201 Fun How Well Do You Know Me Questions

201 Fun How Well Do You Know Me Questions

Photo by Helena Lopes

Looking for fun and unique, ‘How well do you know me?’ questions for your friends, family or significant other?

I’ve got you covered!

Here you’ll find a long list of ideas of things you can ask to quiz others and test who knows you best.

I’ll divide this list into a few categories, so that you can have the easiest time possible finding exactly what you’re looking for.

The selection here includes:

  • How Well Do My Friends Know Me Questions
  • Funny How Well Do You Know Me Questions
  • Deep How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Best Friend
  • Deep and Romantic How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

By the way, you can absolutely use these questions to ask in who knows me best game. In order to play it, just give everybody a piece of paper and let them write down the answers.

After they’re done, you can reveal what they wrote and keep score of who got most of the answers right. This is how you can find out who knows you best.

You can take turns asking the questions, so that you can find out how well you guys know each other.

How Well Do My Friends Know Me Questions

Here you’ll find general How well do you know me questions you can ask your friends at a party or any other occasion.

They’re unique and creative, but not too deep or revealing.

They’re perfect for quizzing your friends or loved ones. You’ll have a great time asking each other these things.

Plus, these playful questions are perfect for testing which one of your friends or loved ones actually knows you best.

1. When is my birthday?

2. What do I like to do on weekends?

3. If I ordered a pizza, what toppings would I put on it? And would I be able to finish it on my own?

4. What high school did I go to?

5. Which school subject was I best at?

6. What was my favorite TV show when growing up?

4. What is my favorite TV show right now?

7. If I could have one superpower, what power would I choose? Would I want to use it for good or for evil?

8. How many siblings do I have?

9. Who was I named after?

10. Am I more of a dog person or a cat person?

11. Who do I spend the most time with? Who do I like the most?

12. What is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning?

13. Have I ever ridden a horse?

14. Did I play an instrument growing up?

15. What sports did I do growing up?

16. If I could step into any band as lead singer, which band would I choose?

17. If I could spend a week in the future or in the past, which would I choose?

18. Who is my favorite fictional character?

19. How old was I when I had my ears pierced?

20. Who is my favorite sports team?

22. What do I like talking about the most?

23. What is my favorite flavor of ice cream?

24. Am I a morning person or a night owl?

25. What would my favorite holiday look like?

26. Am I an Android or an iPhone person?

27. What is the best concert that I have ever been to in my life?

28. What is my favorite type of music? What is my favorite band?

29. If I had a pet growing up, which one was my favorite?

31. Did I have a babysitter as a child? If so, did I like them?

32. What is my favorite board game?

33. What’s my all-time favorite movie?

34. Do I prefer coffee or tea?

35. During high school and college, how many boyfriends and/or girlfriends did I have?

36. What strange habit did I have as a kid?

37. Which Disney character am I?

38. Is there a person I really can’t stand spending time with?

39. What is the most fun I’ve ever had on New Year’s Eve?

40. How old was I the first time I set foot on a plane? Where did I go?

41. What was my favorite color growing up?

42. What was the very first job I had? How long did I have that job?

43. How old was I the first time my parents let me stay home alone?

44. Where was I born and where did I grow up?

45. What is my favorite alcoholic beverage?

46. What is the longest relationship I have ever been in?

47. What do I think of spicy food?

48. What holiday season do I like the most?

49. Do I like playing video games?

Funny How Well Do You Know Me Questions

These will be things you can quiz your friends on that are bound to make all of you guys laugh! There are some playful, slightly controversial things to ask on this list…

50. When did I stop believing in Santa Claus?

51. What subject in school did I struggle with the most?

52. Did I ever catch my parents having sex?

53. Have I ever sang karaoke?

54. Did I ever get in trouble at school? If so, why?

55. Have I ever gone streaking or skinny dipping?

56. Do I believe in ghosts?

57. Did I ever shoplift?

58. What is the one thing that I would always put off doing if I could?

59. Who was my first celebrity crush?

60. What is the most fun I’ve ever had on New Year’s Eve?

61. What was my worst date ever?

62. Do I believe in aliens?

63. What is something I hope my future kids never find out about me?

64. If I were famous for something silly, what would it be?

65. What was the worst thing I have ever cooked?

66. What is the most random thing a stranger has ever said to me?

67. If I could haunt one person as a ghost, who would I choose?

68. What is something silly that I am really good at?

69. If I were an animal, what animal would I be?

70. What is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever said to my crush?

71. Did I ever do something embarrassing when I was drunk?

72. If I came with a warning label, what would it say?

73. What was the worst hairstyle I’ve ever had?

74. What meal could I eat every day?

75. What cocktail best describes my personality, and why?

76. Is there a childish thing I still enjoy doing?

77. What do I think of hairy legs?

78. Would I rather eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips in one sitting?

79. If my life was a movie, which actor/actress would be me?

80. ​​What’s my weirdest quirk?

