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Looking for some playful and fun ways to boost intimacy and spice up your date night? These naughty card games for couples might be just the right thing for you!

My partner Gabriel and I got one of these sets as a present a couple of years ago. Initially, we didn’t think much of it and let it lie forgotten in a bedside drawer for over a year.

But when we found it again and finally decided to give it a go, we absolutely had a blast playing it!

These kinds of date night card games are all very simple, which makes them quick and easy to get into.

Additionally, they all have some sort of connection building element to them. Because of this, they’re perfect for making you feel closer and more intimate with your partner.

They’re also a perfect way to introduce some novelty and unpredictability to a date night and bring back some of that spark from the very beginning of your relationship.

Gabriel and I had so much fun with that one game, it actually inspired me to look for other similar ones to try out. That’s how I created this list of all the best naughty card games for couples out there.

For your convenience, games in this guide are ordered according to their x-rating. Staring off with the most innocent ones and then gradually moving higher up the naughtiness scale… 😉

1. Truth or Dare for Couples

You’re likely already familiar with the all time classic teenage game: truth or dare.

Where you and your friends asked each other ‘truth or dare?’. And if you choose ‘truth’, you were forced to answer uncomfortable questions that reveal embarrassing things about yourself. And if you choose ‘dare’ you had to do silly little challenges, like talking to your crush or ringing on your neighbors door and running away.

Well, this is an adult version of the classic game, designed specifically for couples to help them bring back some of that teenage giddy-ness into their date night.

This set contains 50 cards, each card has both a ‘truth‘ or a ‘dare‘ you can choose from.

All the truth questions have been designed with couples in mind, so that they can get to know each other more intimately.

The dares are all flirtatious and of sexual nature.

Nothing particularly dirty or explicit. It’s more of a light, easy going, playful kind of date night game.

The most striking thing about this deck of cards is its size.

The cards, as well as the nice tin box they come with, are quite small: 2.4 x 2.4 inches. (6 x 6cm)

This makes the set very discreet and also perfect for traveling.

However, due to the small card size, the questions and dares can be hard to read, especially in dim lighting.

It’s the most innocent of all the card decks I’m going to review here. So if you’re looking for some easy going, and slightly naughty way to spice up your date night, this will be a great fit.

Click here to see Truth or Dare for Couples

2. Intimacy

This is actually a very similar game to the Truth or Dare for Couples.

Much like in the other set, each card in the intimacy deck has two options to choose from. Just that instead of truth you have a ‘question’ category and instead of dare there is ‘action’.

The questions in the intimacy deck will get you and your partner to talk about your past experiences, reveal your sexual preferences and fantasies.

Actions, on the other hand, are all flirty, teasing kinds of activities. Again, nothing overly crazy or explicit here.

This deck contains 65 cards with 125 questions and actions to choose from.

Again, it’s a very similar set to Truth or Dare for Couples. The main difference between the two is the design.

The cards in the intimacy deck are also slightly bigger.

Click here to see Intimacy

3. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk, Flirt, Dare is yet another spin-off of the old time classic: truth or dare. Just that here you have THREE options to choose from: talk, flirt or dare.

With this set, you get a separate deck of cards for each one of these categories.

The ‘talk’ cards are to quiz both of you on how well you know each other.

The cards in the ‘flirt’ category will make you two reveal your sexual desires and preferences.

Dare cards (as you probably guessed already…) contain various dares of sexual nature.

This is a larger set than the previous two games, it contains 150 cards in total (50 cards per category).

Also, each card in the deck has only one prompt written on them. Because of this, it actually makes this game slightly more versatile than the previous two.

This allows you to choose just one category (‘flirt‘ for example) and play only with that one on your date night.

You can also use the ‘talk’ deck as a completely separate game to play with friends and family.

Overall, this game is well designed and thought through. The cards are actually regular playing card size with a big readable font.

None of the questions or dares here are particularly crazy or x-rated either. They are very playful and flirty though.

It’s a great game to deepen your emotional bond, boost intimacy and spice things up at the same time.

Click here to see Talk, Flirt, Dare!


Alright guys, it’s time to finally significantly move up the naughtiness scale!

Loopy is a date night game for couples that contains 5 different decks of cards divided into four stages of intimacy.

You get ‘Talks’, ‘Kisses’, ‘Fondles’, ‘Fun Activities’ and a mystery bonus deck.

The whole set is 150 cards in total.

It also comes with a spinner and a satin blindfold.

The rules of this game are fairly simple. You start at the first intimacy level: ’Talks’ and then take turns spinning the spinner to determine what the next move will be.

There are four potential outcomes here:

  • Pick a card and do what it says
  • Take off a piece of clothing
  • Pick a card from the bonus deck
  • Or move up the intimacy level (but only if both players are up for it)

The satin blindfold that’s part of the set comes in handy during the game for some of the activities.

LOOPY is definitely the naughties game so far.

Most of the cards in here contain some dirty questions and activities. There is some controversial stuff in here too. Like questions about your past, cheating, strange fantasies etc.

Also, LOOPY is a bit rough around the edges. It’s made in China and some of the wording and grammar sound a bit strange.

Overall, this card game was designed for couples to mix up foreplay with talking about things, touching each other and discovering new ways to please the other.

This set is perfect for spicing up your date night. If you are open minded and want to try out new fun things, this is absolutely the right game for you.

Click here to see LOOPY

5. Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games

Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games is one of a few various date night card game sets released by the editors of Cosmopolitan.

This particular deck contains 118 erotic card with graphics and pictures. The cards can be used to play twelve couples-only bedroom games.

The games included in this set all have very creative names. They are: Dirty Truth or Dare, Sexy Scavenger Hunt, Dirty Disco, A Night of Naughty Adventure, Finish the Fantasy, Dicey Discovery, Titillating Trivia, Get Him Hot, The Cosmo Carnal Challenge, Daring Dice, Sexy Tarot Cards, and A Week of Passion Prop Play

Each of these spicy games comes with instructions, a list of necessary props, rules of the game and the designated cards.

The whole set comes in a fairly small 4.25 x 5 inch bright pink box. (10.8 x 12.7cm)

It’s a well designed, sturdy product. All twelve games are meant as a creative approach to foreplay.

There are some pretty crazy ideas in this box. If you’re looking to experiment with role plays and are up for adding some extra kink in your bedroom, this is the right choice for you.

You’ll definitely make some new experiences as a couple and spice things up with this date night game set.

Click here to see Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games

These naughty card games for couples are great for spicing things up. But if you’re looking to build even more intimacy and connect on a deeper level, be sure to check out: Top 10 Date Night Games To Get To Know Your Partner

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If you have any questions or want to share your experience with the games listed here, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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