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Tired of breaking your head over what to get your boyfriend or husband for Christmas? Getting someone a present that they actually like and enjoy is much harder than it seems. But fear not, I’ve got you covered!

These Christmas present ideas were selected with men’s particular desires and needs in mind. So there’s bound to be a gift here to make your boyfriend or husband happy!

I’ve ordered the items on the list according to their price, starting with the budget-friendly ones.

#1 Slim Wallet

Every man knows that carrying a big bulky wallet in your front pocket is super uncomfortable. That’s why these slim wallets are a great alternative! This thin slip is made of soft genuine leather and comes in a variety of colors and textures. It can fit an ID/driver’s license, 6 bank cards, and up to 10 Bills. The wallet comes with an inbuilt RDIF card protection for extra security.

#2 Sex Checks: For The Bedroom

These checks are filled with witty and playful ideas of sexual as well as romantic trade-offs. They are divided into two types: IOU (I owe you) and UOME (you owe me). This set is designed to look somewhat like an actual old school checkbook. In addition to the love act trade-offs, the checks are full of other playful notes like “Nothing you say may be held against you in a court of love”. No other gift will make your boyfriend or husband happier, than a creative way of promising him some intimate quality time 😉

#3 Magnetic Car Phone Mount

This is a perfect practical gift especially if your man tends to use his smartphone for navigation while driving. The magnetic mount is compatible with all smartphones. Thanks to the heavy-duty magnets and smooth rubber pad this mount will keep his phone safe and stable through the bumpiest and curviest car rides.

#4 Tactical Pocket Knife

Every man needs a pocket knife he can rely on. This foldable tactical knife is fairly small and subtle, yet sturdy and super sharp. It’s perfect for camping or picknicks as well as all sorts of random everyday uses. This knife is made by a brand known for manufacturing firearms. Every time I use my tactical pocket knife to slice watermelon or something it instantaneously makes me feel more badass. It’s a gift any man will really appreciate.

#5 Stereo Wireless Beanie

This musical Beanie is a premium double soft knit hat with built-in Bluetooth headphones and a microphone. This hat will allow him to listen to music and receive phone calls during his favorite outdoor activities in the winter. It comes in a variety of styles and colors. The speakers are 100% detachable, making this hat fully washable. This beanie is a perfect gift for any winter sports lover.

#6 The Institute: A Novel

Stephen King is undoubtedly the current um king of suspense and horror. His most recent novel is guaranteed to have your man at the edge of his seat. It tells the story of abducted children that have supernatural powers and are brought to ‘The Institute’. Here the staff is willing to go to any means to extract their abilities and claim them for themselves. Nobody has ever escaped, but the children are determined… He might need you to hold his hands as he suffers the terrifying cliff hangers.

#7 Potted Succulents

I will divulge a shocking secret here. Men like to nurture living things too! 😱😉The succulents are the perfect plant for beginners, they are hard to kill and require little maintenance. Buying this particular set helps support a great cause. Plants for Pets help to find a new home for homeless pets at risk for euthanasia in Indianapolis.

#8 Laptop Sleeve Case

This elegant felt sleeve will give his laptop a nice snug fit and drop protection. It has two back pockets that can fit a cellphone, earphones or a wallet, which are lined with flannel. If he wants to take a mouse or power adapter with him as well, there is a matching felt pouch. There are sleeves for laptops ranging from 12” all the way up to 15.4”, they also come in two different shades of grey.

#9 Wooden Bottle Caddy

It’s hard to go wrong with a handy bottle caddy that also happens to be well designed and functional. The Mealivos caddy will allow him to carry 6 bottles and has a metal handle and bottle opener right on its side. The natural wood and metal elements will give him a stylish and trendy look.

#10 Phone Camera Lens Kit

This lens kit features everything he’ll need to take unique pictures with his phone. It comes with a big telephoto lens, a fish-eye-, wide-, star- and a macro lens. So he can capture images in many creative ways. The set also comes with a tripod and a remote shutter, great for pictures beyond arm’s-length and capturing the perfect moment.

#11 Leather Key Holder

This leather keychain/organizer will allow him to neatly arrange his keys and will keep them from rattling in his pocket. In addition, it will protect all his electronic devices as well as his trouser’s pockets from getting scratches. This high-quality, genuine leather key holder can fit up to 10 keys. The sturdy carabiner will let him attach his keys to his belt loop for maximum security. Honestly, I have one of these and it really makes carrying keys in my pockets a lot more comfortable!

#12 Vegan Leather Briefcase

This laptop briefcase is made of high-quality water-resistant Vegan Leather. This thin and slim messenger bag is designed with an expandable storage compartment and has a separate cushioned sleeve for some extra protection for your man’s laptop. It comes with a detachable and adjustable strap with a shoulder pad to make it easier to carry on the go. It’s the perfect gift for any elegant man.

#13 Premium Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

The perfect gift for any whiskey lover out there. The steel stones will chill his drink without diluting it with melting water. This set includes 8 stainless steel stones, 2 large size decorative whiskey glasses, 1 pair of metal tongs and a black velvet bag. All items are arranged in an elegant luxury wood display box.

#14 Gift Set for Hot Sauce Lover’s

This dynamite hot sauce set is a perfect gift for all the hotheads out there. It includes 7 different hot sauces inspired by exotic flavors and peppers from around the world. The bottles are individually wrapped and tied together to resemble dynamite. The presentation of this product is so creative and cool he will want to pop it open right away.

#15 Amazon Echo Show

The addition of the 8″ HD screen and stereo sound has transformed the most popular wireless speaker from Amazon into a multifunctional tablet. Echo Show can be used for messaging and video calls, as well as for watching trailers and TV shows. It can connect and send announcements to all the other mobile devices in your home. He’ll be able to use voice commands like “Hey Alexa, play rock hits” totally hands-free. The assistant can also answer questions, read the news, check and display the weather, set alarms and control smart home devices for him.