81. What word do I use too often?

82. What’s a job I would hate?

83. Have I ever done something illegal?

84. What’s one non-essential item I would bring with me to a deserted island?

85. What’s something guaranteed to make me laugh?

86. What position do I sleep in?

87. Without looking at my page, what’s the last thing I posted on Instagram?

88. What’s my hidden talent?

89. What songs do I like to sing in the shower?

90. What’s my daily average screen time?

91. What phone game am I addicted to?

92. What’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done to try to get attention from someone I liked?

93. Would I ever go on a blind date?

94. What’s my least favorite type of music?

95. What is my most embarrassing childhood memory?

96. Did I have an imaginary friend while growing up?

97. What would the exact opposite of me be like?

98. Would I rather live in Hawaii in a one-room hut or in the middle of the Himalayas in a mansion?

99. How long would I survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Deep How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Best Friend

The questions on this list are going to be more on the personal side. They’re perfect to quiz your closest friends with.

There are some deep things you can ask each other here. They’ll let you find out how well your best friends truly know you, and you’ll also get a chance to get to know each other even better by talking about these topics.

100. Who is the person that I looked up to the most growing up?

101. Growing up, who was my biggest celebrity crush? Who did I always dream about spending time with?

102. How old was I when I had my first romantic relationship?

103. Out of everything I do, what is my biggest talent?

104. What do you think is the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life?

105. What do you think is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life?

106. How many kids do I want?

107. Did I have to share my bedroom with a sibling growing up? If so, which one?

108. Would you say I was good at making friends as a child? Why do you think people liked me?

109. What type of traditions did our family have growing up?

110. How do you think I would react if I or my significant other got pregnant right now?

111. Did I ever have my heartbroken? If so, who was responsible for that?

112. What is my biggest regret from a failed relationship?

113. How old was I when I had my first kiss?

114. Have I ever had a pregnancy scare?

115. Have I ever been engaged and broke it off?

116. Did I ever cheat on a partner?

117. How old was I when I lost my virginity?

118. Am I over my ex?

119. Did I ever visit a psychic?

120. What am I most self-conscious about?

121. If I went to jail for something, what would it be for?

122. Was I close with my grandparents growing up?

123. Was I closer with my mom or my dad when growing up?

124. What event in my life has shaped me more than anything else?

125. What do I consider to be my biggest weakness?

126. What makes me angry?

127. What makes me sad?

128. Do I like meeting new people?

129. Would I rather be a famous musician or actor?

130. How would I name my first child?

131. Who was my childhood best friend?

132. How did I picture my life when I was a kid?

133. What was something I learned about my family growing up?

134. What family member do I look the most like?

135. What is the weirdest thing my family does?

136. Did my parents have a good relationship when I was growing up?

137. Is there anyone in my family that I am embarrassed of?

138. How did my parents treat the people I was dating?

139. Who was my favorite cousin growing up?

140. What family traditions or rituals do I plan on carrying on with my own future family?

141. What family traditions or rituals do I plan on giving up?

142. Is my family crazy and fun or boring and serious?

143. Who do I talk to on the phone the most?

144. What was the best day of my life so far?

145. When did I learn to ride a bicycle?

146. What’s the last concert I went to?

147. What do I think of drugs?

148. What do I think about equality?

149. What is my favorite book?

Deep and Romantic How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

The how well do you know me questions in this section are the deepest and most personal ones.

They’re suitable to ask your significant other to test their knowledge about you and also to give them a chance to learn new things.

They’re perfect for couples, they’re bound to make you two feel closer and connected on a deeper level.

150. What is the one thing in the world that I am most afraid of?

151. What is my dream vacation destination?

152. Do I want kids? How many would I like to have?

153. How do I feel about adoption?

154. How do I process my emotions?

155. What do I love most about myself?

156. What do I love least about myself?

157. What do I care more about: money or passion?

158. How long have my parents been together, and do you think I aspire to have what they have?

159. What is one thing I would change about human nature?

160. If I could change one thing in history, what would it be?

161. Do I have any insecurities? If so, what are they?

162. What is something I want to be remembered for?

163. When have I been the most hurt by someone else?

164. If I could bring one loved one back to life for one day, who would I choose?

165. What would my perfect day look like?

166. What three things you and I appear to have in common?

167. For what in my life should I feel most grateful?

168. What do I value most in a friendship?

169. What do I value most in a relationship?

170. Where do I see myself in five years?

171. What’s a relationship red flag for me?

172. Would I ever join the military?

173. What is my eye color?

174. What is my opinion on life after death?

175. What did I wear when we first met each other?

176. Where would I like to spend my honeymoon?

177. What turns me on?

178. What would make me jealous?

179. Where did we kiss for the first time in public?

180. How do you think I deal with difficult situations?

181. Have I ever lived with a significant other before?

182. What do you think I enjoy most about us?

183. What do I like the most about you?

184. What is the easiest way to turn me on?

185. What is my favorite body part of yours?

186. Do I prefer being the big spoon or the small spoon?

187. How long does it take me to cool off after an argument?

188. What’s my perfect date like?

189. What’s my love language?

190. How do I like to start my day?

191. Am I a light sleeper?

192. Do I have secret kinks I haven’t told you about yet?

193. Do I believe in love?

194. Do I believe in love at first sight?

195. What would my dream wedding look like?

196. Where would I want to go for my honeymoon?

197. Would I rather have a huge ceremony or a secret destination wedding with only a few closest people to celebrate with?

198. What movie did I really want you to like, and you didn’t?

199. What drives me the most in life?

200. What is my ultimate life goal?

201. What is something I would really want us to try together?

This concludes this long list of how well do you know me questions. Hope you found what you were looking for!

Scrolling on your phone, looking for questions to ask, can be cumbersome.

There are actually lots of card games that have great selections of these kinds of quizzes for all sorts of occasions.

