Photo by Briona Baker

1. Do An Archery Parkour Run

If you’ve never tried this one, you’re really gonna love it and it’s not as exhausting as it might sound!

You rent a bow & arrows from the facility and go shoot rubber animals on their grounds.

These grounds are usually in a forest and are a well thought out path, which leads you from one archery challenge to the next.

It’s common to have many 3D rubber animals that you shoot at.

What’s nice about this, is that you don’t rush. It’s super peaceful, with the birds chirping in the trees and little creaks you cross.

Karolina and I had so much fun and it felt like getting in touch with your inner cave-person and going on a “hunt”.

2. Get Your Tan On As A Couple

There’s something so primal and relaxing about just lying in the sun and doing absolutely nothing.

Pack your essentials (towels, sunscreen, and a blanket) and find a nice green spot, preferably near a water source.

Karolina and I like grabbing some grapes, cheese and a baguette to go with it.

After you’ve settled, there’s not much more to it.

Just lie there, relax, soak in the sun and take a refreshing cooling dip when you’re skin’s getting a little toasty.

If you’re concerned about being bored, bring a book along or your favorite tunes.

3. Adopt Some Plants For Your Home

Here’s an unusual one. Yes, go get some lovely plants!

This might not seem like much of a “date” for a couple, but believe you me, this will be a GREAT bonding experience!

Personally, neither of us had much experience with plants, but we thought it was time to have more green in our home.

So we went to our local hardware store that had a garden section and there we discovered countless beautiful plants that we fell in love with!

It was such a pleasure browsing and learning more about the individual plants! (keep your phone handy).

We took it all in and eventually settled on 6 plants (two types of fern, two types of wandering jew, a peace lily and a dumbcane)

Clay pots (cheap and beautiful), fertilizer and some soil, were also on the shopping list.

At home, we repotted the bigger ones and then placed all the plants around our flat to see where they best fit.

You wouldn’t believe just HOW MUCH of a difference it made!

It brought so much life, relaxation and hominess into our lives.

So try this together, because the experience of going into a store full of green, picking 1-2 plants each and repotting at home is unbelievably FUN.

It totally makes for a perfectly unique couple date!

4. A Meal Together With Fresh Local Produce

Sharing food and meals are a cornerstone of how we humans connect.

It’s a very intimate thing in some ways and can be made extra special as a couple.

This isn’t a meal you’re preparing for the sake of eating, think of it as an act of taking care of- and treating yourselves.

A special occasion where you take your time and mindfully pick what the two of you want.

Then find the fresh fruit, vegetables or meat ingredients from a farmers market nearby.

Wash, peel, chop and cook together and balance the responsibilities evenly.

You’re both master chefs here. 😉

This is something Karolina and I like doing time and time again.

To us, it’s not ‘Just another meal.’

It’s a special occasion to listen to each other’s wants and work together on creating something delicious for ourselves.

So happy cooking and bon appetit!

 5. Aerial Forest Adventure Park

Yes, this is as awesome as it sounds and is one we highly recommend!

It’s a unique climbing experience among the trees, that you’ll never forget.

You’ll take part in a series of routes along zip lines, that are self-guided and have various challenges at different difficulty levels.

All of this happens amongst the treetops and at the end of a line, you often have a flying fox that takes you all the way back down.


You’ll get a helmet, a harness and two hooks that will keep you totally secured at all times!

This is so fantastic to do as a couple because you’ll need to work together as a team to traverse the obstacles and encourage each other along the way.

6. Walk Along A Creek

Search on google maps for any creeks nearby, this is a perfect date idea if you’re in the mood of being outside, but having cool and ample shade.

Creeks commonly have a lot of green growing on either side and walking along them on either side is SUPER relaxing.

What we enjoy about it, is hearing the constant gentle running of water as you walk and let your minds wander.

From time to time, we then stop by the creek and cool our feet off in the water.

There’s nothing like feeling the cold stones under your feet and spotting fish swim downstream.

7. Join An Outdoor Dance Class

There are lots of local dance events happening in lots of places. We have accidentally stumbled upon a couple of such events just by walking around the city center in Vienna on a summer evening.

I’m sure outdoor dance classes are taking place in your neighborhood too!

Outdoor dance classes are super fun!

First of all, the atmosphere is a lot less formal.

It’s not like a regular class, nobody is teaching you moves and correcting your steps, you just grab your partner’s hand and join the crowd!

Seeing a regular street filled with music and dancing people is just such a great escape from all the seriousness of everyday life. It just creates this atmosphere of fun and celebration!

Once you’ve done your share of dancing, sitting down and observing other couples who are still on the dance floor can be a great entertainment too.

