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Some weird soulmate signs are that they are not quite what you were expecting, as well as how they make you feel incredibly vulnerable.

But there’s a lot more to it when trying to determine all the unusual soulmate signs, and that’s what I’m here to help you with today.

What Are Some Soulmate Signs

There are those classic soulmate moments…

And then there are the weird ones.

The ones that leave you wondering whether there’s something strange at play here.

With a lot of them, they will seem odd at first, but as you get to know your soulmate, they make sense in retrospect and can feel normal and familiar very quickly.

Here are the weird soulmate signs to look out for:

1. Things Can Be Awkward at First

When you initially meet your soulmate, things might not be quite as you expected.

Instead of the seamless romance and instant chemistry, you might have a rather awkward situation.

You’re clearly drawn to each other, but one of you might be mumbling incoherently while the other can barely get a word out.

Things become increasingly awkward and peculiar, so you both decide better not risk saying too much.

Which brings us to…

2. You’re Not Sure if You Like Each Other

So not only are things weird and awkward at first, you’re also not sure how you feel about each other.

Yet there seems to be something that pulls you together, counteracting all the strangeness.

There is generally a period of evaluating each other carefully.

You might even wonder if you’ve just found your platonic soulmate.

Overtime, you and your soulmate become fonder of each other, though, as your understanding and appreciation of each other deepens.

3. Your Soulmate Is Not What You Were Expecting

At some point in your life, you might have had a very clear picture of what your soulmate looked like and who they were going to be as a person.

But another weird soulmate sign is exactly that, they might even be everything BUT what you expected.
And yet somehow you still feel inexplicably DRAWN and attracted to them.

4. You Have Opposing Tastes on Some Things

You may also have opposing tastes on things you are rather clear about.

  • You love chocolate ice cream, they despise it
  • They swear on modern art, and you’d rather go to a cemetery
  • You devour death metal, while they sing along to the top charts

It will all seem rather weird and maybe not what you thought it’d be.

But it doesn’t seem to matter because you feel that your differences are actually something that adds excitement to your life in a way that connects you more!

And sometimes…

5. Things Don’t Magically Fall Into Place

Another weird soulmate sign is that the way things unfold between the two of you is not quite like in the movies

You don’t just magically click and have everything fall into place.

No, a weird sign with soulmates can be that you actually have to figure out what you mean to each other and how you will fit in the other’s life.

It may not be what you thought it would be, but for some reason, this journey with your soulmate feels more personal and intimate.

So much so, it could be BETTER than what you previously dreamed of.

6. They Look Different Than You Imagined

Much like how they may not be what you were expecting in regard to their character, the same might be true of their appearance.

Whether it’s the way they wear their hair, their style, or the color of their eyes – it might catch you off guard.

But that DOESN’T mean you don’t like it.
On the contrary, you will likely instantly find them attractive and want to get to know them more.

7. You Trust Each Other Without Reason

Another odd soulmate sign is that you will feel inherent trust towards them, while hardly knowing them.

With other people, you might normally need to overcome trust issues and they would require serious social media background checks to verify that they aren’t a weirdo.

But with your soulmate things are… different.

You may not be able to put your finger on it, but something about their behavior and mannerisms tells you can trust them and that they deeply trust you too.

8. They Make You Feel Incredibly Vulnerable

Despite all the things you do not share, a weird soulmate sign is that they will be able to make you feel incredibly vulnerable…

Often without even trying.

It’s like they can pierce your soul and render you defenseless, seeing past any façades or deflections you might throw up…and right into the core of your being.

It’s vulnerable, but you feel seen.

9. They Make You Realize How Invisible You Previously Felt

Sometimes you go through life being so busy and getting caught up with things, that you entirely forget yourself.

But with your soulmate, you will have the peculiar (and sometimes shocking) experience of waking up to the fact that you were far more invisible and hidden than you realized.

But they will help you reconnect with those precious parts of yourself, which will make you shine brighter in your day-to-day life.

10. Things Can Feel Eerily Calm With Them

What may have previously started as awkward silences, is now extensive periods of mutual calm.

Peaceful silence, that stretches like a serene lake between the two of you.

You may not say a word to each other for many hours and yet, you are connected.

People may think it’s weird, but you know that you can have this silence, because your trust and understanding of each other runs so deep.

11. Being Separate Feels Plain Wrong

Once you’re over the weird soulmate signs, being apart will feel unnatural.

It will be strange and feel like something you need to RECTIFY as soon as possible.

But thanks to modern technology, you’re only an instant message or video call away and can look forward to reconnecting soon again!

12. Being Mad at Them for Longer Than Five Minutes Is Hard

They are way too good at charming you and making you laugh, which means trying to stay mad at them is fighting back a smile while attempting to keep a mean face.

Whatever it is that they did to make you upset is often quickly forgotten and replaced with laughter and hugs.

You get along too well to be mad at each other for too long.

13. You Make Up After a Fight in the Weirdest of Ways

Some couples have the classic fights and of bickering and endless back-and-forth power struggles.

But with your soulmate things can once again be different…

When you guys fight, you will make up afterwards by

  • Having a conversation with nothing but your eyes
  • Having kinky make up sex
  • Immediately going on a spontaneous date, as though nothing occurred
  • Cuddle your way out of the problem
  • And countless other ways…

You will have your own unique ways of reconciling, where making up might quickly escalate to making out.

14. It’s Feels Like Profound Love and Friendship

Even though you may have had relationships before, this one feels special.

It’s like you’re experiencing some of the signs of true love from a man.

What’s weird is not only do you share a profound love for each other, you also feel like best friends towards one another.

And this is what makes your soulmate bond so special; it’s the best of both worlds.

15. Things Are Easy-Going Between You Two

The rhythm and flow that you share just seems to work most of the time.

You’re both incredibly easy-going with each other and seem to have a form of unspoken understanding.

It’s like a weird secret language you share, that neither of you had to even learn.

This makes life with your soulmate feel like a breeze, and an absolute pleasure.

16. You Talk About the Weirdest Things

When you talk to your soulmate, the conversations you have can unravel and lead to the strangest of places.

The topics of discussion are ones you have never had before.

It’s like being with each other opens both of your minds to new ideas and concepts you didn’t even know existed.

This is another sign which shows how you mutually benefit from one another in unexpected ways.

17. You Feel Happy for Seemingly No Reason

Emphasis on seemingly no reason.

Because an outsider might miss all the aforementioned weird soulmate signs that you two share.

As well as some of the habits that super happy couples, you must have.

But since you have the one-and-only front row seat to this experience, you know there are plenty of reasons for you to feel happy and content.

After all… you have found your soulmate.

Soulmate Questions and Answers

Here are some additional questions you guys have asked, that I’ll happily go over to further clarify unusual soulmate signs.

How does a soulmate connection feel?

A soulmate connection feels like a bond that runs so deep and intimately, you may want to run away in fear of being loved so much.

Yes, being loved is often scarier than being alone, especially when it’s with your soulmate.

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

When you meet your soulmate, you will notice that something is unusual about them.

Your connection will be different to that of others, and you will both feel the mutual pull towards each other…no matter how hard you resist it.

What is a false soulmate?

A false soulmate is someone you believed to be your soulmate, but turns out to be just another person in your life.

You will likely feel very disappointed in this person and maybe even hurt by them.

Do soulmates ever cheat?

Unfortunately, yes, soulmates do sometimes cheat.

Even when people find the most precious thing in the world, sometimes they may sabotage it instead of appreciating and nurturing it.

What are the weird soulmate signs that you have experienced? Let me know in the common section

Thank you for reading and be sure to check out: 7 Very Real Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You in 2022.



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