These games are surprisingly fun! I personally always keep a few of them in my living room, ready to be pulled out whenever there is an awkward silence at our house parties.

I even wrote an in depth review of all my favorite decks:

Top 10 Date Night Games To Get To Know Your Partner

Thank you for reading! If you’d like to share your thoughts about any of these how well do you know me questions, leave me a comment down below, and I’ll get back to you.


7 Fun and Romantic Road Trip Games for Couples

7 Fun and Romantic Road Trip Games for Couples

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for additional info.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

Wondering how to make a couple road trip fun?

Maybe you’re worried you’ll be bored or not know what to talk about on a long drive with your significant other.

But, no need to worry anymore, I’ve got you covered.

These road trip games for couples will keep both of you so entertained, you’ll even forget to fight about directions.

All the games listed here are 100% suitable to be played in the car. They will require just the right amount of your attention to make sure you’re both having fun, without compromising your safety.

Some games here have a flirty and romantic vibe, so they might even turn your road trip into a drive date.

Here is a list of all the best road trip games for couples out there:

1. TableTopics to Go Road Trip

TableTopics is a series of card games suitable for couples as well as families. They’re a deck of card with thought-provoking, fun conversation starters.

This particular set is designed to be played on a road trip. It’s full of travel and driving related questions.

And the perfect thing to do with your boyfriend on a long car drive. It will set the mood for adventure and let you and your partner share your road trip related memories and preferences.

You’re bound to learn new things about each other and have lots of fun.

This is actually a family card game. So you can also play it with your kids or a group of friends.

It’s a set of 40 three by three inches cards with one question on each of them. They come in a nice small box, perfect for keeping it in the glove compartment.

Click here to see TableTopics to GO Road Trip

2. TableTopics Destination Anywhere

This is another set of cards from the TableTopics series. This one is much larger, contains 135 cards with questions, all evolving around the topic of travelling.

Just like the previous set, these cards are three by three inches and come in a neat acrylic box.

It’s a really fun road trip game for couples, but also for families and groups of friends. So you can use it on multiple occasions.

Playing this game you’ll learn about each other’s preferences, interests and travel dreams. You’ll get to exchange fun memories related to travelling.

It’s a perfect game to make a long drive fun.

Even though this set is not explicitly romantic, it can definitely deepen your bond with your partner.

Travelling is a topic most people are passionate about. That’s why this game can bring you two closer and maybe even reignite some sparks.

All the new things you’ll be learning about each other will make you feel like you’re on a drive date.

Click here to see TableTopics Destination Anywhere

3. After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia

After Dinner Amusements is another series of card games with questions. This set contains lots of fun and interesting facts about world geography and culture.

This is a set of 50 2.5 by 2.5 inch cards that comes in a tiny tin box.

If you or your partner are a bit of a nerd, this is the perfect choice for you. You can test each other’s knowledge with this and learn new things together.

Much like the previous road trip games, this one is suitable for kids, so you can also use it on long drives with family or friends.

Click here to see After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia

4. After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose?

This is another deck of cards from the After Dinner Amusements series. Much like the previous set, this one contains 50 2.5 by 2.5 inch cards.

Just that there are no trivia questions here. This game consist of 50 though provoking, funny dilemmas.

It’s a perfect activity for a couple road trip!

It will make you laugh, and you might even discover some shocking truths about each other.

Click here to see After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose?

5. Word Teasers Speaking of Love

This road trip game for couples is definitely more on the romantic side. It absolutely has the potential to transform a long car ride into an exciting drive date.

This deck contains 150 cards with questions about love. It’s not a trivia game, but the cards do actually have answers on the back.

It’s meant to be used as a conversation starter with your significant other. You can compare each other views on topics related to romance and get to know new things about each other.

After having a lengthy conversation, you can then glimpse at the back of the card and compare your though and opinions with scientific facts or thoughtful quotes.

It’s a great choice that will certainly make a long drive fun and romantic.

Click here to see Word Teasers Speaking of Love

6. Our Moments Couples

This is an extremely popular and one of my personal favorite card games for couples. This set has been designed to be played with your significant other.

It’s a deck of 100 cards, each one of them with a question that will make you learn new things about your partner and feel closer and more connected to him/her.

Unlike the other sets, this one actually contains some questions about sex and intimacy. It has a lot of potential for some serious flirting….

It’s a perfect pick if you’re looking for a deep, romantic and flirty game to make a long drive pass faster.

Click here to see Our Moments Couples

7. …I Should Have Known That!

This is another fun trivia game that is bound to keep both of you entertained on a road trip.

It’s a relatively large and very popular set of 100 cards with a total of 400 trivia questions.

The concept of this game is to test you on all the things you should know about.

There is actually a scoring system in this game. So if you’re a competitive couple, this will probably be your cup of tea!

There are lots of funny, creative questions in this set. It’s perfect road trip entertainment for a couple, family or friends.

Click here to see …I Should Have Known That!

Hope you enjoyed my selection of best fun and romantic road trip games for couples!

I’ve been trying to uncover most road trip suitable travel themed choices for this article. But also picked quite a few light-hearted, playful games suitable to be played with friends and families.

However, if you liked the more though-provoking, romantic decks that are meant exclusively for couples, I’ve reviewed even more of these kinds of connection card games in: Top 10 Date Night Games To Get To Know Your Partner

If you have any question or have some better ideas on what to do on a long car ride with your boyfriend or girlfriend, leave me a comment below.