8. Drive Out Of The City On A Starry Night

A lot of us city dwellers don’t get to see the stars very often.

If despite all the light pollution, you can spot some starts in the city night sky, it means the skies are clear that night. It’s a great time to grab a car and drive out into the neighboring countryside to do some stargazing.

You don’t even need to go very far, a 30 min drive is completely sufficient.

Stargazing dates are just one of the most romantic date ideas for couples! All the ambiance, the moonlight and the crickets.

Enjoying the peace and quiet together might make the rest of the world vanish for a moment. It’ll be just you, your partner, the moon and the stars.

Who knows, you might even spot a shooting start, make a wish that will then totally come true.

9. Go Kayaking

Kayaking is a great team building exercise. You’ll have to coordinate with your partner.

No, worries though. It’s quite intuitive and doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.

Whenever Gabriel and I rent a kayak, we always go in a bit of a zig-zag in the beginning. However, half an hour of paddling gives enough practice to have full control of the boat.

Kayaking is a great way to explore places, that aren’t accessible from the land like tiny islands, or wild shores and beaches.

Almost every water basin has a kayak rental place. It’s a great activity for couples to do together at the beach, along a river, or on lakes.

Kayaking on lakes is my personal favorite, it’s easier than the sea (no waves), you can really relax and just explore your surroundings.

10. Watch A Movie At An Outdoor Cinema

The indie film scene is in full swing in the summer, with outdoor screenings happening frequently across cities.

Take the opportunity to try watching something new and different!

Even in the smallest outdoor cinemas, you’ll often find the most common amenities such as popcorn & pop and often even blankets.

Since it can get cold towards the evening.

Plenty of romantic cuddle opportunity here 😉

11. Rent A Boat On A Lake And Go Swimming

With the hot temperatures of the summer, there’s nothing better than being near a freshwater source!

We personally love to prepare a small picnic, take our swimming things and we’re off.

There are usually various boat types you can rent.

Some have a large platform which is perfect for sunbathing. Additionally, they come with ladders.

This makes dipping in and out of the cooling water easier.

If you’re not so much into the whole swimming thing, you can get a low powered electric boat and just cruise along.

Hold hands, take in the sights, the peace and quiet and just relax.

12. Try Your Luck At A Casino

Karolina and I aren’t much of gamblers, but we do enjoy placing a small bet or two every once in a while.

We just get 15$ worth of chips each and play until we’ve made a little more, or until we’ve lost.

Either way, it’s just about having fun and we often win a little and treat ourselves to a movie or a film at the cinema!

If you have a tendency to be a little over-enthusiastic with the spending, feel free to skip this date idea. 😉

13. Go To An Animal Nursery

Animal nurseries are a great place to see wild animals from up close.

It’s a very educative date idea. You and your partner can learn about our impact on ecosystems and animal life.

It’s also a great opportunity for taking pictures with cute wild animals that are recovering there.

Gabriel and I recently went to a sea turtle nursery. It was super interesting to see these fascinating creatures from within a hand’s reach.

While you’re there, you will most likely get a chance to make a small donation to the nursery. A good deed is a great way to end this amazing and cute summer date.

14. Immerse Yourselves At A Renaissance Fair

Ever wonder what life was like when the black plague was still around?

Well, wonder no more!

A renaissance/medieval fair has you covered! With lavish costumes, sets and plenty of fun activities to do.

Karolina and I initially just stumbled into one at -what used to be- an armory near us.

And boy were we underdressed.

Fear not though, it’s not like you have to be in renaissance garb to attend, some folks just enjoy really getting into character.

We discovered many participants run actual businesses based on the time periods!

You’ll find sword smiths, hat makers, tailors, musicians and much more.

There are also plenty of activities you can take part in (including dancing or archery) and events to watch, like lancing and sword fighting!

So it’s bound to make a very exciting couples date and be sure to taste some mead if there happens to be a brewer.

Karolina and I bought a delicious bottle and can highly recommend it.

15. Make Your ‘Date’ Into A Week

If all of the above date ideas, don’t speak to you and feel like they aren’t enough.

Then maybe you need something MORE.

How about turning your ‘date’ into a weeks holiday?

Sometimes you just need to get away and put distance between yourselves and everything.

Karolina and I just couldn’t take the city after a while.

No matter what great dates we had, things were just weighing down on us.

Spending a week at the Canary Islands did the trick for us!

We came back feeling refreshed and energized.

So consider this as an option if nothing else seems to work for you.

Care to share your favorite summer date ideas? Let us know in the comments section below.

We’re always looking to try out new things too!

Karolina & Gabriel

Karolina Bartnik