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Here are 15 tested date ideas that Karolina and I love doing during spring! These will get you out the doors and help you jump back into being active together. It’s finally time to feel the sun on your faces again!

1. Try Slacklining Together

You may have seen it and never dared trying it, but Slacklining isn’t as difficult as it looks. Karolina and I had no prior experience, we watched a couple of YouTube videos to get the basics and ordered a $35 slackline off Amazon.

Within 15 minutes of trying we were able to balance for a second or two (it’s especially helpful if you have your partner to lean on for support at the beginning) By the end of our one-hour session, we could make a couple of steps down the line unassisted.

It’s super rewarding to get in touch with your body’s ability to make adjustments in microseconds to stay on the line.

2. Go Pet Some Lovely Animals

Pull up google and search for petting zoos, some public parks actually have small ones for kids too. Petting animals is very therapeutic and relaxing, it can also help ground you, if that’s something you’re needing.

I find that in the concrete jungle, it can be easy to lose sight of the nature we come from. Seeing goats, donkeys or rabbits munching and pouncing about is a calming contrast to our busy lives.

3. Plan and Execute an Epic Picnic

Yes, the good old classic picnic. Be sure to put effort into your food preparation and don’t skimp! Get some brie, a baguette, grapes, a freshly pressed juice and selection platter of meats to go with, etc. Be generous!

Don’t forget a blanket and some water. If you’re not sure where to have your picnic, check google maps for a nice patch of green that isn’t close to any roads or busy streets.

Now when you’ve reached your destination and have set up, take pride in a date well prepared and planned! Enjoy your delightful little banquette and why not get to know each other a little better with 30 Meaningful Questions.

4. Find Tranquility in a Forest Walk

Karolina and I love walks and there’s nothing like going on one, when everything is blossoming to life. If you want to take it a step further, I recommend driving to a nearby forest. They are generally far less frequented, which will bring a relaxing stillness and focus to the two of you.

It’s a great time to allow your minds to wander out loud and bounce off of each other. You can let your feet carry you away and talk about Overcoming Anxieties.

5. Marvel at Life in a Zoo

When you see nothing but people and pets all day, it’s easy to forget that we’re not the only species on this vast planet. Whenever we’re at the zoo, Karolina and I are always amazed by the seemingly endless shapes life takes and that’s just a fraction of it! Did you know that monkeys alone have over 260 types of subspecies? Yeah! Neither did I!

Baffling stuff.

So go to the zoo, get to know your fellow planet dwellers a little and be blown away by their fact charts.

6. Offer Your Time Together

Do some research and select a type of volunteer work that speaks to both of you. For us it was sorting and packing items at a warehouse that were going out for donations or helping coordinate lodgings for middle eastern refugees.

Working on a common goal together and giving your time for what you believe in is very rewarding. We both found it reframed our world view and helped us appreciate the quality of life we have.

There are countless organizations that are eager for help and support, so find one that speaks to you.

7. Charter a Boat and Sail the Seas (or Ponds)

It’s not quite time for a swim yet, but you can definitely take a boat out onto the water. Rowing, motor or sailing, whichever floats your.. -We personally enjoy switching it up between paddle and sailing boats on the Alte Donau, our local backwater.

It’s nice to feel the wind in your face and let all your troubles float (I’m on a roll) away. Karolina and I find it nice to be alone and talk about what’s on our minds.

8. Do a Drive-In Cinema

Another classic. Definitely try this one if you’re feeling a little old school or nostalgic. We went to watch Dracula Untold in a lot that didn’t have more than a dozen other cars. It was full of couples, which certainly added to the date vibes.

If you choose to do this, make sure your car’s battery is in an okay condition, since you listen to the film over your radio by tuning into a specific frequency!

Our car battery was a little old and died, so we lost audio for a while and had to guess what the actors were saying for a moment while we turned the engine on for a few minutes to charge it up again.

9. Pick Wild Garlic For a Recipe

Wild garlic is a delicious plant that tastes a lot like -you guessed it- garlic. It’s milder and has a leafy taste. We love making soups or savory pancakes with it.