Happy road trip!


5 Naughty Card Games for Couples to Boost Intimacy and Spice up Your Date Night

5 Naughty Card Games for Couples to Boost Intimacy and Spice up Your Date Night

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for additional info.

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Looking for some playful and fun ways to boost intimacy and spice up your date night? These naughty card games for couples might be just the right thing for you!

My partner Gabriel and I got one of these sets as a present a couple of years ago. Initially, we didn’t think much of it and let it lie forgotten in a bedside drawer for over a year.

But when we found it again and finally decided to give it a go, we absolutely had a blast playing it!

These kinds of date night card games are all very simple, which makes them quick and easy to get into.

Additionally, they all have some sort of connection building element to them. Because of this, they’re perfect for making you feel closer and more intimate with your partner.

They’re also a perfect way to introduce some novelty and unpredictability to a date night and bring back some of that spark from the very beginning of your relationship.

Gabriel and I had so much fun with that one game, it actually inspired me to look for other similar ones to try out. That’s how I created this list of all the best naughty card games for couples out there.

For your convenience, games in this guide are ordered according to their x-rating. Staring off with the most innocent ones and then gradually moving higher up the naughtiness scale… 😉

1. Truth or Dare for Couples

You’re likely already familiar with the all time classic teenage game: truth or dare.

Where you and your friends asked each other ‘truth or dare?’. And if you choose ‘truth’, you were forced to answer uncomfortable questions that reveal embarrassing things about yourself. And if you choose ‘dare’ you had to do silly little challenges, like talking to your crush or ringing on your neighbors door and running away.

Well, this is an adult version of the classic game, designed specifically for couples to help them bring back some of that teenage giddy-ness into their date night.

This set contains 50 cards, each card has both a ‘truth‘ or a ‘dare‘ you can choose from.

All the truth questions have been designed with couples in mind, so that they can get to know each other more intimately.

The dares are all flirtatious and of sexual nature.

Nothing particularly dirty or explicit. It’s more of a light, easy going, playful kind of date night game.

The most striking thing about this deck of cards is its size.

The cards, as well as the nice tin box they come with, are quite small: 2.4 x 2.4 inches. (6 x 6cm)

This makes the set very discreet and also perfect for traveling.

However, due to the small card size, the questions and dares can be hard to read, especially in dim lighting.

It’s the most innocent of all the card decks I’m going to review here. So if you’re looking for some easy going, and slightly naughty way to spice up your date night, this will be a great fit.

Click here to see Truth or Dare for Couples

2. Intimacy

This is actually a very similar game to the Truth or Dare for Couples.

Much like in the other set, each card in the intimacy deck has two options to choose from. Just that instead of truth you have a ‘question’ category and instead of dare there is ‘action’.

The questions in the intimacy deck will get you and your partner to talk about your past experiences, reveal your sexual preferences and fantasies.

Actions, on the other hand, are all flirty, teasing kinds of activities. Again, nothing overly crazy or explicit here.

This deck contains 65 cards with 125 questions and actions to choose from.

Again, it’s a very similar set to Truth or Dare for Couples. The main difference between the two is the design.

The cards in the intimacy deck are also slightly bigger.

Click here to see Intimacy

3. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare is yet another spin-off of the old time classic: truth or dare. Just that here you have THREE options to choose from: talk, flirt or dare.

With this set, you get a separate deck of cards for each one of these categories.

The ‘talk’ cards are to quiz both of you on how well you know each other.

The cards in the ‘flirt’ category will make you two reveal your sexual desires and preferences.

Dare cards (as you probably guessed already…) contain various dares of sexual nature.

This is a larger set than the previous two games, it contains 150 cards in total (50 cards per category).

Also, each card in the deck has only one prompt written on them. Because of this, it actually makes this game slightly more versatile than the previous two.

This allows you to choose just one category (‘flirt‘ for example) and play only with that one on your date night.

You can also use the ‘talk’ deck as a completely separate game to play with friends and family.

Overall, this game is well designed and thought through. The cards are actually regular playing card size with a big readable font.

None of the questions or dares here are particularly crazy or x-rated either. They are very playful and flirty though.

It’s a great game to deepen your emotional bond, boost intimacy and spice things up at the same time.

Click here to see Talk, Flirt, Dare!


Alright guys, it’s time to finally significantly move up the naughtiness scale!

Loopy is a date night game for couples that contains 5 different decks of cards divided into four stages of intimacy.

You get ‘Talks’, ‘Kisses’, ‘Fondles’, ‘Fun Activities’ and a mystery bonus deck.

The whole set is 150 cards in total.

It also comes with a spinner and a satin blindfold.

The rules of this game are fairly simple. You start at the first intimacy level: ’Talks’ and then take turns spinning the spinner to determine what the next move will be.

There are four potential outcomes here:

  • Pick a card and do what it says
  • Take off a piece of clothing
  • Pick a card from the bonus deck
  • Or move up the intimacy level (but only if both players are up for it)

The satin blindfold that’s part of the set comes in handy during the game for some of the activities.

LOOPY is definitely the naughties game so far.

Most of the cards in here contain some dirty questions and activities. There is some controversial stuff in here too. Like questions about your past, cheating, strange fantasies etc.

Also, LOOPY is a bit rough around the edges. It’s made in China and some of the wording and grammar sound a bit strange.