#16 Cordless Beard Trimmer Kit for Men

This electric trimmer will allow him to take control and care for his gorgeous body hair. Aka manscaping gone cordless. It comes with various adjustable guide combs, 4 trimmers for nose all the way down to body grooming. A USB charger, a cleaning brush and is 100% waterproof. This set is a 16 piece all-in-one solution that can meet his versatile body-hair needs.

#17 Wood Phone Dock

This walnut wood docking station is handcrafted using high quality, natural materials. The elegant, minimalist design makes it fit into both modern, as well as classic interiors. It’s a great way for your man to organize and showcase his everyday use items. It can also be used as a stand for watching videos on a tablet!

#18 Make Your Own Beer Kit

If your husband/boyfriend is a beer lover, he will certainly enjoy the experiment of making his own homebrew. This kit from Craft A Brew shop will give him everything he needs to get started on a batch of his own beer. All the equipment is reusable, meaning he can enjoy other Craft a Brew fresh-packed ingredients with the same brewing starter kit! He’ll get about a gallon of beer from this kit, or about nine 12-ounce bottles. There are a lot of different recipe kits to choose from here, so you can really pick the one your man will enjoy the most!

#19 LEGO Ship in a Bottle Expert Building Kit

This collectible LEGO set can be a great decorative addition to his desk. He’ll enjoy the nostalgic experience of unboxing and following the instructions to put the ship together brick by brick. The model is built with 962 pieces and features cannons, masts, sails & flag. It also includes an elegant stand on which the bottled ship stands.

#20 AncestryDNA: Genetic Ethnicity Test

Ancestry DNA is the clear industry leader in the consumer DNA testing market with more than 1.4 million people in the database. It’s an autosomal DNA test kit that will provide an ethnicity breakdown, as well as relative matches to anyone in their database who shares DNA with your man. It’s a great way for him to learn about his family’s’ origins and maybe even discover some unknown distant relatives.

#21 One-Gallon Bottle of TABASCO

Yes, a ridiculously large one-gallon bottle of original flavored tabasco. Whether he wants to add flavor to his pizza, spaghetti, garlic bread or toasties, this classic sauce is guaranteed to heat things up just the way he likes.

#22 BOOM 2 – Water- & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

With this wireless speaker, he’ll be able to enjoy 360º sound with incredible bass and refined sounds at home or in the outdoors. It’s compact handheld design and mesh fabric feel great in the hand and he’ll never need to worry about damaging it, thanks to its rugged mud and waterproof design.

#23 Kindle Paperwhite

If he enjoys reading, Amazon’s newest ebook reader might be the perfect fit. It’s extremely light, compact and waterproof. With the free 3G connectivity he’ll be able to download his favorite books on the go. The Kindle can store thousands of books and when combined with Kindle Unlimited he can choose Amazon’s vast library.

#24 Philips Hue Play Smart Light

For all the smart home lovers out there, these lights are perfect for a TV or monitor ambient lighting setup. They can be voice-controlled via Alexa, as well as manually adjusted with the Hue App. The Smart Lights allow for a highly adjustable range of colors. He can even sync the colors to automatically adapt to what he is seeing on his display.

#25 Apple AirPods Pro

Listening to his favorite music and taking calls with the simplistic and elegant Apple design. These feature active noise cancellation and a ‘transparency mode’ to hear what’s happening around him. The custom-fitted silicone tips also ensure a snug fit for all ear sizes. With these, he’ll enjoy the longest listening time, best bass and a high dynamic audio range wireless earphones can offer today.

#26 Beats Headphones

Regardless of whether your man is already a fan of the Beats headphone, or you’re just about to introduce him to this popular brand, this gift is bound to make him really happy. These headphones deliver a premium listening experience with Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling to actively block external noise. The soft over-ear cushions feature advanced venting and ergonomic flexible fit, making them perfect for long term use. They come with a hardshell carrying case or easy and safe transportation. It’s a perfect hight quality gift for any high-value man.

#27 PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

Need a special gift for a gamer? Sony’s newest console is more powerful than its predecessor, with a 1TB hard drive for all the hottest games. He’ll have access to the most highly anticipated PlayStation AAA exclusives and be able to play his favorite games at a 4K resolution in the most vibrant color range.

#28 GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

With a camera kit like this, he can capture all of his outdoor adventures while carrying very light gear. The set comes with a GoPro action camera that features a touch screen at the back to view and manage his 4K, 60 frames/second footage. A 32GB micro SD card, a protective frame with a mount and a rechargeable battery. He’ll also be able to capture the best footage thanks to the inbuilt HDR video stabilization, time-lapse, face smile and scene detection and it’s waterproof even without the housing.

#29 Oculus Quest

This virtual reality headset is by far the hottest toy of 2019. Thanks to easy setup and all in one package he’ll have everything he needs right out of the box. No complex setup required. It comes with inside-out tracking, two touch controllers and he’ll be able to move around freely without any wires and play the best VR titles anywhere he wants.

#30 Apple Watch Series 5

The features include an always-on retina display, a 30% larger screen, it’s swim-proof and he can take his cardiogram right on the watch to check on his heart. He’ll be able to personalize the watch face to his taste and see notifications right on the watch. While outdoors the GPS, elevation-meter, fall detection, and emergency SOS add benefits and safety functionality. The apple watch can also help him achieve his health & fitness goals with it’s ‘Closing Your Rings’ mini-game.

I hope you found some great Christmas gifts for your man in our post.

Merry Christmas


Gabriel Brenner