You’ll find it growing in moist, shaded areas, locally we find it in forests and especially near streams. A quick web search should help you discover areas around yourself. If wild garlic doesn’t grow around your area, research and find some other local edible plant, and go scavenge!

The beauty of this is that it gets you both into scavenger mode, where your eyes scan the ground for the best and finest leaves. Foraging for- and cooking your own food, is such a fun and rewarding activity. It’s a refreshing change to aisle browsing in grocery stores.

10. Visit Places You Were in Your Childhood

During our walks, we often end up in old familiar places, like where we used to live, play or go to school. What’s really nice about this, is that it brings up long forgotten moments in your life that are important to share.

It’s a totally different way of getting to know your partner. There might even be some memories that surface that are important to talk about. If you need help with Helping Your Partner Open Up, check out the article.

I had countless things to share with Karolina about my school days, it was amazing to tell her about it all and relive it. I began to appreciate just how much the experiences at the time shaped my beliefs and self-perception in my present day life.

11. Try Rock Climbing

After a mere 30 minutes of rock climbing, you will walk out with arms made steel. This stuff is intense, so be sure to go easy and do your stretches.

There are plenty of places that offer equipment like shoes, chalk powder and harnesses, so you don’t need to commit to anything. Just try it once for the hell of it and if you’re unsure don’t be afraid to get some pointers from fellow climbers. You’ll see plenty of people that know their stuff and are swinging around like monkeys. They’re mostly happy to share some advice.

When you decide to do this, be sure to wear loose clothes or at least stretchy fabric. It’s hard enough lifting your foot to the next notch, without fighting your own denim.

12. Jump On An Outdoor Trampoline

Who didn’t jump on mattresses when they were a kid? There’s nothing like bouncing around and hanging in the air for a second or two. What’s great about this activity is for everybody. You can go hard and high or very gently and it’s still super fun and an amazing workout for your body!

If you’re continually jumping, this will leave you breathless in 10-15 minutes, so be sure to have some water on you or buy some, after your session.

If you’re feeling really adventurous be sure to check out trampoline halls, they’re basically an enormous room covered in trampolines across all surfaces.

13. Cycling

This may be a typically European thing? I don’t know, but we love our bicycles. They can take you far away with little pedal effort and take you to places four wheels cannot go.

Karolina and I have covered much of Vienna and it’s outskirts by car and by bicycle and it does not even feel like the same place! There are countless things you miss while driving because you can’t simply stop wherever you like and take in the view. Not so when cycling and there are all these wonderful little places you discover that you cannot access by car.

14. A Night Under The Stars

You wouldn’t believe how different the sky looks in rural areas. There’s so much light pollution in the cities, we forget that there’s a canopy of stars covering all of the sky!

Pack your stuff, grab your tent and head out to a remote camping site for the night. If you can find one at a higher altitude, even better! (But pack for a potentially cold night.)

Be sure you have plenty of time to set up a tent and have a meal, there’s no point in rushing it and being stressed on your lovely date. Pitching a tent can be a great team building exercise too.

Now get all cozied up, you can lie outside of your tent wrapped up, or poke your heads out the entrance while lying on your backs. Pictures can’t do it justice, you’ll see a sky covered in stars.

Now imagine, each one of those dots in the sky is a star, just like our sun with exoplanets orbiting around it and each of those is located in the Milky Way (our galaxy) and that there are about 100 Billion of these stars in our galaxy alone!

Yeah, let that sink in for a moment..

Now that you’re feeling infinitesimally small, consider that there are at least 10 Reasons Why Relationships are Totally Worth it.

15. Go To An Observatory

So if you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered going with the effort of date number 14. Go to an observatory instead. It’s one thing to look to the sky with your hobby telescope and another to blow your mind with seeing the insane details of the craters of the moon surface magnified.

Yup, there’s a 3,474 km (2158 mi.) diameter giant rock, just sitting there in the sky, to set the romantic mood for the both of you.

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Gabriel Brenner