Overall, this card game was designed for couples to mix up foreplay with talking about things, touching each other and discovering new ways to please the other.

This set is perfect for spicing up your date night. If you are open minded and want to try out new fun things, this is absolutely the right game for you.

Click here to see LOOPY

5. Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games is one of a few various date night card game sets released by the editors of Cosmopolitan.

This particular deck contains 118 erotic card with graphics and pictures. The cards can be used to play twelve couples-only bedroom games.

The games included in this set all have very creative names. They are: Dirty Truth or Dare, Sexy Scavenger Hunt, Dirty Disco, A Night of Naughty Adventure, Finish the Fantasy, Dicey Discovery, Titillating Trivia, Get Him Hot, The Cosmo Carnal Challenge, Daring Dice, Sexy Tarot Cards, and A Week of Passion Prop Play

Each of these spicy games comes with instructions, a list of necessary props, rules of the game and the designated cards.

The whole set comes in a fairly small 4.25 x 5 inch bright pink box. (10.8 x 12.7cm)

It’s a well designed, sturdy product. All twelve games are meant as a creative approach to foreplay.

There are some pretty crazy ideas in this box. If you’re looking to experiment with role plays and are up for adding some extra kink in your bedroom, this is the right choice for you.

You’ll definitely make some new experiences as a couple and spice things up with this date night game set.

Click here to see Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games

These naughty card games for couples are great for spicing things up. But if you’re looking to build even more intimacy and connect on a deeper level, be sure to check out: Top 10 Date Night Games To Get To Know Your Partner

Now, maintaining attraction in a long term relationship is not an easy feat. Most couples try to solve this problem by adding new experiences and activities to their routines.

Even though this approach can give you a short term result, it’s unlikely to create the lasting changes you hope for.

That’s because keeping the spark alive actually has little to do with adding new experiences and habits in your relationship. It’s more about removing the things that are preventing you and your partner from feeling attracted to each other instead.

If you’re interested in learning exactly what it takes to restore and maintain attraction in a long term relationship, you can check out our online course Rebuild Your Relationship

Here you’ll learn about the most common blocks that stand in the way of your attraction and what you need to do, to remove them and restore that special connection with your man.

Click here to see Rebuild Your Relationship

If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the games listed here, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


15 Romantic Spring Date Ideas for Couples

15 Romantic Spring Date Ideas for Couples

Photo by Devon Divine

Here are 15 tested date ideas that Karolina and I love doing during spring! These will get you out the doors and help you jump back into being active together. It’s finally time to feel the sun on your faces again!

1. Try Slacklining Together

You may have seen it and never dared trying it, but Slacklining isn’t as difficult as it looks. Karolina and I had no prior experience, we watched a couple of YouTube videos to get the basics and ordered a $35 slackline off Amazon.

Within 15 minutes of trying we were able to balance for a second or two (it’s especially helpful if you have your partner to lean on for support at the beginning) By the end of our one-hour session, we could make a couple of steps down the line unassisted.

It’s super rewarding to get in touch with your body’s ability to make adjustments in microseconds to stay on the line.

2. Go Pet Some Lovely Animals

Pull up google and search for petting zoos, some public parks actually have small ones for kids too. Petting animals is very therapeutic and relaxing, it can also help ground you, if that’s something you’re needing.

I find that in the concrete jungle, it can be easy to lose sight of the nature we come from. Seeing goats, donkeys or rabbits munching and pouncing about is a calming contrast to our busy lives.

3. Plan and Execute an Epic Picnic

Yes, the good old classic picnic. Be sure to put effort into your food preparation and don’t skimp! Get some brie, a baguette, grapes, a freshly pressed juice and selection platter of meats to go with, etc. Be generous!

Don’t forget a blanket and some water. If you’re not sure where to have your picnic, check google maps for a nice patch of green that isn’t close to any roads or busy streets.

Now when you’ve reached your destination and have set up, take pride in a date well prepared and planned! Enjoy your delightful little banquette and why not get to know each other a little better with 30 Meaningful Questions.

4. Find Tranquility in a Forest Walk

Karolina and I love walks and there’s nothing like going on one, when everything is blossoming to life. If you want to take it a step further, I recommend driving to a nearby forest. They are generally far less frequented, which will bring a relaxing stillness and focus to the two of you.

It’s a great time to allow your minds to wander out loud and bounce off of each other. You can let your feet carry you away and talk about Overcoming Anxieties.

5. Marvel at Life in a Zoo

When you see nothing but people and pets all day, it’s easy to forget that we’re not the only species on this vast planet. Whenever we’re at the zoo, Karolina and I are always amazed by the seemingly endless shapes life takes and that’s just a fraction of it! Did you know that monkeys alone have over 260 types of subspecies? Yeah! Neither did I!

Baffling stuff.

So go to the zoo, get to know your fellow planet dwellers a little and be blown away by their fact charts.

6. Offer Your Time Together

Do some research and select a type of volunteer work that speaks to both of you. For us it was sorting and packing items at a warehouse that were going out for donations or helping coordinate lodgings for middle eastern refugees.

Working on a common goal together and giving your time for what you believe in is very rewarding. We both found it reframed our world view and helped us appreciate the quality of life we have.

There are countless organizations that are eager for help and support, so find one that speaks to you.

