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Yes, Relationship doubts are normal.

Here are a couple of our own that we had:

  • “Is there someone better for me out there?”
  • “Do I find him physically attractive enough?”
  • “Is she the right one?”
  • “Do I still love him?”
  • “Is he the one I want to settle down with?”
  • “Will our sex life be enough for me?”

It’s perfectly natural to wonder about these things!

‘Cause guess what?

Everybody has doubts.

And that includes us. Even though we were absolutely crazy for each other.

Over time as we opened up, we discovered that there were many moments where we both had our private doubts about our relationship.

But the more we talked about it and listened, the more it became clear that our uncertainties played a crucial -even HEALTHY- role in our relationship.

What Your Doubts Are Telling You

Some of your doubts are useful indicators for things that aren’t working for you in your relationship.

“WHY do you feel like there might be someone better for you out there?”

Maybe your man is emotionally unavailable, maybe you’re afraid that he will never want to settle down and truly commit, or maybe the spark faded and your relationship became mundane and boring.

These are all common relationship problems that everybody has to deal with! And they can be solved!

So, once your doubts come up, don’t panic and try to discard them right away.

Listen to your own thoughts instead!

What is causing you to doubt your man?

There is nothing wrong with your questioning certain things about your relationship!

After you have figured out your thoughts to some degree, bring it up and discuss it with your partner. Processing your doubts a little before talking about them will make it easier for him to listen to you.

Both Karolina and I had lots of doubts about our relationship. We have realized that it’s often enough to just feel received after expressing these kinds of negative feelings, to make them go away.

However, these are all not easy topics to discuss. Bringing up your doubts will most likely freak out your man. It might cause a fight. That’s how it has been for us…

Relationship arguments are not only inevitable but also healthy.

Moreover, the sooner you address your doubts the better. Repressing your negative feelings about your man will only make things worse.

So man up and speak your mind! Use your doubts to make your relationship better.

When Your Doubts Are Never-Ending

In some cases, relationship doubts seem to get out of hand. I used to get lost in a never-ending spiral of doubt sometimes.
Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What do I want? Etc

These kinds of doubts have nothing or little to do with your partner. However, they might affect your relationship.

Such thoughts were once the reason why I decided to break up. Thankfully, we got back together after just a few weeks, but still, it was a difficult time for both Karolina and myself.

Everyone comes with their own share of emotional baggage. Moreover, we all are faced with countless expectations of how our lives should unfold, how successful we should become, what our partner should look like, etc.

Societal pressure is a thing for both men and women.

It might cause you to feel like “your partner is not good enough for you”, that maybe “you could do to do better”.

When you find yourself lost in a never-ending spiral of doubts it’s important to ask yourself “are these my own doubts?” or “is someone else putting these thoughts in my head?”

That’s what it was for me. I had doubts about our relationship, that had nothing or very little to do with Karolina. It was all just external pressure to fulfill expectations and follow the prescribed norms.

We all have to face these issues. It is hard not to fall for the societal pressures.

However, fulfilling someone else’s expectations is draining and frustrating.

Striving towards independence and shaping your relationships the way you see fit is the way to go!

All in all, when faced with an overwhelming amount of doubts about your man, it’s sometimes best not to question your partner but to put your sudden skepticism into question instead!

Another great way to counteract the troublesome doubts about your relationship is to feel emotionally closer to your partner.

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Gabriel Brenner