Over the years, we’ve read countless books and articles looking for the secret sauce to a lasting loving relationship. On this page, we’ve listed the products that were most helpful to us on our journey. So you’ll only find the very best stuff here! We receive a small commission for them, at no extra cost to you.


The 5 Love Languages

The perfect place to start building fundamentals in understanding yours and your partner’s needs. It covers the different ways in which we want to be loved. Click Here

Real Love

This book helped us distinguish between real love and imitation love. It covers in great depth what the different types of love are and how you can find them in your life. Click Here.

Why Men Love Bitches

Here’s one for the ladies. It’s a witty and really easy read that will boost your confidence and make you feel better! It will also provide insights, about what attracts men. Click Here 

Get The Guy

Another feel good book. It helped me understand the power I held and take charge. I learned to actively shape my relationship. Consider it the “Pickup Art” for Women. Click Here.

Nonviolent Communication

Unfortunately, nobody teaches you how to communicate your needs. This book will help you effectively resolve conflicts in your relationship. Click Here.

Mothers Who Can’t Love

This one’s a bit on the heavy side. But it helped us understand where certain relationship problems stemmed from and what practical steps we could take to resolve them. Click Here.

Unf*ck Your Intimacy

Following the current trend of self-improvement writers this author, Faith G. Harper, will give you an honest, though love, no-BS approch to solving intimacy and relationship problems. Click Here.

course image to rebuild your relationship
Rebuild Your Relationship

Gabriel and I have put together an online course to help women rebuild love and attraction in their relationship. If you’re not so much of a book person. This one might be a great fit. Click Here.

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