7. Charter a Boat and Sail the Seas (or Ponds)

It’s not quite time for a swim yet, but you can definitely take a boat out onto the water. Rowing, motor or sailing, whichever floats your.. -We personally enjoy switching it up between paddle and sailing boats on the Alte Donau, our local backwater.

It’s nice to feel the wind in your face and let all your troubles float (I’m on a roll) away. Karolina and I find it nice to be alone and talk about what’s on our minds.

8. Do a Drive-In Cinema

Another classic. Definitely try this one if you’re feeling a little old school or nostalgic. We went to watch Dracula Untold in a lot that didn’t have more than a dozen other cars. It was full of couples, which certainly added to the date vibes.

If you choose to do this, make sure your car’s battery is in an okay condition, since you listen to the film over your radio by tuning into a specific frequency!

Our car battery was a little old and died, so we lost audio for a while and had to guess what the actors were saying for a moment while we turned the engine on for a few minutes to charge it up again.

9. Pick Wild Garlic For a Recipe

Wild garlic is a delicious plant that tastes a lot like -you guessed it- garlic. It’s milder and has a leafy taste. We love making soups or savory pancakes with it.

You’ll find it growing in moist, shaded areas, locally we find it in forests and especially near streams. A quick web search should help you discover areas around yourself. If wild garlic doesn’t grow around your area, research and find some other local edible plant, and go scavenge!

The beauty of this is that it gets you both into scavenger mode, where your eyes scan the ground for the best and finest leaves. Foraging for- and cooking your own food, is such a fun and rewarding activity. It’s a refreshing change to aisle browsing in grocery stores.

10. Visit Places You Were in Your Childhood

During our walks, we often end up in old familiar places, like where we used to live, play or go to school. What’s really nice about this, is that it brings up long forgotten moments in your life that are important to share.

It’s a totally different way of getting to know your partner. There might even be some memories that surface that are important to talk about. If you need help with Helping Your Partner Open Up, check out the article.

I had countless things to share with Karolina about my school days, it was amazing to tell her about it all and relive it. I began to appreciate just how much the experiences at the time shaped my beliefs and self-perception in my present day life.

11. Try Rock Climbing

After a mere 30 minutes of rock climbing, you will walk out with arms made steel. This stuff is intense, so be sure to go easy and do your stretches.

There are plenty of places that offer equipment like shoes, chalk powder and harnesses, so you don’t need to commit to anything. Just try it once for the hell of it and if you’re unsure don’t be afraid to get some pointers from fellow climbers. You’ll see plenty of people that know their stuff and are swinging around like monkeys. They’re mostly happy to share some advice.

When you decide to do this, be sure to wear loose clothes or at least stretchy fabric. It’s hard enough lifting your foot to the next notch, without fighting your own denim.

12. Jump On An Outdoor Trampoline

Who didn’t jump on mattresses when they were a kid? There’s nothing like bouncing around and hanging in the air for a second or two. What’s great about this activity is for everybody. You can go hard and high or very gently and it’s still super fun and an amazing workout for your body!

If you’re continually jumping, this will leave you breathless in 10-15 minutes, so be sure to have some water on you or buy some, after your session.

If you’re feeling really adventurous be sure to check out trampoline halls, they’re basically an enormous room covered in trampolines across all surfaces.

13. Cycling

This may be a typically European thing? I don’t know, but we love our bicycles. They can take you far away with little pedal effort and take you to places four wheels cannot go.

Karolina and I have covered much of Vienna and it’s outskirts by car and by bicycle and it does not even feel like the same place! There are countless things you miss while driving because you can’t simply stop wherever you like and take in the view. Not so when cycling and there are all these wonderful little places you discover that you cannot access by car.

14. A Night Under The Stars

You wouldn’t believe how different the sky looks in rural areas. There’s so much light pollution in the cities, we forget that there’s a canopy of stars covering all of the sky!

Pack your stuff, grab your tent and head out to a remote camping site for the night. If you can find one at a higher altitude, even better! (But pack for a potentially cold night.)

Be sure you have plenty of time to set up a tent and have a meal, there’s no point in rushing it and being stressed on your lovely date. Pitching a tent can be a great team building exercise too.

Now get all cozied up, you can lie outside of your tent wrapped up, or poke your heads out the entrance while lying on your backs. Pictures can’t do it justice, you’ll see a sky covered in stars.

Now imagine, each one of those dots in the sky is a star, just like our sun with exoplanets orbiting around it and each of those is located in the Milky Way (our galaxy) and that there are about 100 Billion of these stars in our galaxy alone!

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment..

Now that you’re feeling infinitesimally small, consider that there are at least 10 Reasons Why Relationships are Totally Worth it.

15. Go To An Observatory

So if you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered going with the effort of date number 14. Go to an observatory instead. It’s one thing to look to the sky with your hobby telescope and another to blow your mind with seeing the insane details of the craters of the moon surface magnified.

Yup, there’s a 3,474 km (2158 mi.) diameter giant rock, just sitting there in the sky, to set the romantic mood for the both of you.

If you found this article helpful, you might want to save it to Pinterest for later or share it on your preferred platform via the social media buttons below. It supports us in creating more exciting content for you!

Also, let us know what spring dates you’ve tried, in the comments section!


10 Unique Questions for a Perfect Date With Him

10 Unique Questions for a Perfect Date With Him

Photo by Irena Carpaccio

From guy to girl, let’s be honest here…

Dates can be awkward as hell.

