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Winter, the most wonderful time of the year.

Or is it?

When it’s cold and dark outside you and your partner might find yourself stuck on the couch in front of TV more often than you’d like it.

After a while we eventually get bored of all the onscreen entertainment and try figure out something different to do.

These are the best spontaneous winter date ideas we’ve come up with to have some real couple quality time.

All the dates require little to no preparation. Creating this list I focused on all the little things you can just decide to do even on some random weekday evening after work.

I divided the ideas into three categories: “Food and Drinks”, “Outdoor Fun” and “Indoor Fun” to help you browse and find the things you might be currently in the mood for.

Food & Drinks

They say a way to a man’s heart is through their stomach, but the truth is, women enjoy good food just as much as men do. Yummy treats and tasty cocktails are a super easy way to cast away those winter blues.

These are some ideas we’ve tried recently that totally put us in a fun, festive mood:

1. Have Fondue For Dinner

All you need for a fondue dinner is to go to a grocery store, get some fondue cheese, baguette and a bottle of wine. You don’t even need to own a fondue set. Our fondue set takes FOREVER to warm up, so last time we decided that instead of waiting, we’re gonna just use our kitchen stove instead (Everybody knows the real party is always in the kitchen ;)). It was awesome!

2. Share A Grill Platter At Your Local Pub

We love breaking rules. So having a typical summer dish in the middle of the winter tickles our rebellious instincts. It just instantly transfers us into a more energetic, festive mood.

3. Go To A Fancy Cocktail Bar

Have you guys seen the Netflix original “A Verry Murray Xmas”? Sitting at a fancy cocktail bar during Xmas time (with some remixes of the typical Xmas hits playing in the background) made us feel like we’re on the set of that movie. It made that one evening feel pretty special somehow.

4. Make Your Own Mulled Wine

Having a glass of mulled wine at a Christmas market is lots of fun. Making your own wine at home and drinking it while being wrapped in blankets is in my opinion even better. It’s will make the two of you feel so warm and cozy.

5. Treat Each Other To Your Traditional Foods

Even if you and your partner come from similar backgrounds, all families have their own, special traditional Xmas foods. Sharing these treats in a more intimate setting (just the two of you) can be a great way to bond and get to know and understand each other’s past better.

Outdoor Fun

We live in Austria, it gets quite cold here and is often extremely windy, therefore we tend to spend much more time indoors in the winter, than during the rest of the year. These date ideas are for the days on which the weather is not quite as bad. They are perfect for spending an evening or an afternoon in a more active way.

6. Pretend To Be Tourists In Your Own Hometown

All the Xmas lights and decorations make any town or city look and feel so much more magical. Being in a picturesque place and be surrounded by tourists is enough to make you two suddenly feel like you’re on holiday on a regular workday.

7. Ice Skating

Ice skating can be a really lovely way to let out some steam and have some fun after a long tiresome day at work. We tend to prefer doing it in the evening because the setting is just so much more romantic at night. On top of that, ice skating rings tend to be much less busy on weekdays.

8. Winter Walk In The Snow

Going on a walk in the winter wonderland can be the most magical experience. Everything is so white, bright (even when it’s dark) and peaceful. Plus all the snow can provides ample opportunity to nudge somebody into a cushioned poof of white! You can also build a snowperson of any gender(s) or having a classic, playful snowball fight.

9. Play In The Snow As If You Were Kids

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t have a little kid living inside of them? No matter your age.

This idea will require more preparation. You better dress up real warm for this one. Putting on your skiing/snowboarding pants might be necessary. Warm and waterproof your clothes can allow you and your loved one to go all nuts and have just as much fun as when you were kids. If you have a little hill and own a sled, be sure to go there for this date.

10. Fly A Drone

This idea might sound a bit unusual. If you happen to own a drone and both of you or one of you is a total newbie, winter is a great time to learn how to fly. Just need to make sure it’s not too windy and your good to go (Don’t forget gloves). The snow will cushion your landing, so you’ll be much less likely to break anything. (Don’t forget some gloves though)

Indoor fun

These are perfect ideas to switch things up and have some fun especially on days when the weather is so bad you don’t want to stay out longer than absolutely necessary.

11. Go To An Arcade

I personally really love playing air hockey. Gabriel and I get so competitive sometimes, we make the puck fly far out of the table. Arcades are just so much fun! They’re a great way to escape the ordinary and feel younger and more energized.

12. Check Out A Virtual Reality Cafe

This is a rather unusual idea that a friend told us about recently. We didn’t even know that a VR cafe existed in our city. It’s a really great way to experience this new tech without having to invest and set up all the equipment yourself. Our VR evening was super fun and exciting! Try google earth, beat sabre, vr painting and if you have time some multiplayer! There’s nothing stranger seeing and hearing each other in virtual reality as alien avatars!

13. Go On A Spontaneous Shopping Spree

We recently spent an afternoon at a mall picking clothes for each other. Both Gabriel and I got to try on clothes we would not have picked ourselves. It was such a great experience because we were both encouraging each other to experiment with new styles and more daring outfits. All that fun lead to some impulsive purchases that we both ended up being happy with. On top of that, you can make the most of those winter sales.

14. Listen To Live Music At A Jazz Bar

There’s nothing like the chill atmosphere at a jazz bar. I personally find it really relaxing. With a little table to ourselves, a few of drinks and a couple of musicians freestyling away. You can just drown out the world and all of it’s worries for an evening and enjoy yourselves in a little festive, safe cocoon.

15. Visit The Hot Pools

Fortunately for us, we live in an area with quite a few hot springs within an hour drive of our place. Warming up in a sauna and then going for a swim in an outdoor hot pool on a cold winter night is very refreshing! It is a great place for relaxing both your bodies and your minds. On top of that, the peace and quiet, starry winter nights, thick clouds of water vapor coming from the outdoor hot pools create the perfect romantic setting.

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Did we manage to inspire you to try one of these winter date ideas? What are your personal favorite winter dates? Let us know in a comments bellow.


Karolina Bartnik