So you were with someone and unfortunately, things didn’t work out the way you hoped…

Hurtful things were said and done, one thing escalated to the next and one or both of you decided it was finally time to break up…

But days, months or even years passed and you feel that the connection you had with them was really intimate and special to you and that it’s not something you want to give up on just yet.

You’ve decided you want to get your ex back.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you do here.

I’m going to show you how you can finally get your ex back. And do so in a way that guarantees they will stay so that you feel stable with them and NEVER have to fear losing them again!

And this approach is foolproof and will work via texting or in person and also whether you’ve been out of touch for months or if the breakup only happened yesterday.

Let’s dive in.

1. Scope Out Your Ex’s Situation and Feelings

When my girlfriend Karolina (now wife – who runs this blog with me today) and I first broke up, it was heartbreaking for both of us.

But I was -regretfully- the one who instigated it.

And I want to tell you right away, that both men and women can be equally tricky to handle when you want to get back together with them.

Women can be drama queens, but so can men! -Or I should say, drama kings.

Your ex might be playing cool, distant and uncaring as to whether you get back together…

…but DON’T FALL for it!

Because they are only PRETENDING to have zero emotional stakes in the game, when in reality they have as much skin in it as you do.

And they’re also easily frightened off!

So it’s important to take the right approach to avoid potentially screwing up your chances.

I hate to say it, but you may need to handle your ex with kid gloves at times and be very careful and tactful!

Like I said, drama queens/kings.

This is why I don’t recommend diving right in and trying to get back together with them.

Ideally, you’ll first carefully scope out their situation:

  • Are they still clearly into you?
  • Do they let it show?
  • Do you know or suspect they are dating other people?
  • Are there other things that might be getting in the way of getting them back?

Doing your crafty research first will ensure you get a full picture of what’s up on their end and how they feel about you.

And this will set you up in maximizing your chances of getting your ex back!

2. Get Their Side So That They Crave You Again

There was obviously a reason for the two of you to have initially broken up.

Whether it was due to constant fights and hurt, cheating or you both simply wanted different things from your relationship…

Whatever your reasons may have been and whoever’s fault it was, something between you broke enough for it to have led to you breaking up.

Now in order for you to get them back, that broken thing needs to be addressed.

I’m not saying fixed but addressed to at least SOME degree.

The reason to do this is to gain their interest and trust again.

Because when you get their side of the story, you are reestablishing your shared connection with them. (again, regardless of who’s fault the breakup really was)

And that’s a very POWERFUL thing!

You see, you are taking down the wall that caused them to go from “your partner”, to “your ex”.

You’re making them FEEL positive things towards you again.

And by that, they’re reminded of all the good things about you that they’re missing out on.

This is the FASTEST way to get back to your ex. Despite what you might have heard about it all being about sex.

What sparked my interest in getting back with Karolina after our breakup was NOT the sex.

Sure, sex is a part of it.

But it really was because she understood me and got my side in a way no one else did.

This made me trust her and I instantly wanted to get back with her again!

So use your shared experiences and history to your advantage.

3. Give Your Ex Signals So They Don’t Miss Your Intentions

Don’t say anything outright to them about wanting to get back together yet.

But after a breakup, both sides are generally weary and careful, since neither wants to get hurt even more.

Sometimes too careful, which can make your ex worry that you’re no longer interested or are moving on. And in turn increase the likelihood of them distancing themselves as to not get hurt too.

So don’t make the mistake of going all cold and distant on them. (This can push them even further away from you!)

Instead, give them subtle cues that you’re still in the game and are trying to figure things out.

Signal your interest and if they are receptive, feel free to flirt a little.

4. Secure Your Relationship With Them For Good

A lot of what we’ve covered so far, are things you might do over your phone.

But once you’re actually meeting face to face, it’s a different game.

Things are suddenly more real.

You’ll have a lot of feelings, as will your ex. (Especially if you haven’t seen each other in a while)

The air might feel electrified and even brushing elbows will send a tingle down your spine.

It’s almost like you’re dating all over again…

Now, rediscovering the spark with your ex and getting back together is great, but it’s only the first step.

If you’re serious about getting them back and ensuring your special connection is saved, it’s best to firmly secure your ties with them NOW.

(and I’m not talking about getting engaged here.)

I mean something far more potent: securing a deep unbreakable bond with them.

Karolina and I made the mistake of not doing so and it resulted in multiple horrible breakups.

We just didn’t know how to prevent the pattern of going from feeling super close and intimate to being so tired of each other that we broke up!

But through a lot of trial and error, we figured out what was causing the constant fights and breakups and finally DID put a stop to it.

And that is exactly what we teach in our Ex Back Program.

I’m not gonna lie. Karolina’s and my breakup was rough, difficult and at times we just wanted to give up. But in staying true to ourselves and each other, we saw it through and came out the other end stronger than ever.

There were A LOT of heard-earned lessons along the way until we figured out what was actually working (and what was definitely was NOT working). 

And through the process of our own journey and our coaching clients, we create a simple 5-Step framework to help other’s get their ex back too.

Each step is full of crucial lessons, do’s & don’t, what to say and text to your ex, so that you can change their mind and finally heal together.

You can click here to learn more about our Ex Back Program.

If you have questions or thoughts you’d like to share, let me know in the comments section and I’ll get back to you.



Gabriel Brenner