A little while ago a guy likely appeared on your radar and you two got to know each other a little.

Which eventually led to agreeing to go on a date…

But now that the date is around the corner and you’re maybe a little doubtful or nervous:

  • What if it’s weird or awkward?
  • What if HE’S weird and awkward?
  • Will I need a blueprint with the emergency exits?
  • Wait. What if HE doesn’t like ME?!”

I’m exaggerating a little here…

But if you can relate to any of the above thoughts, know that it’s perfectly normal to feel skittish.

As a man, let me also reassure you that MEN have these worries AS WELL!

Sure we play all cool and detached, but DON’T BE FOOLED!

It’s just an act.

So now that you’re going on a date, you can warm things up with a little small talk:

How are you?
The weather is so…
“Omg, did you hear what happened…?

You know, the classics, etc..

Then when the moment feels right, you can ask your date some of the following questions to peak his interest in you.

(Women who ask questions and take the lead are INSTANTLY respected more by guys)

The questions also have the added benefit of you gauging his answers and seeing if he’s OF INTEREST TO YOU.

Almost like a job interview, would you employ him? 😉

Let’s find out!

Question #1 | “What Is The Cheesiest Pick Up Line You’ve Heard So Far?”

“Are you from Tennessee?… ‘Cause you’re the only ten I see.

Terrible, I know.

But it can break some awkward walls.

Ask him (if you dare) and find out whether he’s actually used it!

It’ll give you a taste of his flirting skills (or lack thereof).

Question #2 | “Is There a Thing You Would Never Ever Do?”

Bold, cautious or total wimp?

Time to find out!

Question #3 | “What Things Do You Consider Yourself to Be Good At?”

Like most men, I’ll likely always fall for this one.

We’re just so “humble”, that we’ll never pass up on an opportunity to let every woman in the world know how amazing and great we are.

We just can’t help ourselves! It’s hopeless. 😅

But can he keep himself in check at least a little?

Also, if he isn’t totally self-absorbed he will RETURN the question.

Question #4 | “ What’s the Show to Watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Right Now?”

You can tell a lot about a guy based on his favorite show.

Is he into series about tough but heartless gangsters?


More the smart detective that solves impossible murder cases…

Or the heavens forbid, has he watched all seasons of FRIENDS a dozen times?

Time to find out which characters your date sees himself in!

Question #5 | “What’s the Best Thing That’s Happened to You?”

The lottery? A job opportunity? Finally managing that backward somersault?

Or if he’s really cheeky, “Obviously, this date with you…”

Question #6 | “Do You Have Something That You’re Proud of That You Haven’t Told Anybody Yet?”

Are you into mysterious guys? Some men have secret projects.

They’re often kept secret while they’re in their delicate development stage.

But maybe you’ve swooned him with your charm already and he’ll want to tell you EVERYTHING!

Question #7 | “What’s Something That Bugs You About the World?”

Are there things about the world that frustrate you?

Personally, there aren’t any for me… Except, you know, almost EVERYTHING that could be fixed or improved!

And he surely has his gripes too.

With this question, you’ll be able to see whether you care about and value the same things or live on the opposite ends of the planet.

Question #8 | “Would You Rather Go to a Family Reunion or an Amusement Park?”

Is his family pleasant or would he rather do anything BUT that?

I for one, would rather go for a walk alone in a graveyard as the clock struck midnight than attend my family reunion.

It’s nothing personal really, we all just collectively hate each other.

How about you?

Question #9 | “What Are the Best and Worst Flavours of Ice Cream?”

This can make or break a date.

You can take this one a step further “Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs?

Things can get personal and ugly quickly though, careful with this question. 😉

Question #10 | “What’s the Worst Advice Someone’s Given You?”

Have you ever been convinced to do something by a friend who branded it as GREAT advice…?

That then turned out to be THE WORST thing you could have ever possibly done?

Yeah, me neither.

But let’s find out whether he has!


And there we have it.

10 questions that will undoubtedly keep your date on his toes, you in control and the last time you’re likely to see him.

I’m kidding.

But DO BE CAREFUL not to ask ALL of these questions on your first date!

He’ll think you’re nuts and you and I both know you’re a delightful human being, let him see that side of you…

The crazy can come later. 😬

So, pick only a couple of questions that you like and are actually CURIOUS to hear the answer to.

This will create an organic and super interesting atmosphere.

Plus he’ll see you as deep and be curious to learn more about YOU!

Let me know how your date went (I’m totally curious!) and if you have any questions about the questions.

Leave them in the comments section and I’ll get back to you!


15 Best Valentines Gift Ideas for Him

15 Best Valentines Gift Ideas for Him

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for additional info.

I’ve selected these Valentine’s Day gifts with men in mind.

Since -as a man- I think to have some understanding of what men would appreciate from their significant other 😉.

So there’s bound to be a gift here to make your boyfriend or husband happy!

For easy browsing, I’ve ordered the items on the list according to their price, starting with the higher-priced items.

#1 Amazon Kindle Oasis

If your man is a reader, he will love the new Kindle Oasis. It has the highest e-reader resolution of 300 pixels per inch and remains incredibly light. He can enjoy his favorite books on the generous 7-inch display which supports warm light (Is easy on the eyes). The kindle is also waterproof so he can use it by the pool or in the bathtub.
What’s more, is the Kindle Oasis can store thousands of books and when combined with Kindle Unlimited he can choose from Amazon’s vast library.

