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How to reverse a breakup that feels like a bad mistake and get her back.

Breakups are always tough. But going through a breakup, which you know could be fixed if she gave you a chance, is one of the worst feelings in the world.

The idea of separating from a person you care so much about can feel so deeply wrong!

Especially when you never had a connection like this before and things had been seemingly going well. And suddenly she said she wanted to break up. Which of course will have you wondering how to get her back.

What you might be feeling…

When you go through a breakup, it can be a whirlwind of emotions, some of which might be…

– uncertainty, disbelief, shock maybe even denial

– wondering Why? How did this happened?

– doubt, blame and critical voices

– feeling frustrated and at your limit

Breakups are horrible, there’s no way around that (I would know…). But sometimes relationships end, not because two people aren’t suited for each other, but because nobody showed them how to overcome the problems, that stood between their otherwise undeniable chemistry.

Some hurtful things your ex might have said…

“I don’t know what I want.”

“I don’t see us working long term.”

“I just don’t know when we’ll fix it at this point.”

“I think we’re hurting each other too much.”

“I want to see other people.” or “I’m dating someone new.”

“I just need space.”

“I’ve fallen out of love.” or “I just don’t feel the same anymore.”

Regardless of how things ended between the two of you, the reasons a woman often gives are painful to hear.

Especially because she’s rejecting you based on things that feel like they could be fixed if she was willing to give it more time or try again.

From three heart wrenching breakups, to getting my ex back for good!

Just like many other couples, we, too, have our own breakup story.

Hi there, I’m Karolina I want to share my breakup story with you, so that you can see that it’s possible to undo breakups and fix things with your ex, even when it feels like the absolute end.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Here’s a picture of Gabriel and me, we met 10 years ago at a party of a mutual friend and immediately felt a spark. 

Afterward, I kept on bumping into him at social events. One thing led to the next and a couple of months later we were officially dating.

Initially, we were absolutely crazy about each other and every moment together felt like magic! 

Things with him were extremely special, and I was excited that I had finally found the one…

But unfortunately, our honeymoon phase didn’t last… 

Already 6 months into our relationship, the magic took a back seat, and we had our first arguments.

From there onwards, things only took a turn for the WORSE. 

We fought more and more. 

Things got so bad that we eventually BROKE UP!

I was absolutely heartbroken. 

This was the end, and he made it sound like we were never getting back together. 

But with the right approach, I managed to turn things around in about a month we got back together.

Only to breakup AGAIN!

This happened a total of 3 times in the first two years of our relationship!

And during our breakups, I learned what I needed to do to not only GET MY EX BACK, but also finally KEEP him!

Now, we’re 10 years in, married, and I finally have the stability and security I’ve always wanted with him.

What you might have tried, but didn’t work

– No contact or giving her space

– Begging, pleading or convincing her that breaking up was a mistake

– Telling her that you’ve listened to her complaints and are working hard to change

– Agreed to the breakup, hoping she would change her mind

– Endlessly coming her way and making yourself available whenever she needs you

– Trying to fix things for her, so that she sees your value and efforts

– Writing her love letters, believing if you admit fault and bare your soul, she will come back

The reason these approaches don’t work is that your ex is likely too hurt at the moment, and she doesn’t trust you anymore.

What our clients say

SimplyTogether Client Testimonial

Take a second to imagine…

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Having her open up and trust you again

Feelings for someone don’t vanish just because you broke up. Deep down, your ex still cares about you. Getting her back is a matter of taking down her defensive layers, so that gets in touch with how she truly feels and what she really wants.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Her texting you all the time and wanting to spend time together

You can get her to snap out of her distant mode and crave your attention again. Have her not only respond to your texts, but also encourage your efforts and initiate contact from time to time.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Her expressing her love and wanting to take care of you again

You can get her to openly care about you again. Want to listen to you, do things for you, and try her best to make you happy. So that you can count on her and know that she is going to be there for you, when you need her. 

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

That she worries about losing you and wants to get back together

Your ex is likely taking you for granted and believes that you’ll be always waiting for her. You can open her eyes as to what she is risking to lose and make her want to secure you for herself forever. So that she wants to be in a committed relationship again.

You can have all this and more with the framework we created.


Get Your Ex Back

Online Program

How to reverse a breakup that feels like a bad mistake and get her back.

