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Misunderstandings, disagreements, disappointments, and heartache are all part of being in love. All this drama might leave you wondering…

Is what I am going through healthy?

This article will help you understand what makes a relationship healthy.

1. You Feel Uplifted After Spending Time Together

If spending time with your partner makes you feel better, that’s a clear sign that everything is right with your relationship.

Spending quality time with your partner should boost your self-esteem and make you feel more energized and hopeful about your life!

Feeling good about yourself after spending time together means you’re in a loving and nurturing relationship.

This doesn’t mean that it always has to be the case. Arguments and heartbreak happen to everybody. But it should only be an occasional exception.

2. You Can Tell Each Other Everything

Healthy relationships require open communication.

Being able to share anything and everything that’s on your mind with your partner is a sign of trust and intimacy.

If you feel like you can be honest and open with him, it’s a clear sign that your relationship is very healthy!

Sometimes what you say will make your partner upset and vice versa.

Sometimes he won’t listen to you, sometimes you will have trouble listening to him.

Nobody is perfect! But as long as you’re both open to hearing the other one out, things are great!

3. You Can Rely On Each Other

If you can to your partner in your moment of need your relationship is definitely a healthy one!

Admitting to both physical and emotional needs means displaying vulnerability.

If you can be vulnerable with your partner and he can be vulnerable with you, it means you trust each other a lot!

Trust is a clear sign of healthy and mature love.

4. You Are Growing Closer

Healthy relationships don’t stagnate, they keep on growing!

If you feel like you’re constantly getting to know each other better and building more and more trust, you are in a healthy relationship!

Even when the honeymoon phase fades and you’re not making out and having sex the whole time anymore, as long as you feel like your love for each other is growing, all is right in the world.

5. You Feel “At Home” With Your Partner

You know the feeling of being in the right time, place and with the right person. Feeling of safety, comfort, stability. You feel loved, taken care of and protected.

This feeling comes from having built trust and understanding of another.

If your partner makes you feel “at home” you’re definitely in a healthy relationship.

6. Your Relationship Isn’t Perfect

This one might feel counter-intuitive. We all aspire to reach perfection. Films often portray characters that seem “perfect for one another”.

However, the ugly truth about people is that nobody is perfect!

Neither is there such thing as a “perfect relationship”.

In fact, claiming to be in a perfect relationship can only mean one thing: you’re lying!

So if you can admit to having relationship problems, it means your relationship is for real.

Healthy relationships are never perfect!

7. You Sometimes Fight

Disagreements and fights are an inevitable part of being in a relationship. I would prefer it if Gabriel and I never fought. But that’s just being unrealistic..

Couples who never fight are repressing their feelings and harboring resentment towards each other.

This kind of situation can never last and nothing good can come from it.

That’s why arguing with your boyfriend is actually a sign of a healthy, functioning relationship.

Having healthy arguments is just an imperfect way for couples to figure things out.

8. You Have Relationship Doubts

Having relationship doubts is totally normal.

It’s especially common to have doubts at the beginning of a relationship because you don’t know your partner that well and you haven’t built trust with each other yet.

Doubts can creep up at any point in a relationship though. Especially when you and your partner are in the middle of a heated argument…

Having relationship doubts is not only normal, but it’s also healthy.

Being able to put your relationship into question means you can reassess things and improve things that need improvement.

9. You Have Separate Interests And Preferences

When in love, it’s easy to get lost in another person’s world and lose track of yourself for a bit.

However, a healthy relationship is when two individuals choose to share their lives with one another.

People often assume that being different from your partner means that you two aren’t perfectly compatible. That is complete BS!

Having your own separate interests and preferences means that both you and your partner retained your individuality.

10. You Can See The Future Together

Healthy relationships are nurturing. They help you grow both as a couple as well as individuals.

If both you and your partner talk and plan the future together, it means your relationship is developing and growing.

Making plans and looking forward to things and events is a natural way life progresses. Regardless of what stage your relationship is at, there is always the next step and the next goal you can look forward to.

Looking forward and planning a future together means you’re in a healthy relationship.

I hope these 10 Points helped you better understand what it means to be in a healthy relationship. If you have other signs of being in a healthy relationship that you’d like to share or you have any questions, let us know in the comments section!


Karolina Bartnik