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So you want some good texts to know how to make him think about you all day?

Well, fear not, you have come to the right place!

You’ll only find the best of the best texts here, that have style, substance or are so outrageously effective, they ought to be against some law.

What’s more, I just also happen to be a guy.

Which means each one of these texts has been guy-screened-and-verified before making it onto the list.

So rest assured, you can’t make a misstep with these texts.

And after texting him, don’t be surprised if he’s at your door within the next hour, begging to be let in.

(I suggest you make any necessary preparations -just in case)

Because these are the FINEST ways to text a guy to make him want to see you! Even if he’s fighting his feelings for you.

Now, I’ve ordered them in an escalating sequence.

What this means is that the texts start with the lighter, more neutral ones and move all the way up to the rather scandalous texts that will drive him crazy with desire for you.

Then, the final texts are to make him fall in love with you.

They will be in this order:

  • Flirty Texts to Make Him Think About You
  • Cute Texts to Make Him Miss You
  • Tantalizing Texts to Make Him Chase You
  • Seductive Texts to Make Him Obsess Over You
  • Heartfelt Texts to Make Him Fall in Love With You

So my recommendation is, that depending on where you’re at with him at the moment, slowly work your way towards the texts at the bottom of this post.

But DON’T start at the end.

Tease him a little! Guys like that too!

Flirty Texts to Make Him Think About You

So first, you want to start with low-key texts that will first get him to think about you.

These texts will be more general, easy going, and also safer for you to start with.

And if done right, you’ll manage to make him think about you all day!

So be sure to pace yourself and leave moments to breathe between your back and forth with him.

If he’s not responding, don’t send the next text! Wait instead.

This way you can organically and gradually build a good tension with him.

And only send the texts that feel true to you:

1. Just wanted to say good morning and hope you have a great day!

2. Hey, how’s your day going?

3. Sending you a heartfelt hug.

4. I was dreaming about you all day; it really distracted me at work.

5. What would you say, if I told you I was contemplating finishing up early?

6. Want to go out and forget the world’s problems for a night?

7. There’s a spider at my house. You better come help.

8. I’m thinking it’s a burgers and beer kind of night… You in?

9. I’m sorry you’re having a crappy day. Anything I can do to help?

10. Let’s go on an adventure together. Want to try a new hike this weekend?

Cute Texts to Make Him Miss You

Now that you’re on his mind, it’s time for the next stage.

Using texts to make him MISS YOU.

These texts will make him smile for hours and remind him of how nice it is to have you around.

Also, he’ll stop pulling away and start to feel a growing desire to be with you instead:

11. I can’t believe I actually found a guy who’s smart, funny AND insanely hot.

12. So I was thinking of a foursome… you, me, Netflix & chill

13. You know sometimes when I feel down, I just think about you and feel a bit better already.

14. I have a serious question and you can’t cheat with your distracting eyes this time!

15. You and my love of wine are running neck-and-neck.

16. Your considered use of emojis and appreciation for punctuation gets me so wild.

17. I think I’ve fallen ill with omghowareyousohot-itis.

18. You’ve disrupted my plans to keep my heart under lock and key.

19. Can we just call in sick tomorrow and spend the whole day together?

20. Sometimes when I think of you, I feel so… (let him hang for a moment, but then give him a treat!) … secure / happy / alive, etc.

Tantalizing Texts to Make Him Chase You

So you’ve succeeded in making him think about you and miss you. Now, this is where the fun REALLY begins, where you get him to chase you.

These texts will help him wake up to the fact that you’re not by his side at this very moment, and that he doesn’t like that at all.

Not one bit.

He’ll come chasing you down like a leopard comes after a gazelle. (Only that he falls in love with the gazelle instead, of course.)

These texts will likely get him to chase you wildly, so use them carefully.

21. I can’t stop thinking about last night…

22. Such a stressful day. Want to blow off some steam tonight?

23. Sometimes when I think of you, I’m doing it without clothes on.

24. Come over. Now. Nobody is here except me.

25. You’re going to love the outfit I wear tonight.

26. I’m in bed and it feels very empty without you here.

27. I am sooo hungry right now…thing is…I don’t want food.

28. If you want to drive by mine tonight I promise I’ll make it worth it

29. Any outlandish desires you’d like me to cater to tonight?

30. I’ve been good right? When do I get my reward?

Seductive Texts to Make Him Obsess Over You

Excellent, he’s on the move now.

And he’s probably burning the rubber off his car tires, just so he can get to you sooner!

(I sure hope he remembers to pull the handbrake for flowers on the way though.)

These text messages will make him obsess over you, in the best of ways:

31. Buy one, get-me-free drinks at mine tonight

32. Just saw my doctor and was prescribed kisses from a sexy guy. Do you know where I could fill my prescription?

33. I had a dream about you last night. Now I want to make it reality.

34. I would invite you to come over this weekend, but I’m not sure I can keep my hands to myself.

35. My thoughts are especially X-rated today. I think it’s your fault…

36. I love it when my roommate’s gone because I never have to wear clothes.

37. Come over. No one is home except me.

38. If you come over now, I promise to pamper you and massage your ego amongst other things…

39. I just took some sexy pics, but they’re too inappropriate to post on Instagram. Want to see?

40. I know I don’t have a treadmill, but wanna workout in bed together?

Maybe at this point he’s already giving you some of the signs of true love from a man.

Heartfelt Texts to Make Him Fall in Love With You

After he has spent time with you and you both feel closer, it’s time to wrap it up and put a neat bow on it, with texts to make a man fall in love with you.

Because when you’ve had some quality time, it’s only natural for him to open up more.

And it’s a nice moment to express your appreciation of the wonderful time you had together.

He’ll appreciate that and love you all the more for it.

41. I really had a wonderful time with you.

42. Sometimes it feels like time stands still with you and I could just be there forever.

43. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me.

44. You know I’m obsessed with coffee, but you really give it a run for its money.

45. I keep thinking about how good you were at cooking. Mind demonstrating your culinary talents again soon?

46. I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you.

47. Your arms are so strong, I felt totally safe when you held me.

48. I love how smart you are. I really value that about you.

49. Why does time with you always feel so special to me? What’s your secret?

50. I like how bold you are, you really help me experience things I normally wouldn’t try on my own.

Also, if you’re falling head over heels for this guy, you can tell him with these 50 Heartfelt Ways.

And there you have it.

You’re basically a texting pro at this point, and he should be lying in your arms, smiling and happy for all the love you’ve been showering him with.

Thanks to your texts, he will be thinking about you all day and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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I hope you found this post helpful.

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I hope you guys have fun!


Gabriel Brenner