do that will make a guy WANT YOU.

When you do them similar to the above-mentioned sequence, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

You’ll be able to make him feel GOOD and he’ll be associating YOU with good feelings.

This, in turn, will make him WANT YOU.

If you’re interested in gaining an even better understanding of this topic, be sure to check out the 5 important things men want from women.

Whether you’ve known your crush for a long time, or you’re in the early stages of secretly courting him…

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Now that you know what you can do to get a man to want you, I want to talk a bit more about male psychology and stages that he will go through with you. You see, a man can instantly feel sexual attraction towards you. But it doesn’t mean that it will transform into something more permanent or deep. 

Yes, men can sleep with women without developing feelings. But this is not the outcome you’re hoping to achieve.

So let’s talk about stages of attraction so that you can make him want you more and more.

How to Make a Man Like You

The first step to making a man want you really, really bad is to get him to simply like you, as he would a friend. It’s the first stage of winning his heart and getting to know him.

In order to get a man to like you, all you have to do is show some interest for the things like likes or enjoys doing. Simply connect with him on a platonic level. 

Is he into football, ask him about the last game he watched. Maybe he is gamer, try to find out which game he enjoys the most. When a girl gives a guy this kind of attention, he’s bound to appreciate it and start liking you right away. Yes, it’s this simple!

So many women don’t want to do this because they fear being put into the dreaded friend zone. 

As a man, let me reassure you, it’s totally possible to feel the spark towards a female friend.

Sure, there is a danger that you’ll just become his buddy and he’ll never see you as more than that. But if he is single, he will start having more than friend kind of thoughts about you in no time. Plus, getting him to genuinely like you will give you much higher chances of becoming his long term girlfriend. 

How to Make Him Desire You

Getting a man to desire you is the next step towards making him want you bad. A man needs encouragement in order to dare to pursue you and let himself start developing feelings.

In order to get a man to desire you, just signal to him that you want him too.

A very easy way to do this is to dress slightly provocatively when you meet him.

Like Bridget Jones did in the first movie. She simply walked past Daniel’s office wearing a mini skirt, and that was enough to get his attention. Yes, their relationship didn’t turn out great, but she certainly did make him desire her.

Film Quiz: How well do you remember Bridget Jones's Diary on its 15th anniversary? | Metro News

Us men can feel intimidated easily, plus, as foolproof as wearing revealing clothes can be, it’s not something every woman is comfortable with. 

Another way how you can get a man to desire you is to flirt with him. This is how you can communicate your attraction without it being too risky or pushy. Keep in mind, men can be extremely obliviously when it comes to women hitting on them. This is why you might need to lay it on extra thick, for him to finally get your hint. 

Some people have an easier time showing their attraction via text.

If this is the case for you, here are some flirty text ideas to get a guy to desire you.

How to Make a Man Want You Bad

Once you made him like you and then got him to desire you two, it’s time to take out the big guns. Here, you’ll find out how to get a guy to fall for you badly:

There are five types of intimacy that people experience in interpersonal relationships:

  • emotional 
  • intellectual
  • spiritual
  • pragmatic
  • physical

In order to get a man to want you bad, connect with him on two of the above-mentioned levels.

And not just any two.

As a man, I can tell you, we value physical intimacy a LOT. After all, this type is what differentiates a romantic relationship from a friendship.

But in order to make a man want you bad, you have to be willing to give him more than just your passion. The trick in getting a guy to feel crazy about you is to also connect with him on an emotional, intellectual, spiritual or pragmatic level.

You don’t need to nail all of those, one of them will be more than enough. Just pick whichever type of intimacy feels most natural and effortless to you and him, combine it with physical attraction, and you’ll have him wanting you so bad he will start acting crazy. 

This is the foolproof way to man’s heart. Just follow the steps one by one, and he will not be able to resist you. And if you want to know more about male psychology and how love and attraction work for them, check out my other post: 18 Men Explain What Chemistry Feels Like for a Man.

Thank you for reading! Got any further questions or thoughts you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you.


Gabriel Brenner