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Looking for fun and productive ways to spend a date night with your man?

These games and quizzes might be just a perfect thing for you.

Gabriel and I recently pulled out a long-forgotten card game from one of our drawers, and we really had a blast! 😁

These games and quizzes will raise questions that you normally would have never thought about. Seriously, they’re full of creative ideas.

Playing games like this is a great way to get to know your partner better and feel closer to him while having fun!

We enjoyed ourselves so much, that it made me want to try out some other ones.

After extensive amazon research and a couple of fun date night tests, I’ve compiled this list of all the best games and quizzes for couples out there!

All the card games on this list contain deep and thoughtful questions intended for couples. They’re bound to make you feel closer and more connected to your partner.

1. Love Language: The Card Game

This card game consists of 101 cards with questions to ask your partner.

The cards are divided into five categories: Family, Intimacy, Couple, Individual, and Past & Future. Each of these five topics is labeled and marked with a specific color.

There aren’t any rules to this game. You can decide to play with cards from one particular category or you can choose to mix everything up.

This game is my personal favorite for two reasons:

Firstly, the questions in this set are really creative and deep.

These cards have been designed by a couples psychologist Arthur Aron and he did a really good job 😊. This game really sparked our interest and lead our conversations to some unexpected places.

Seriously, you’re really gonna find some great questions here!

My second reason for liking this card game best is the fact that the cards are divided into five categories.

When I ordered this set I really didn’t expect it to matter that much, however, once we tried this out, we realized that having the option to choose a particular topic brings a whole different dimension to the game.

The whole experience of playing with the cards becomes a lot more playful and suspenseful. The person picking the cards gets to feel a bit like a tv quiz presenter. “And the next category will be..” 🎤🏆

Playing Love Language: The Card Game was lots of fun and it certainly brought us closer together!

Click Here to see Love Language: The Card Game

2. TableTopics Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

This is a set of 135 square cards with one question each. Much like the previous pack, there are no rules to this game. You just pick a card and ask away.

The questions on these cards are a bit more lighthearted than in the Love Languages Card Game. Moreover, this set includes some questions about sex.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an easy and flirty activity for a date night.

The brand – TableTopics – is well established and offers many sets all for different occasions. They have a general conversation starter pack, a family pack, etc.

It’s a popular product with lots of positive reviews. They even updated the couples edition to include questions suggested by their customers.

This game gets to be my second favorite because of the flirty playful questions.

Date night without flirting is not a proper date! 😍

These cards provide ample opportunities for some serious flirting, without being overly sexual. It’s a perfect mix of deep and playful questions.

You can spend a great and fun evening with your partner and you’re bound to feel closer to him at the end of it.

Click Here to see TableTopics Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

3. Our Moments Couples

Our Moments Couples is a set of 100 cards. Again, there is no set gameplay, you just pick a card and ask away.

This set is the one that we got as a present and had forgotten about for a year. After rediscovering this game, we had lots of fun playing these connection cards.

Much like the Love Languages Game, these cards contain some seriously deep and thought-provoking questions. There are some cards related to sex, but they’re fewer than in the TableTopics: Couples set.

This is a perfect pick if you’re looking for a deep, almost philosophical way to spend an evening with your man.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have easy-going playtime this game. We had lots of fun with these cards! It’s not all THAT SERIOUS. It’s just slightly more serious than the other set.

It’s a well-designed product and an awesome game. Personally, I think it’s slightly less intense than the Love Languages Card game and a bit more serious than the TableTopics set.

It’s a great middle ground, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Click Here to see Our Moments Couples

4. Uncommon Questions

This is a set of 200 cards with questions to help you reconnect with your partner.

This game is a Kickstarter project created by a married couple, who were so busy with their everyday lives, they didn’t have enough time to nurture their relationship.

You can learn the personal story of this game’s creators from their kickstarter about video.

Here they outline how exhausting the everyday reality of having a family was for them.

At the end of each day, by the time they were done with work and their kids were finally in bed, they didn’t have the capacity for thoughtful conversations anymore.

That’s why they started a habit of writing down questions for their spouse throughout the day.

They would then read the questions to one another later in the evening.

This has become their method of reconnecting their marriage and keeping it alive.

Eventually, it turned out that their friends and relatives became interested in their method and wanted to try it too. That’s how the uncommon questions card game was born.

The questions in this game are more general than in the other ones. That’s why they are also suited to be used with bigger groups of friends and family.

The set is much bigger than all the competition. This will ensure that you can play it multiple times without the questions repeating much.

I find the personal story of the creators of this game very inspiring. Keeping the spark alive in not an easy feat in long term relationships. These cards have been designed to help out with that.

Click Here to see Uncommon Questions

5. So Cards

So cards are a deck of 52 cards that have been designed as a connection game for multiple people. You can use it both as a date night game as well as a connection game for the whole family or friends.

The set is recommended for players 12 years old and up, so you’ll only find PG13 questions here.

So Cards can be played in 5 game modes:

Classic – where all players answer the same question

Raffle – where everyone picks a different cards and take turns answering

Solo – a mode that encourages you to use these questions as a writing prompt for a journal entry

If I were you – everyone tries to answer the question as though they were you, the person closest to the truth wins the round

Lightening – try to answer as many questions as you can as fast as you can

There are even more game mode ideas on the game creator’s website.

The different modes are certainly what differentiates this set from all the other ones, however, you could choose to apply the same principles to all the other cards game too.

This set is full of really deep and creative questions too. The fact that’s it’s not a game exclusively designed for couples makes it more versatile.

Click Here to see So Cards

All of these card games are a great way to feel closer to your partner.

But they do have their limits, since they’re only designed for a simple games night.

If you’re interested in having even more fun and connection with your man, you might wanna check out the new online course we put together just for you guys:

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Incase you have any questions about the games or want to share your personal experiences, let us know in the comments below!


Karolina Bartnik