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If you were cupid, then your phone is your bow and your texts are your arrows.

And if you want the right texts to get him to chase you, you’ll have to make every shot count.

That’s why I’ve got you covered with the 9 most intoxicating texts you need to send him so that he comes running after you like a lovesick puppy!

Now, it goes without saying (but just to be sure, let’s say it anyway) that in most cases, you should not open a conversation with any of these texts!

You need to warm him up with some small talk FIRST!

Take some time to get him in the right mood. Ask him how his day is going, how that thing of his went, etc. And then when the time feels right, you send him one of the…

9 Texts To Get Him To Chase You

We must also remember to only send ONE of these texts at a time.

For it is entirely likely he will come chasing you down like a rabies ridden rabbit. So use them sparsely!

Don’t spray and pray that one lands. Make your text count! Even if you believe he likes you, but is hiding it.

You’ll also notice that below every text, I’ve highlighted the strategy [in brackets] that we’re applying with the text in question.

Enough talk, let’s crush this, cupid!

1.You’re the only man in the world, who truly understands what a woman needs…

[Strategy: Appeal To Ego]

Let us start with the time honored-tradition of appealing to a man’s ego to get your way. That is, to get into his good graces so that he chases you.

Yes, it is true. Us, men, deeply enjoy and find it hard to resist hearing endless praise about our splendor.

So use this weakness and tell him that ONLY HE truly understands a woman’s qualms and needs.

Let him feel special and like no other man. This will make him think fondly of you, because you’re seeing him and his value. Additionally, it’ll make him want to show you just how ‘great’ he is, all over again.

Which leads to flirty texts, which leads to chasing, which leads to meeting, and so on…

2. I’ve got some irritating guys hitting on me, what should I do?

[Strategy: Damsel In Distress]

Do you require saving? Probably not.

But do you want to let him think you require saving? Hell YES!

Men love to feel needed and “save” you! I recommend shamelessly using that to your advantage to get him to chase you. And, if you’re not dating yet, to finally ask you out!

By telling him you have unwanted attention from some strange men, you’ll invoke his urge to give you unsolicited advice. Or better yet, he’ll want to come chase them away for you.

Possessive much?

3. I don’t believe in a job half-done. Don’t you think we should finish what we started the other day…?

[Strategy: Shameless Flirty Enticement]

Whatever it was you started but did not finish, it can’t be left to stand as such.

Whether it was a conversation, a kiss, or more. You let him know that it’s not like you to have unfinished business.

After all, it’s hardly polite.

So send him this flirty ambiguous text and when he bites, drive him crazy by telling him if he wants to know what the nature of the unfinished business is, he’ll have to come chase you to FIND OUT…!

4. I’m a terrible kisser, I wish *someone* would teach me…

[Strategy: Drive Him Wild]

Is it true? Unlikely. But the truth won’t matter to him.

What matters is that this hot flirt will have him chasing you across the country to give you an all-important private lesson.

And if you’re really ‘bad’ at it, it might require him to chase you for longer to remedy the situation.

Any man worth his salt will not idly stand by when a woman is in dire need of… uhm, -well, help, of course!

Assuming you enjoy toying with each other this way, you might also want to send some flirty texts to make him think about you all. Day. Long.

5. My friends are dragging me out to go clubbing, if only I had someone to escort me…

[Strategy: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)]

Not only are you letting him know that you’re going out. You’re helping him worry that if he doesn’t escort you, you might meet other men.

And any man in his right mind is a jealous man, he might even be giving you signs he doesn’t want anyone else to have you. So with this text, he’ll run at the opportunity to ensure he’s the only one chaperoning you tonight!

You can of course substitute ‘clubbing’ with any other social event, at which you would have ample opportunity to bump into other attractive candidates, who he should be worried about.

Text, whatever helps him feel jealous enough to chase you.

“But that’s manipulative” you might say. Not when he’s enjoying it, it’s not.

6. If I gave you free rein with me for one night, what would you do…?

[Strategy: Test His Resolve]

I’m sure he’ll barely be able to keep himself together after you send him this text!

It’ll start an endless string of fantasies in his mind about all the things he’d like to do to you (with your consent, of course) and he won’t even know where to start.

Don’t be surprised if he sends you endless typos due to his fingers shaking with excitement and what not. Or he might take a moment to calm down and formulate a response, so don’t panic if he doesn’t respond right away.

But let’s hope he can control himself and answer in a tempered manner. That’s at least until he’s earned his keep, and you’ll allow him ‘free rein’.

7. There’s a secret I need to tell you, but it’ll have to wait until we see each other

[Strategy: Send Him Spiraling]

He will chase you like crazy:

  • “What secret!?!?”
  • “Tell me now!”
  • “I can’t wait so long!”

If you’re feeling generous, this would be a good time to add “It’s something good! It’s just better said in person!” to release the poor man from his misery.

After all, if he’s responding this excitedly, it’s clear that he’s already falling for you.

Now, you’ll have to be sure you can deliver on the hype when you meet. Make it count with a kind gesture or important news that’ll make him feel happy and want to chase you even more.

8. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all…? Oh right, you are.

[Strategy: Make Him Want You. Bad.]

Nobody’s an angel, and texting him this will let him know you can play naughty too.

The question is, who’s naughtier? And this is something he will want to get to the bottom of.

You can try this one in person too, if you dare, and watch the blood drain from his face because you’re commanding it elsewhere.

9. Are you french, because Eiffel for you

[Strategy: Cheesy Pickup Line]

Is he still fighting his feelings for you? Time to switch gears then!

No chasing is complete without throwing in a good old pickup line at some point.

Are they cheesy? Absolutely. Do they work? Actually, yes, when delivered correctly. So if you’re feeling humorous and want to joke around a little, don’t hesitate.

You can show him that you know how to let your hair down and have a bit of silly fun with a pickup line.

Besides, men like being flirted with too!

There, my work is done here. Now you are equipped with 9 deadly arrows to get him to chase you. Remember to use them wisely and have fun with him, he’ll like that!

What Texts Do Guys Like To Receive?

Since some of you asked, here’s a quick answer. Guys like to receive texts that make them feel good.

So you can send all sorts of texts that will make him laugh, smile, and feel good about himself:

  • Funny texts
  • Compliment texts (make sure they’re genuine!)
  • Latest news
  • Interesting read (bonus points if it’s a topic he’s interested in)
  • Flirty texts
  • Sexy texts

As you can see, there are many options to choose from. So depending on your mood and his, you can think of a text to send that’s fun for the two of you.

Thank you for reading, that concludes today’s post on texts to get him to chase you until the ends of the earth.

And if you really want to take it to the next level with him, try some of the 50 Flirty Conversation Starters to Heat Things Up.

I hope you guys have fun! Let me know how it goes and share your stories with me in the comments!

See you in my next post,


Gabriel Brenner