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I don’t believe in overwhelming yourself with a dozen of new year’s resolutions to change your whole life around at the turn of the year.

It’s always too much and you’ll be disappointed that you couldn’t commit to all of them.

Instead, here are five and if these seem too much, you can always just pick 1 or 2.

This way they’re easy to focus on and implement in the long run.

Cometh next year you’ll anyway be able to take on a few more and they COMPOUND!

1. Put Your Relationship First

Doing this is no easy feat.

There is a lot of pressure from all sides (family, work & friends) to prioritize them, not your relationship.

And of course there is, everybody wants to feel important to others.

But we’ve found that putting your relationship first is an essential component of building a happy and lasting relationship.

If you don’t make that a clear resolution, you’re leaving room for others to intervene.

Now there may be some judgement around this, that you’re being selfish and not spending enough time with friends or family.

Karolina and I had this problem, but we stayed vigilant and it’s paid off immensely!

Because now we have an extremely strong bond of trust and know that we can rely on one another.
So we had to become comfortable with saying “No” to others, and prioritize each other and our relationship.
Put your relationship first and it’ll create significantly more trust and stability.

2. Improve Communication Skills

This might sound cliche but it’s not as dull and boring as it’s often made out to be.

Karolina and I found that the more we improved our communication, the more we understood each other and the less we fought.

And there’s no better feeling than a year of feeling like you’re consistently making improvements towards understanding each other more!

This means figuring out how to better express where you’re at so that your partner can receive you, as well as truly listening to them.

We’ve created 3 communication hacks that can get you started, as well as a post on how to make him listen. If you want additional resources, we’ve compiled what we consider to be the best relationship books, some of which we’ve highlighted as a great help for our communication skills.

3. Try To Work Better As A Team

It’s sad, but we very frequently see couples quickly turn against each other.

Especially when they’re out on a social event or with family.

A friend makes a remark about one of them and the other partner immediately jumps on the bandwagon and joins in.

Yeah, it’s true, you’re always waiting and never make decisions yourself! Why?

I can promise you, this does not end with the person pondering their indecisiveness and making a sudden decision to turn their life around.

If anything, they will shut down, become defensive and possibly counter attack.

So it’s important that you work and think as A TEAM.

Have each others backs, stand in for one another and don’t tolerate others trying to interject.

This is YOUR relationship and the two of you can figure things out TOGETHER.

When you start developing this attitude, it’ll build more trust and safety between the two of you.

And problems like indecision or others can be addressed constructively in the private safety of your home.

4. Have Fewer Arguments This Year

Imagine a year where you spend most of your time with your partner enjoying each other’s company.

Laughing, talking and frolicking in the fields, you name it – you’re doing it and having a blast!

We believe it’s crucial that a relationship should be overall MORE FUN than work.

A big part of what contributes towards this is having fewer arguments.

And In order to achieve this, it’s good to always talk about things that are bothering either of you.

Bottling things up is a big no no, because this is what can lead to very heated or frequent arguments.

You want to make sure you’re keeping an open communication channel and tackling hot topics one at a time.

We covered how to stop fighting at length which might be a helpful resource to you.

Setting this new year’s resolution will remove tension, build trust and create mountains of room for enjoying your lives together.

5. Make Time For Your Relationship

We’re all busy, there are hundreds of things that need doing and the sporadic jumble of thoughts in our minds doesn’t help matters either.

But in the midst of all of this, it’s important to still make time for your relationship.


Because your relationship can be a rock, a foundation and a fortress.

And when you have that in your life, it makes taking care of things and untangling your mind a whole lot easier!

In other words, don’t try to sort out everything on the outside first and then get to your relationship.

Make TIME for your relationship FIRST and then take care of the rest.

This is important because the tendency is that people DON’T get around to their relationship!

Instead they become overrun by all the things demanding their attention in their lives.

So the foundation gradually shows cracks and crumbles. Eventually leaving nothing to go back to and it needs to build from scratch again.

If you put your relationship first for the coming year, you’ll avoid losing your fortress and can dominate your life from the safety of your keep together!

That concludes my suggested new year’s resolutions. Don’t forget NOT to overwhelm yourself.

Also, let us know what your resolutions are in the comments below. We’d love to hear your ideas.

Good luck and all the best in the new year for you and your relationship!


Gabriel Brenner