Product picture for Ex Back Program -Get Her Back

Let’s take a look at our 5-step framework and what you’ll learn…

Ex Back Program - Get Her Back

Step 1: Recovery

In Step 1 we’ll be giving you answers and solutions to your most pressing problems, so that you know exactly what steps to take next. You’ll find out what to do, to recover from the breakup and regain confidence.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Step 2: Back in Touch

In Step 2 we’ll be talking about how to get and stay in touch with your ex while avoiding common mistakes that might drive her further away. Here you’ll learn how to relate to her, to start gradually warming her up to you again.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Step 3: “Friends”

In Step 3 we’ll teach you how to sneak past your ex’s defensive walls by pretending you’re just being friendly. This is how you can get her to trust you again and let you in more.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Step 4: Dating

In Step 4 you will find out how to approach your ex, so that she wants to be more than just friends with you. We’ll teach you how to leverage the things she already likes about you and get her to worry about losing you.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Step 5: Back Together

In Step 5, we’ll be talking about what to do to officially get back together and, just as importantly, secure your relationship so that it doesn’t fall apart again. You’ll find out how to get her to commit to you and make sure she doesn’t leave again.

You will get…

5 Steps with 24+ Chapters  [$195 Value]

5 Steps, with over 24 Chapters in Video Training Format that will help you get your ex back!

Over 6 hours of content with step-by-step guides and explanation videos with two breakup and relationship experts.

(And if you prefer audio-only, you can also just listen to the course instead! Whether you’re on the go or in your car)

Karolina will share all the secret insider perspectives of women and teach you how to approach your ex, so that she opens up to you again and wants to get back together.

Gabriel will teach you how to approach your ex with a new set of tools and the correct mindset to which women respond positively. He’ll also build your confidence so that you win her back for good.

You’ll have tons of graphics to make everything we teach, memorable and easy to follow. And you can downloadable all of it as PDFs. Which you can store on your phone or print, to quickly reference before talking to your ex.

We cover everything you need to know to get your ex back and KEEP her.

No matter how complicated your situation might be, or how stuck you might feel right now, know that things can change!

We’ve included helpful bonuses for you

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Bonus #1. Get Your Ex Back Cheat Sheet  [$38 Value]

This PDF is a summary of all the most important points from this course. You can save it on your phone and use it for reference. This way, you can be always ready to keep yourself in check and respond the correct way.

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Bonus #2. Social Media Strategy  [$38 Value]

Social media is a powerful platform where you can communicate with your ex without having to text her. You can use it to warm her up, make her worry about losing you.

Get started now!

Total Value: $309

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Some questions you might have

Who is this course made for?

We designed this course for men of all ages who recently went through a breakup and want to get back together with their ex. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide on what to do and when. We’ll also help you keep your cool and read her behavior correctly.

My ex is an avoidant, will this program work for me?

In our program, we categorize exes into four different types, women with avoidant attachment style are one of these four categories. We will teach you exactly what you’ll need to focus on and how to approach her, to get an avoidant ex to trust you and become warm towards you again.

My ex blocked me, is this course a good fit for me?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve had quite a few students who got back together after being blocked by their ex. This course will help you regain confidence and make sure, you don’t accidentally push your ex further away. So that she unblocks you as soon as possible!

Will this course work for me, if we were in a long-distance relationship?

Definitely. The tools and principles we teach will help you regain your ex’s trust and make her want to see you in person again. Most of this course can be applied via text and on social media.

How long will I have access to the course? Is there a time limit?

You get lifetime access to the course, so there’s absolutely no pressure to complete it within a limited time. You can go at your own pace and whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll also have free access to any new content we add to the course in the future.

Can I access the course content on my phone or tablet?

You can access it on any device of your choice and will always have the full course experience.

What format is the course in?

Great question! You’ll get the course materials as video content, text and printable slides. So how you learn is entirely up to you, whether you prefer to watch or just listen.

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

 Yes. We are so confident you’ll love our product, you get 14 full days of unlimited access and if you’re not happy with it, you can email us within 14 days for a full refund.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments take place via Stripe, which allows you to use Apple Pay or Google Pay, debit or credit cards. With these payment gateways, your transactions are encrypted and 100% secure.

Still unsure or have more questions?

If you have any further questions or are feeling uncertain, please don’t hesitate to email us, and we’ll get back to you! 


About Us

Karolina & Gabriel Brenner

Ex Back Coaches Karolina and Gabriel SimplyTogether

Co-Founders of Simply Together

Hi there! We’re Gabriel & Karolina, a married couple who broke up three times in the first two years of being together. We started this blog to share our relationship experiences, and it turned out that a lot of people could relate to our story and wanted to replicate our results. So much so, in order to help as many people as possible, we pooled all our knowledge into comprehensive online courses and offered one-on-one coaching services.

Karolina is an architect by education, and Gabriel, a UX/UI designer. But by now, they’ve coached HUNDREDS of men and women on how to get their ex back. All this experience has made them highly effective at helping people get back together after a breakup. 

You don’t have to deal with this difficult situation all by yourself and repeat the mistakes everybody makes!

You can get her back! Let us guide you through this! 

Get started now!

Total Value: $309

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