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So there’s a special girl in your life, and you’re looking for signs she is developing feelings for you.

You want to know for sure so that you don’t stick your neck out too far!

This stage can be very exciting, yet unnerving because you’re not yet sure how she feels towards you and whether it’s the same as you feel for her…

But we can figure it out by looking for the telling signs that she is developing feelings for you.

Let’s get into it!

13 Signs She Is Developing Feelings For You

When it comes to these signs, it’s vital that you have AT LEAST 5 signs that match her behavior.

Because women can be nice and friendly to you for many reasons, which do NOT include romantic interest. Some might even go as far as pretending they love you to get what they want.

(You don’t want to be stuck in a one-sided relationship after all.)

But if you have at least 5 of these signs matching -anything beyond is even better- then she’s undeniably catching feelings for you!

Additionally, you should count the first signs in this list as weakest evidence and the latter ones as strongest proof of her affection.

1. She smiles at you a lot

Do you ever wonder why she’s smiling so much? Like, what’s up with that? Is she just so happy all the time? Yeah, man, she’s happy to see YOU!

2. She plays with her hair

Whether it’s brushing her hands through her hair or tucking it behind her ear, these are signs that she’s feeling attracted to you. This is especially true if she’s making eye contact with you during your encounter.

3. She laughs at your (bad) jokes

Us men can be oblivious to just how much women accommodate our -sometimes questionable- sense of humor. But if she’s always laughing at your jokes and telling you “You’re so funny!” then consider it a potential sign she is developing feelings.

4. She’s genuinely nervous around you

Developing feelings can be vulnerable and scary for her. And being around you will make those emotions real, leading her to feeling nervous in your presence. She might stumble over her own words or freeze up when you ask her something. These behaviors are a decent indicator that she has feelings for you.

5. She interested in what you have to say

If she sticks around when you’re talking about what you think or feel about a topic you’re passionate about. Then she’s making an effort to get to know you and is actively demonstrating her interest in what you have to say. Count it as another sign! Additionally, the LONGER she listens and talks to you, the more this sign counts!

6. She quickly reacts to your posts

When you post something on social media, she’ll be quick to react to it and give you an encouraging heart, like or even a comment. This is because when she sees a notification with your name on it, she uses it as an opportunity to show you that she’s interested in you!

7. She deliberately bats her eyes at you

Is it just me, or is it starting to get hot in here!? When a girl’s batting her eyes at you, it’s a hot hot flirt from her! Women know that we have a thing about feeling in control and powerful. So when they like you, they can choose to dial up submissive vibes by fluttering their eyes at you. — Personally speaking, it drives me wild! Who’s really in control here??

8. She seeks your attention

She wants to be noticed! So she proactively seeks out your attention by finding “valid reasons” to talk to you! She will ask about the details on that upcoming social event you’re both attending, or might need your help with something.

Short anecdote to illustrate; I was terrible at math in school, and it was no secret. But during after hours in an almost empty classroom the girl that was arguably the best in class sits next to me and asks “I’m really struggling with this math problem, any idea on how to solve it…? *Heavily bats eyes at me* And I missed it! God, was I naive back then.

— Anyhow, to tie this back, if she’s finding excuses to get your attention (and spend time with you) consider it another sign she is developing feelings.

9. She compliments you

Is her flaunting herself at you not a clear enough sign? Well, she’ll add to it with compliments. Yup, just like guys do when they’re trying to charm a girl.

Whatever it is you say or do, she’ll be taken by it and will compliment you:

  • “Oh, you’re amazing at that!”
  • “Your outfit is so cool.”
  • “How do you know so much about that?”
  • “I love how you do that thing.”

You get the idea… And don’t be surprised if she lays it on extra THICK, just so you get the hint.

10. You can feel a spark with her

Check in with yourself, when you talk to her, do you feel an unspoken spark or connection with her? Because that’s how it often is, BOTH SIDES can feel the connection. That’s what typically leads to blushing, awkwardness or breaking eye contact because the intensity is too much to bear. This is another sign that she’s developing feelings.

11. She repeatedly touches you

At this point she’s given you so many indicators, she’s probably thinking: “Are all the signs I’m giving him, that the runway is clear for takeoff, not clear enough?? Alright, let me get more… physical.” If you’re not catching on at this point, she might resort to repeatedly touching you (your hands, arms, shoulders) to give you a CLEAR SIGN that she’s developing feelings and is interested!

12. She inquires about your relationship status

There are many approaches she might take with this. Most notably, she’ll stalk you on social media or send some girls from her clique to do some reconnaissance for her. Mission: “Identify Relationship Status

And this isn’t only about that, it’s also to uncover how YOU FEEL towards her.

Her friends will make you divulge information:

  • “Is your girlfriend coming too?”
  • “What is your type of girl, then?”
  • “Who’s the hottest girl in the room?”

Then they’ll report back to her. This is one of the most OBVIOUS signs she’s developing feelings for you!

13. She flirts with you

And if, despite her giving you all of the above signs, you’re still not biting. Then she might just combine it all into one big flirt-assault! She’ll show interest in you, bat her eyes, play with her hair, laugh at your jokes, touch you, compliment you. Basically the whole nine yards.

If she’s making this much effort and is this bold, she’s earned a date in my books. And here are some pro tips to make it an incredible date.

How Long Does It Take For A Girl To Develop Feelings For Someone?

In order to assess how long it’ll take for her to develop feelings in your particular case, it’s helpful to distinguish between Infatuation and Feelings.

How long it takes with Infatuation

Infatuation is when she has a crush on you, but doesn’t actually know you. This means she can rave about your cute haircut or amazing skills to her friends all night long. But she’s crushing on an IDEA of who you are, without actually knowing you.

So with infatuation, she can feel “love” towards you in an instant.

How long it takes with Feelings

Feelings on the other hand will take her longer to develop. Because she first has to get to actually KNOW you, not every intimate detail about you. But a roughly accurate picture of who you are, what you care about, and where you’re headed in life.

Then you can count it as her developing feelings for you.

And this will take a few weeks, sometimes months, and for some introverts even YEARS.

So if her feelings for you go beyond infatuation, she’ll likely have developed them over the course of a few weeks.

How Do You Tell If She Wants You To Make A Move?

If 5 or more of the signs above fit for you, then there’s a good chance she wants you to make a move.

And I’d say if 9 or more signs fit, she DEFINITELY wants you to make a move!

But if you’re worried about being rejected, you don’t have to jump into the deep end and ask her out.

Instead, mirror her efforts to also give her signs that you’re developing feelings!

Maybe these flirty conversation starters can give you some courage.

This will encourage her to make more moves, which will encourage you to make more moves, and so it goes. Until you eventually end up on a date, holding hands or kissing.

Phew, finally the secret that you have feelings for each other will be unveiled and all that tension is released into wonderful excitement of what the future may hold.

Thank you for reading, I hope things develop the way you hope they will with her! And be sure to check out How Long Should the Talking Stage Last Before Dating.

And let me know if there are other all important signs she’s given you in the comments section!



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