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How do guys really feel when you block them?

Does it make them sad and regretful? Is it like a wake-up call to realize your true value and that they made a mistake by letting you get away?

Or do they simply feel rejected, offended, and want nothing to do with you anymore? Does it only make them more distant and unavailable?

Unfortunately, there are no simple answers to these questions. Human emotions are complex, and so are our relationships.

One thing is for sure though:

If you’ve been contemplating blocking or recently blocked a guy you like, you’re most likely very hurt.

Maybe he did something that really broke your heart.

Or, it was his utter lack of effort and not caring about losing you that made you want to take this step.

Either way, in this blog post I will help you understand how a guy feels when you block him, what effect it will have on him and when to do it.

Will a Guy Care if You Block Him?

Before jumping into how a guy feels when you block him, let’s quickly address one of the first concerns you guys might have about this:

Whether he will care about it at all.

Don’t get this one wrong. A guy who is into you will most certainly care if you block him.

He might not show it to you and might try to play it off as cool.

But don’t buy into it. It’s a bluff.

He is just pretending and hiding his true feelings from you.

This is particularly true if your guy is emotionally unavailable. These kinds of men tend to act extra distant and pretend they don’t care.

They will try to send you subtle signs if they miss you, though.

Blocking a guy will almost always have a very significant impact on him. But whether it’s the kind of effect you’re hoping to achieve is another question…

Here I want to take a moment to share a very important message with you guys.

I know that no-contact rule is a very popular method of getting your ex back, and that blocking him is often recommended as a part of it.

The thing is, hundreds of women shared their stories with us in our comments section, emails and in coaching sessions, and not a single one of them successfully got her ex-boyfriend back by blocking him.

What’s more, it can seriously backfire and might even completely sabotage your chances for getting him to want to talk to you again.

With this post, I want to explain why blocking a guy is such a risky step and how exactly it can unfold.

The best way to do that is by first describing the 5 things a guy will feel when he realizes you blocked him:

1. He Will Feel Hurt About You Blocking Him

First and foremost, a guy will feel hurt when he realizes you blocked him. Blocking someone or even unfriending them on social media is an act of active rejection.

And being rejected HURTS.

When a person he cares about is the one rejecting him, it will hurt him even more.

So be careful when you decide to do it, because it will have some very serious implications for this relationship. I’ll explain this more in detail later on in this post.

2. He Will Feel Confused as to Why You Did It

If you think that the act of blocking a guy will finally make it clear to him how he’s been hurting you, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news here…

…that’s not what’ll happen.

Hardly anybody ever hurts other people on purpose.

When a guy knows he hurt you, he will feel guilty and try to fix it.

But if you’re on the verge of blocking him, chances are he has been blind to your pain for a while now.

In situations like this, if he’s been treating you badly in any way, shape or form, he most likely doesn’t realize he has been doing it.

Maybe he is blind to his own behavior. Perhaps he considers it normal and even good.

Either way, he doesn’t know he was doing something wrong, and the simple act of blocking him will not make him see it.

On the contrary, when he realizes you blocked him, he will remain confused as to why you took this step and will most likely rationalize it as you being unreasonable or overreacting.

3. He Will Feel Mad About It

Now you know that in most cases, a guy won’t understand why you blocked him.

But he will feel hurt and rejected by you putting him through this.

I know this might be extremely frustrating to hear. After all, he is the one who has been hurting you this whole time. Unfortunately, he doesn’t see things your way…

No matter how unfair his reaction might seem to you, he will most likely just feel mad at you for putting him through this.

4. He Will Feel Sad That You Blocked Him

Maybe that headline gave you some comfort.

Finally, some reaction related to what you’ve been hoping to achieve!

Well, don’t get your hopes up just yet. It’s not what you think.

Yes, he will feel sad about losing you, and he will miss you. He might even reflect on some of his behaviors he knows were wrong.

But all that sadness will be heavily overshadowed by his wounded pride and shattered ego.

You see, most people don’t respond well to rejection.

Especially men, who are often spoiled by women endlessly chasing them and trying to get through their walls of emotional unavailability.

Because of this, rather than reflecting on his own mistakes and the role he played in making this happen, he will feel sad that you didn’t really love him and regretful that you didn’t care about him more.

5. He Will Feel Resentful Towards You for Blocking Him

I can imagine that by now you feel like things can’t possibly get any worse. How is it possible that we would be so thick and self-centered!

The thing is, rejection often brings up the worst in us.

All the grudges and sulking are his self-defense mechanisms. It’s his way of protecting himself from feeling broken and undesirable.

I know this probably doesn’t feel fair towards you at all. And It isn’t! It’s all just his emotional reactions.

So let’s finally get to the end of this unpleasant and most likely utterly disappointing journey…

Once his initial response has finally cooled off a little, it’s going to make way for some deeper and more long-lasting feelings.

