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Wondering how to make a couple road trip fun?

Maybe you’re worried you’ll be bored or not know what to talk about on a long drive with your significant other.

But, no need to worry anymore, I’ve got you covered.

These road trip games for couples will keep both of you so entertained, you’ll even forget to fight about directions.

All the games listed here are 100% suitable to be played in the car. They will require just the right amount of your attention to make sure you’re both having fun, without compromising your safety.

Some games here have a flirty and romantic vibe, so they might even turn your road trip into a drive date.

Here is a list of all the best road trip games for couples out there:

1. TableTopics to Go Road Trip

TableTopics is a series of card games suitable for couples as well as families. They’re a deck of card with thought-provoking, fun conversation starters.

This particular set is designed to be played on a road trip. It’s full of travel and driving related questions.

And the perfect thing to do with your boyfriend on a long car drive. It will set the mood for adventure and let you and your partner share your road trip related memories and preferences.

You’re bound to learn new things about each other and have lots of fun.

This is actually a family card game. So you can also play it with your kids or a group of friends.

It’s a set of 40 three by three inches cards with one question on each of them. They come in a nice small box, perfect for keeping it in the glove compartment.

Click here to see TableTopics to GO Road Trip

2. TableTopics Destination Anywhere

This is another set of cards from the TableTopics series. This one is much larger, contains 135 cards with questions, all evolving around the topic of travelling.

Just like the previous set, these cards are three by three inches and come in a neat acrylic box.

It’s a really fun road trip game for couples, but also for families and groups of friends. So you can use it on multiple occasions.

Playing this game you’ll learn about each other’s preferences, interests and travel dreams. You’ll get to exchange fun memories related to travelling.

It’s a perfect game to make a long drive fun.

Even though this set is not explicitly romantic, it can definitely deepen your bond with your partner.

Travelling is a topic most people are passionate about. That’s why this game can bring you two closer and maybe even reignite some sparks.

All the new things you’ll be learning about each other will make you feel like you’re on a drive date.

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3. After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia

After Dinner Amusements is another series of card games with questions. This set contains lots of fun and interesting facts about world geography and culture.

This is a set of 50 2.5 by 2.5 inch cards that comes in a tiny tin box.

If you or your partner are a bit of a nerd, this is the perfect choice for you. You can test each other’s knowledge with this and learn new things together.

Much like the previous road trip games, this one is suitable for kids, so you can also use it on long drives with family or friends.

Click here to see After Dinner Amusements: Travel Trivia

4. After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose?

This is another deck of cards from the After Dinner Amusements series. Much like the previous set, this one contains 50 2.5 by 2.5 inch cards.

Just that there are no trivia questions here. This game consist of 50 though provoking, funny dilemmas.

It’s a perfect activity for a couple road trip!

It will make you laugh, and you might even discover some shocking truths about each other.

Click here to see After Dinner Amusements: Which Would You Choose?

5. Word Teasers Speaking of Love

This road trip game for couples is definitely more on the romantic side. It absolutely has the potential to transform a long car ride into an exciting drive date.

This deck contains 150 cards with questions about love. It’s not a trivia game, but the cards do actually have answers on the back.

It’s meant to be used as a conversation starter with your significant other. You can compare each other views on topics related to romance and get to know new things about each other.

After having a lengthy conversation, you can then glimpse at the back of the card and compare your though and opinions with scientific facts or thoughtful quotes.

It’s a great choice that will certainly make a long drive fun and romantic.

Click here to see Word Teasers Speaking of Love

6. Our Moments Couples

This is an extremely popular and one of my personal favorite card games for couples. This set has been designed to be played with your significant other.

It’s a deck of 100 cards, each one of them with a question that will make you learn new things about your partner and feel closer and more connected to him/her.

Unlike the other sets, this one actually contains some questions about sex and intimacy. It has a lot of potential for some serious flirting….

It’s a perfect pick if you’re looking for a deep, romantic and flirty game to make a long drive pass faster.

Click here to see Our Moments Couples

7. …I Should Have Known That!

This is another fun trivia game that is bound to keep both of you entertained on a road trip.

It’s a relatively large and very popular set of 100 cards with a total of 400 trivia questions.

The concept of this game is to test you on all the things you should know about.

There is actually a scoring system in this game. So if you’re a competitive couple, this will probably be your cup of tea!

There are lots of funny, creative questions in this set. It’s perfect road trip entertainment for a couple, family or friends.

Click here to see …I Should Have Known That!

Hope you enjoyed my selection of best fun and romantic road trip games for couples!

I’ve been trying to uncover most road trip suitable travel themed choices for this article. But also picked quite a few light-hearted, playful games suitable to be played with friends and families.

However, if you liked the more though-provoking, romantic decks that are meant exclusively for couples, I’ve reviewed even more of these kinds of connection card games in: Top 10 Date Night Games To Get To Know Your Partner

If you have any question or have some better ideas on what to do on a long car ride with your boyfriend or girlfriend, leave me a comment below.

Happy road trip!


Karolina Bartnik