#2 Ray-Ban Metal Sunglasses

These high-quality Ray-Ban sunglasses come in two stylish colors: matte gunmetal/green or matte gold. They have metal frames and lenses which are polarized for better contrast. His eyes will also be protected with a 100% surface area UV protective coating. With this pair of sunglasses, he’ll look like his fashionable and trendy self.

#3 Romantic Dinner for Two Gift Box

If you’re not much of a decorator or don’t have enough time on your hands, this romantic dinner for two gift box will be sure to put a smile on his face this Valentine’s Day.
This gift box curates everything you’ll need for a perfect dinner for two. It includes a stainless steel champagne ice bucket, two sleek champagne flutes, two glass candlesticks with candles, an elegant baroque flatware set for two with accompanying knives and forks.
Additionally, it has decorative items such as the two red satin napkins with beautiful napkin rings and the 150 dark fragrant red silk rose petals to set the romantic mood.

#4 Retro-Bit Twin Video Game System

If your man is an 80’s kid and grew up with video games, this gift is bound to be fondly nostalgic to him. The old-school console package includes two retro wired controllers. It has two game cartridge slots that are compatible with the original (Super) Nintendo Entertainment System.
So with this: 142 games in 1 cartridge, for example, he can simply slot it in and is bound to find all of his favorite childhood games that he can relive and enjoy.

#5 Vintage Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

This high-quality messenger bag is handcrafted with top-grain leather and canvas fabric for a stylish look. He’ll be able to make use of the expandable storage compartments and can count on his laptop being safe in the bag, thanks to it’s additional cushioning.
Whether he likes carrying it by the handle or with the strap is up to him since the strap can be quickly detached.
The bag is 0.7 inches high and 14 inches wide, so it can fit both his paperwork and laptop, the many compartments will allow him to fit keys, phone and other smaller items with him.

#6 The Man Can Gift Basket

He’ll feel taken care of with this special gift basket. It contains 100% all-natural skincare items that are created by soap-making specialists of the Plum Island Soap Company in Massachusetts.
In this feel-good gift basket, he’ll find a licorice scented soap with anise oil and black poppy seeds to exfoliate his skin, spicy shave gel, a bay rum scented moisturizing body oil for after a shave or shower, a natural heavy-duty hand butter and last but not least a texture body sponge on a rope for gentle scrubbing.

#7 Mr. and Mrs. Aprons

You’ll be partners in crime the kitchen with these fun Mr. and Mrs. aprons sporting a mustache and a pair of red lips. They have waist ties to secure and are made of 35% cotton twill and 65% polyester. It’s bound to put smiles on your faces when you’re both cooking together.

#8 Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Basket

This classy gourmet sampler box contains 12 handcrafted biscotti topped in six distinctive flavors. The toppings include candied almonds, caramel chip, craisins, peppermint, cookie and coconut crunch. The biscotti are made from premium and natural ingredients and arrive baked fresh from the bakeshop. It’s a delicious and elegant gift your man will definitely appreciate and enjoy.

#9 Luck & Love – A Romantic Game for Couples

In Luck and Love, two players compete against each other by rolling dice in order to win and act out romantic challenges. It’s basically Yahtzee, with a fun twist and some extra rules. This game contains a total of 666 different dares. It’s a perfect way to try out new stuff and spice up your love life. Your man is bound to appreciate this one.

#10 Urban Map Glass

This is a truly unique gift idea for if your man is a whiskey lover. These glasses feature a hand-drawn street grid with map coordinates. There are 12 different cities to choose from, so you can pick his favorite place. The pattern on these glasses has been sand etched, which ensures that it will not wash off or get distorted in the dishwasher. This set comes in an elegant gift box.

#11 Six Pack Greeting Card Box

This sturdy, heart covered six-pack is bound to make your man smile. You can choose six bottled beverages you know he loves and present them in this classy carrier. It comes with a little hidden card on which you can write him a personal note too.

#12 Metal Bucket List

We all have our own goals and dreams that we’re working towards. This stylish metal bucket is a perfect container for your man’s personal bucket list. It contains little cards that start with “One day I will” and end with a box to tick, once this particular goal is complete. This is a great way to show your man your support and provide space for him to express his own ambitions and desires.

#13 I Love You Card With Bamboo Wood

This eye-catching bamboo wood greeting card is a great way to show your man just how much you care about him. The card features a beautiful laser cut “classic hearts design” on the outside and vibrant “heart of hearts” design on the inside, with a blank space for your handwritten message. The cards come with a premium envelope.

#14 Sex Checks: For The Bedroom

These checks are filled with witty and playful ideas of sexual as well as romantic trade-offs. They are divided into two types: IOU (I owe you) and UOME (you owe me). This set is designed to look somewhat like an actual old school checkbook. In addition to the love act trade-offs, the checks are full of other playful notes like “Nothing you say may be held against you in a court of love”. No other gift will make your boyfriend or husband happier, than a creative way of promising him some intimate quality time 😉

#15 The 5 Love Languages for Men

The 5 Love Languages is an international bestseller that covers the different ways in which we want to be loved. In this edition, the author speaks straight to men about the rewards of learning and speaking their wife’s love language. The book is humorous and packed with helpful illustrations and creative pointers. It’s a great present that is bound to benefit both of you in a lot of ways.

I hope you found some great Valentines gifts for your man in our post.

Happy Valentine’s Day!