So, because he doesn’t understand your reasons for blocking him, he will most likely resent you for rejecting him this way.

But, unlike all the other feelings that might subside and vanish with time, this one is here to stay.

Even if you guys get back together after you’ve blocked him, his resentment remains an unresolved issue between the two of you.

He will consider it a breach of trust.

Rebuilding trust in a relationship after it’s been broken is not easy. So it’s best to tread carefully and really think this through.

What Is the Psychology Behind Blocking Someone?

Now that you know how a guy feels when you block him, let’s talk about the other side of the story.

What are you feeling, and where are you coming from?

So, there are two main reasons why women decide to block a guy they once cared about:

1. They had enough and are genuinely wanting to move on from this relationship.

2. They want to make him care and get him to come back.

In both of these cases, blocking tends to have the opposite effect of what the person doing it is trying to achieve.

I know, this must be frustrating to hear, but let me explain…

If you want to genuinely move on from a relationship, chances are you’ve already been distancing yourself from your ex.

So when you block him, he knows that you mean it.

This is why it might actually make him panic and scramble.

He will likely try to reach you through other channels to explain himself. He might even plead and do everything he can to convince you to change your mind.

But if you’re blocking him in order to get him back after he broke up with you or ignored you, chances are you’ve been chasing him and trying to get through to him prior to this step.

That’s why he will suspect that you’re blocking him for an effect.

In this case, he will most likely act as though he doesn’t care and won’t try to contact you.

Will He Miss Me if I Block Him

Now, that you get the general picture of all the psychological effects blocking has on a guy, I want to address some common questions you guys have asked me in your comments and in our coaching calls:

  • Will he miss me if I block him?
  • Will he reach out if I block him?
  • Should I block him to get him back?

The thing is, our intentions come through in our actions and choices we make.

That’s how a guy will know where you’re coming from when you’re blocking him, and whether you really mean it or not.

So again, if you do genuinely want to move on, he will miss you if you block him, he will most likely try to reach out and will try to get you back.

But, if you’re only doing it in order to get him to care and get back together with you, it will probably backfire.

He will remain distant and cold, he will pretend he doesn’t care and won’t contact you.

Should I Block Him or Just Ignore Him?

I imagine you’re pretty disappointed after reading all of this. But I want to finally offer you some reassurance.

There is a way to play this out so that you can get your point across!

If your intentions are to actually get him to care about you again, simply ignoring him might be a much safer bet.

You actually need to cut him off to some degree, to get him to realize there is a problem, and he needs to do something about it.

There is no need to resort to such drastic measures as blocking him or unfriending him, though.

It’s enough to just stop texting him for a few days.

Plus, there are plenty of better ways to get his attention and send him subtle signals to get him to want you.

When to Block a Guy

If you want to move on from a guy, blocking him will make it easier for you to do so.

Blocking someone does help you get over them.

You won’t have to wonder if he will reach out or not. You’ve made up your mind and closed that chapter yourself.

It’s over and done with.

By blocking him, you’ll be sending him a very strong message that you’re not interested anymore.

Even though he might rebel against it in the beginning, try to find other ways to contact you and get you to reconsider your position. All you have to do is stay strong and don’t let him override your boundaries.

He will get the message eventually and will leave you alone.

Don’t worry about being rude towards him.

Especially if you’re blocking him because he hurt you.

Yes, blocking someone is a bit rude, but so is hurting a person.

You have every right to set boundaries and defend yourself in whichever way works for you. You have to put yourself first, it’s ok to do so!


If you’re considering blocking a guy or even just unfriending him, you’re most likely hurt about something he did or the way he’s been treating you.

You’re probably hoping that going to these lengths will finally make him understand you and why you’re doing this.

Unfortunately, blocking someone tends to have the opposite of the desired effect.

If you’re hoping to get him to come back this way, beware, it will only most likely push him further away.

And if you’re trying to move on and are doing it to make it clear to him that you’re over him, prepare yourself for his initial resistance.

Regardless of where you’re coming from and what you’re hoping to achieve by blocking him, know that he will feel hurt, confused, mad, sad and resentful towards you.

It will have a long term implication on your relationship, so don’t take this lightly and really think it through before doing it.

At the same time, there is no need to wait or worry about being rude towards him.

It’s ok to block a guy to protect yourself from him hurting you again!

If you need more help with figuring out your situation, if there is a chance to get him back, or if it’s better for you to just move on, this is something I can help you with in a coaching call.

Here, I’ll listen to your story and will help you make sense of your ex’s mixed messages and confusing behaviors.

I’ll also give you tips on what to do, to actually get him to do what you want.

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Thank you for reading and in case you have any comments or questions, leave them down below, and I’ll get back to you!


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