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Love is confusing.

It comes with lots of ups and downs.

When Gabriel and I started dating, there were times when everything was perfect.

We couldn’t get enough of each other, it seemed like we were on the same page about most things.

It was clear to me then that he is THE ONE.

But one week later we’d have a fight about something and I’d immediately start asking myself:

“Are we too different? Do we even want the same thing?”

Even in films, true love always comes with a bit of drama.

But being unsure, whether your partner really cares about you or not can be nerve-racking.

These signs 7 can help you distinguish if your man truly loves you.

1. You Can Be Yourself Around Him

True love is about valuing and accepting another person…

Just the way they are.

Like Marc Darcy did in Bridget Jones’s Diary…

If your man truly loves you he’ll value and appreciate your tastes and preferences.

You won’t have to put on a show and pretend you’re smarter…

Or dumber than you really are.

You’ll feel free to tell him your REAL thoughts and opinions.

Your true love will encourage you to express yourself and be your TRUE SELF around him.

2. You Feel Like He Gets You

Having a strong emotional connection with your man is a definite sign of true love.

If you feel like he just gets the way you tick, that he understands what drives you and what you really want in life…

You’ve hit the JACKPOT!

Having this sort of “unspoken understanding” with your man is a definite sign of having found your soulmate.

And even if this is a barrier, there are quick ways to improve communication in a relationship so that he does get you!

3. He Is Genuinely Interested In You

There are worlds between a guy who’s just a player and a man who actually wants to know you.

A big part of truly loving someone is taking an active interest in who this person really is.

Your true love will want to hear about your past and where you came from.

If your man truly loves you he’ll be curious about these things and ask you questions.

He’ll want to get to know you better and better…

So that you two can open up and grow even closer.

4. He Can’t Get Enough Of You

When two people love each other, they rarely want to be apart.

If your man truly loves you, he’ll really value and crave your company.

He’ll ask you out on dates, invite you over, come by to your place, etc.

Moreover, once your date is over and you have to split up for a while, he’ll be sure to ask:

“When will we see each other again?”

He’ll want to make plans to see you over and over again.

If your man makes an effort to spend time with you, he definitely cares about you.

And if not, there are tried-and-true ways to remedy that and really make him want you!

5. He Wants You to Be a Part of His Life

The people we choose to surround ourselves with are an important part of our life.

Everybody loves having friends and family.

If your man is your true love, he will want to share every part of his life with you.

This includes introducing you to everyone else that’s important to him.

He will invite you to come to parties and to meet his friends and family.

On top of that, he’ll be eager for you to like them because he’ll want you all to be able to hang out and have fun together.

He’ll want you to share all his precious moments with you.

6. He Cares About Your Happiness

A big part of loving someone is caring about that their well being.

If your man truly loves you, he will make little efforts to make you happy all the time. Some of which might be habits that happy couples tend to have anyway.

There are little proofs of love that I experience in my relationship EVERY DAY.

Like Gabriel cooking things the way I like, even if he considers my methods a total overkill. Or us watching “boring” movies just because I want to see them.

Your man doesn’t need to make any HUGE gestures to express his true love for you.

LOTS of little efforts done on an everyday basis can be a constant reminder of his love and affection.

If your man is ready to make little sacrifices, to make you happy, that’s definite proof that he really cares about you.

7. You Can Count On Him

True love is about having each other’s back. It’s about supporting each other through thick and thin.

When you’re in a stressful situation or simply stuck with a problem…

You can count on him to be there.

When I was doing my bachelor’s in architecture, Gabriel was happy to jump in and help out.

I was lost in a creative frenzy and he knew I’d be hungry, so he surprised me by coming by with a giant pizza.

He then patiently held my stick models until the glue became fully solid, no matter what hour of the night.

If you can count on your man to support you when you need him…

It’s a sure sign, he really DOES love you.

And even if you’re not sure you can count on him, there are still ways to build trust in a relationship. 

I hope you’re more clear on what true love is now.

In summary, be sure to watch out for these signs in your relationship:

  1. You Can Be Yourself Around Him
  2. You Feel Like He Gets You
  3. He Is Genuinely Interested In You
  4. He Can’t Get Enough Of You
  5. He Wants You to Be a Part of His Life
  6. He Cares About Your Happiness
  7. You Can Count On Him

When you look out for these signs, it’ll be pretty clear if it’s true love, so don’t fall into the trap of overthinking things.

Now if for some reason you’re still unclear about whether or not he really loves you, there might be some less obvious reasons driving you to doubt your relationship.

Sometimes things are not black and white and there are good as well as bad things that comes with the package. And in order to restore the honeymoon phase and feel loved, it can take some deeper work. This is actually why we created the Rebuild Your Relationship course.

course image to rebuild your relationship

Here we dive into the reasons why love can at times feel ambivalent in a relationship and exactly what you need to do to gain clarity and feel connected with him.

We also talk about the often invisible things that stand in the way of true love and what it actually takes to take those walls down to restore a sense of closeness and belonging.

You can click here to check out Rebuild Your Relationship.

If you have any questions or would like to add something, let me know in the comments section.

I’d love to hear from you.


Karolina Bartnik